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There is a NEW WAY!

to FREEDOM and Connection and Communion and Co-Creation and LOVE like you have never experienced...

It is available here and now!

The time has arrived, the capacity is here! Lets take this journey together into the Vastness of INfinite Love and Miracles that we are HERE to now experience WHILE IN THESE BODIES!

What are Soul Group Constellations?

We all came onto this planet with a Higher Purpose than our human linear mind could understand. We are here for Transformation, Re-Membering Who We Are, Expanding Love, and Miracles. Before we incarnated, We each chose a Soul to incarnate through. We also chose to be a part of a Soul Group Family to share in expansive possibilities, Potentials, and Miracles together. Our Soul Family feels like the love we have longed for forever returning to us...and through the power of our Bond of Unity and Connection that defies causation, we co-create together ... strengthening each other, re-aligning each other, supporting each other in ways that more than fulfill us. This natural connection is innate in each member of our Soul Group Family. Some will be our deepest Love of our life, some will be our children, some our closest best friendships, some show up in people we never meet in person, yet feel their love upholding and supporting us when we feel lost or alone... There is no limit to what we can BE together... and certainly no limit to what we can DO together! Our Soul Family is Support for us in equal measure, where we are reminded and supported to EXPAND LOVE as a reminder of Who We Really Are. It is through the act of BEing Expanding Love that we are uplifted and expanded to the next level of our INfinite Self.

Now, just as in our own Soul we have unique constellations of challenges we placed there to overcome, we also agreed to the challenges and limitations of our Soul Group. These Soul Group Constellations of Limitations are also within our own Soul. When we meet someone of our Soul Group Family - we have an immediate, instant and powerful connection that defies all logic. We LOVE them, we feel extreme emotions with them, we see our strengths and our deepest weaknesses in them - which may have only become conscious in their presence - so it may seem like it is "them" who is the challenge - when in reality they are causing us to see the challenge within our Soul Group Constellation.

These Constellations are here for us to EVOLVE BEYOND and expand Love together anyway, opening Miracles and Possibilities, and Potentials that did not exist before for any of us! This is the meaning of "where two or more are gathered in my name" all things are possible.

For those who have completed a Private Session and possibly even many who are new to this work there are some basic Truths that are NEW about HOW things manifest within our Lives...

We now know that we have in our Own Soul, constellations of limitations, challenges and karmic ties in duality...and that this is where our Life Experiences are manifest from (not from any of the seemingly obvious effects...and effects are anything in duality, including emotion, thought, physical causation, etc... For instance, a healer may tell you that the "cause" of your illness is an emotional block, which in this work, that would be an effect. From my perspective, the emotional block is one tiny piece of a constellation of Causes held within the manifestation patterns of your Soul...that can ONLY be permanently released from the Soul itself, not through "emotional healing").

When we clear the constellations of challenges, which can be limits, restrictions, karmic ties, polarity balances from prior life experiences, even karma we took on from members of our bloodlines, genetic heritage, or cosmic balancing of duality, etc... When we clear these constellations in our very own Soul - our Life is Cleared and our Polarity is re-balanced within our life experience.


This ends the need for external outside in "solutions" to our most challenging experiences. It places YOU right in the Center of Your Own Life and Heart, and allows the Direct Connection and Opening for NEW Possibilities, Potentials and Miracles to manifest in your daily life! You are upgraded to a whole new level of Life and your polarity / duality spectrum is upgraded to a huge zone of neutrality and harmony. You are freed from the need to experience such huge polarity of extremes, as new possibilities emerge upon your life's journey. You "get" and understand on a higher level that your entire world is out-pictured from deep within You. That YOU are actually the Creator of Your Experience and Response, and that each experience in your life is an


(If you have not yet experienced your Private Session with Jyoti - here is your chance)  - this is not a prerequisite, and you can fully Trust Your Inner Self to guide You to your Next Perfect Step Now!

HOW I discovered Soul Group Constellations:

Through a deep Personal experience, I stumbled upon this life changing revelation of Soul Group Constellations. I was shown where they are held in each individual's Soul, how they impact each person's life experience, and what is possible in relationships when they are cleared in each individual's Soul. This led to the awareness of what is possible in co-creating Miracles in daily life, together in Soul Families, and the manifestation of what is only possible through communion of our deepest connections.

At the same time I was having this revelation, a series of Clients contacted me with a feeling of longing to connect and experience the quality of relationships they have always longed for.  It became obvious to me that this is the Next Level of Manifesting Miracles and that Soul Group Limiting Constellations were created in each person's Soul as a GIFT for us to EVOLVE BEYOND and Transform TOGETHER WITHIN Our Own Soul ... Which OPENS the Way for us to

EXPAND What is Possible ... Together!

When YOU clear Your Soul Group Constellations within your OWN Soul, You Open the possibility of fulfillment of our greatest and deepest longing.  All the skills and abilities for connection are now harmonized for all of us in our Soul Group in relationship to You! Your Soul Group Limiting Constellation pattern is unique to Your Soul Group, and when You clear it within your own Soul, you are then FREED to connect with your Soul Group Family in harmonious ways... and by You clearing your own Soul, You make it easier for others to also clear theirs!

This opens the door for all types of Soul Mate relationships to come together harmoniously ... and expand beyond the boundaries they previously held.There is a NEW WAY!


YES! Finally!

FREEDOM and Connection and Communion and Co-Creation and LOVE

Unlike anything we have yet experienced...

It is available here and now!

The time has arrived, the capacity is here! Lets take this journey together into the Vastness of INfinite Love and Miracles that we are HERE to now experience WHILE IN THESE BODIES!


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