Our Beloved One ... Elijah is here!

He is True Bliss ... a Blessing of incomprehensible proportion!

This One is here to Change and Expand what is possible for Life!

He is so amazingly Precious and his Light and Nature shines through him with a Radiance of beyond-this-world Perfection... He is also very human in his life experience and is here in full human perfection/imperfection... to go through all the challenges and struggles inherent in having a human body and life experience here...

And he is a True Miracle ... Gifted in his Life's Abundant Blessings!

My Bella and Elijah are the Most Expansive Blessings of my Life and Life's Purpose, and ever expanding Life's path of miracles and wonder!

Having Elijah in form is changing my Life and priorities by the moment ... assisting me in embracing my human vulnerabilities, as well as my Life's purpose... my Infinite Love Nature that is here to Transform what is Possible and Manifest Miracles as a way of Life ... revealing for YOU how to Live in these higher frequencies of Possibility while in a body!

Get ready World Family ...

We have upcoming ... NEW and EXCITING Access Adventures in Permanent Transformation, INstant Healing, Spiritual and Conscious Awakening, In-Lighten-Meant, BLISS, Freedom, and Expansion beyond anything we have yet manifested!

The LOVE and Presence of Elijah was necessary for me ... in order to fulfill my Life's Purpose in so many ways ... new ways are being revealed daily!

These Precious children are Pure LOVE!

AS YOU GIVE and SHARE from Your LOVE... So SHALL YOU RECEIVE Ten-Fold of what You need most...Especially when You Share and Give from Your Pure Heart! Please Beloved...Give only from inspiration, seeking to expand possibilities and choices for others! YOU are here to make a Powerful Difference in this world! You do this through your priorities and your choices of giving, sharing, increasing and expanding ... this only happens through love, inspiration, and living your gifts!

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I will include YOU in our Daily Bliss Flow ...

Opening for You the Experience of what it's like to live like we live ...In Bliss as a way of Life! Rare and Precious indeed! This is how we naturally Live every day. I will energetically broadcast and share with You the Bliss that IS MY LIFE ... while fully embracing the tender vulnerabilities and fullness of the human experience as a Whole Being! Releasing resistance, Opening Expanded Potentials that naturally unfold Unpredictable and seemingly impossible Miracles, Restore Trust, Initiate new Flows ... and Fully Embrace of what "is" with the resonant awareness that EVERYTHING is temporary and occuring to be embraced FULLY ... as it emerges ... in the fullness and ever expanding capacity of our Love.

I stand beside You ... and welcome You Home to the Bliss that is here as life unfolds miracles around us...

IN Love and Devotion to You,



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