What are the Benefits of Clearing

Soul Group Constellations?

When You meet someone in Your Soul Family, You have an immediate deep and profound connection which may feel extremely intense in positive or challenging ways. The challenges that inevitably arise, even if its the most WOW connection of Love, will be challenges on BOTH of your "blind sides" - and the challenges can be so intense that you feel you must detach, separate, and run away. This is because the Personality has NO CLUE how to deal with this and goes running off to seek help. But, you see... it cannot be addressed or solved by the personality because The CAUSE  is within the Soul Family Constellation blueprint. However, when we CLEAR the Soul Group Family Constellations ... the challenges simply do not exist and You are left with the feeling of Love and Belonging, and Togetherness, and alignment that fulfills your deepest longing! And, these Soul-Group relationships come into their perfect state of dynamic balance and harmony - this places you in the Correct Relationship Dynamic and Depth, and allows You to grow together in the most perfect supportive ways.


Why do Soul Group Constellations Exist?

Soul Group Constellations exist for us to EXPAND and SHIFT what is possible together. We are meant to bump up against these seemingly impossible challenges together that we have NO IDEA HOW to move beyond - and TRANSFORM what is possible together!


How Will I Recognize My Soul Group?

 You will recognize the Members of your Soul Family by your deep immediate feeling that defies logic, and you may find yourself acting differently with these people than you would with anyone else. You feel them in Your Heart, they instantly mean something to You. You feel inspired, uplifted, and like you would do anything for these people. You Love them and they love you - instantly without the need for "building trust" or taking time to "get to know" each other. You fundamentally "get" the other person and really see and feel the Essence of Who They Are, and they mirror this for You as well.

This is where we really connect with meaning... "Where two or more are gathered in my name (My Soul Family) - there I Am..."

What Happens when we Meet someone from our Soul Family but our Group Constellation is Not Cleared?

You meet this person and you are on Cloud 9 - Blissed-out and wowed, you feel such a depth of fulfillment and harmony and belonging together! Then suddenly, and unexpectedly - the overwhelming "blind-side" Soul Constellations of CHALLENGES emerge and everything within you fails to meet the need of the moment to "save" this connection. You try to find the solution from all the millions of self help programs out there - seeking  outside-in solutions - which fail to meet the imminent need, and CANNOT by their very nature, create transformation. The Cause is within the Soul Group Constellations that You share, and this is what must be addressed to Transform what is Possible together! THIS dearest Ones is One of the most powerful reasons we are here now together! This evolutionary opportunity to Transform what is possible and expand Love and Co-Create together new paradigms of Possibilities! (this video is really fun and has much more information too!)

What is a Group Constellation and

How many Soul Groups are there?

 A Soul Group Constellation is patterns of Causative Light INformation Patterns contained within the Blueprint of your Soul that create our deepest challenges in Soul Family relationships and staying connected with Our deepest levels of Communion, Oneness, Love, and Our Evolutionary Potentials of Harmonious Co-Creation.

There are currently 144,000 Soul Groups on this planet with Soul Group Constellations that are patterns of Light and INformation that are made up of challenges, limitations, and old karmic wounds, debts, etc... And - We have evolved beyond the "need" to have these Constellations in our Souls - which Opens the possibility for Miracles and Potentials we have never even dreamt of yet!

What is the Purpose of these Soul Groups?

This is a very important video to experience!

From my perspective, the entire purpose of Life is to expand Love together - to TRANSFORM what is possible - to Re-Member Who We Are.

And, the Purpose of Soul Group Constellations Is a Divinely Encoded Opportunity to EVOLVE and Transform our Relationships into Miracles as daily Life - expanding our ability to perceive our Expanded (beyond this Body-ego-personality) True Nature in Communion with our Soul Family and then into all Beings...all Life... an experience of Oneness, and feeling into our Infinite Nature of Love

This is how Miracles Happen in daily life -it is a whole new Paradigm of Possibility!

There are 144,000 Soul Groups with these constellations to clear! And it will change what is possible to experience together!

How does a Soul Group Constellation Session Work?

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In a Soul Group Constellation Session, I work with You and Your Soul at a distance - just like in my Private Sessions. We/I access and address the Constellations of Limitations within Your Soul that are the same in all of the members of Your Specific Soul Group. This happens instantly - and You do not need to focus upon anything, as this is working at the Causal Level of Your Soul - which is far beyond the domain of what the mind can understand, perceive, or block in any way.

When your Session is complete, I will encode your Session into a Video for you to experience.


Feeling Alone and Connecting with our Soul Group

Its Time to Connect with Your Soul Family Now! You are not alone no matter how it has felt or seemed for You in this Life! Your Soul Family is needing You to connect and fulfill our most meaningful Potentials and Live the New Paradigm of Miracles and  Relationship harmony!

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