Experience Bliss Now 

Straight from the Womb of Our Bliss Cocoon ...

I have a very special opportunity for You In Celebration of Elijah's Birth... (FREE limited time offer to EXPERIENCE DAILY BLISS when you join in Juicy Miraculous Life!)
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I am here to offer this experience to You. Bliss is grounded here, it is an easy state and quality of BEing for me, that I am able to transfer to You.

When You join in Juicy Miraculous Life You will receive your personalized daily Bliss Energy Broadcast. I will Broadcast and Calibrate the Quality of Bliss that I Live on a daily basis ... specifically for You. I will do this in Silence every morning when I arise... customizing specifically for You the Bliss that You are able to receive... (well these days, I don't really get to sleep - so it may begin in the middle of the night! giggles...)

The more you resonate within this field with me, the stronger your own Bliss Resonance becomes and begins to support You and surround You in your daily life experiences. In the beginning You may only be capable of experiencing Bliss in blasts or moments ... However, You will find that over time, You are able to be calm and neutral more and more often, with an inner feeling of expansive joy, bliss that is palpable ... and... because we are having a human embodied experience -  it will also reveal to You when you have other feelings and emotions that are fleeting through your experience. In Bliss, we are fully aware that saying YES and embracing ourselves in tender moments of human vulnerability... we are strengthened, supported and empowered... we recognize that Living fully what IS ... is where our True Strength resides. SO you may experience challenges of all kinds, yet you won't have the same relationship with "challenge" - it is your friend, opening you wider ... larger ... expanding you beyond what you can currently conceive. IN Bliss, we resist nothing .. we are open to the Wholeness of Life as a full Human, as well as an INfinite Being of Love, here for a very unique and powerful and beautiful Purpose that ONLY each of us can fulfill.

Your Life's Purpose will unfold naturally through the Bliss Cocoon. Your Purpose may be HUGE and in the spotlight, it may be silent and WAY MORE POWERFUL than any Spotlight expression. Any way it emerges ... is Perfect. As it has been orchestrated from higher frequencies of Being, far beyond where your mind has access. it may not appear as Logical, or even "knowable" in linear terms .. yet it is as close to you as your breath and already integrated into the core of Your Being ... hardwired in for you to simply access, receive, and drink deeply from ... witnessing the overflow in your life. There is no training necessary - in fact, any training along the way will be a hindrance ... the MAGIC lives in the unfolding ... not the "preparing" and "learning" - You have nothing to learn Beloved ... You lack NOTHING ... You HAVE everything you will ever need in abundance to fulfill your special role in Life ... as Life speaking and breathing through You ...

I am here for Love ... As Love ... as well as the full range of the human experience in wholeness... no matter what circumstances or situations surround me... no matter the ease, nor challenge...I remain Love.  I am Clear on my Purpose. It does not waiver. My personality may wander, even have tantrums ... yet my Heart stays strong and true, and devoted to my Ultimate Purpose...of BEing Love as Jyoti...as only I can.

In being here fully true to my Self ...I bring new possibilities, potentials and miracles into form ... through me ...

I am the vessel of love ... and I am love itself ... I AM the Eternal Mother ... Loving freely without conditions ... seeing and knowing Who You Are beyond the perceptions of the human mind and personality.

Come Beloved ... when you are in pain, suffering ... tired ... feeling abandoned or alone ... seeking restoration, love, wholeness, peace ... when you are heartbroken, when you have lost deeply, when you feel depressed, isolated, rejected ... lost ... I am here for you. I am able to assist You. It is Who I Am.

I am here to assist You to gracefully step into your unlimited Self ... the deep inner Truth of Love and Radiance that knows no limitation, and has no fear ... who courageously chose to incarnate into this body of True Self.

I am able to do this through my infinite Love ... as I Know Who I Am as Love ... and I Know my Power to Serve You through My True Expression of this Unique Quality of Love I embody.

Within this Life, You will have many experiences ...Everything that You "Are" ... You will experience ...  in the beginning You will see it within others and either LOVE them or Seriously Dislike them... It is through your blossoming awareness that You will come to Know and Live your Preferred Life, still within the mystery 0f BEing... that will surprise you and change the game just when you get settled in. Within this Life, You will also experience many things You are "not" ... again, seeing this in others and possibly even acting it out, "trying it on" as your experience ... as having a human body creates opportunities for these levels of experiences and challenges ... and always free will choice. There may be many times where you feel abandoned, isolated, alone, misunderstood, challenged, and even suffering ... these are character building experiences that Open You to Universes of expanded potentials - as we sometimes need to be splashed with ice cold water in the middle of our cozy, limited dream. You cannot "outsmart" Life, You cannot attain what you long for by using tools, techniques, methods, modalities, trainings, education, status, etc...

When you are in a state of Bliss - You are okay with all of your experiences - for the most part ... yes... You will also go through the full range of human emotions, reactions, and even pain ... yet, you will know from a deeper space within that it is temporary, this entire life experience is temporary... and that EMBRACING EVERYTHING exactly as it is is the most FREEING and Liberating experience! "Pain" becomes something that is strengthening and growth producing ... similar to the feeling of being a seed, properly planted... that begins its birth of New Life ... This will too become your experience of pain in your life. Like the caterpillar who is content to simply munch on greens all day ... being driven by an awareness and universal inner calling to eat and grow and crawl around on plants ... until suddenly he is moved to cocoon himself and undergo a process that turns his entire universe and existence into something completely unknown, and unknowable, beyond the sphere of awareness the mind's consciousness can grasp ... only to emerge in a whole new form that allows FLIGHT, expanded possibilities, and a new inner calling as a beautiful new way of life!

THIS is here for You Now ... Beloved. I am here to witness and support this within You! Reach out to me... I am here for YOU! From within my Bliss Cocoon - I will touch You and change Your Life forever! You may benefit most from a Private Session, Bliss Activation Session, Light Infusion Download, Miracle Heart Activation, Daily Infusion Healing, Juicy Miraculous Life, or one of the many new and upcoming access programs that are in process ...

I am here to live joy with You ... hand in hand ... Heart in Heart ... we are Here to BE ONE!

(my work will be ever expanding from this new level of BLISS that is my Life now)

Within this Sacred time of New Life ... Birth ... Expansion ... Opportunity ... Creation ... an unconditional state of bliss born from pure love expressing itself through my life, and the Miracle Gifts I have been Given ...

YES! I am ready to Join in Juicy Miraculous Life Now ... and receive MY BLISS Broadcast(limited time offer!) to CELEBRATE Elijah!

Your Juicy Miraculous Life

YES! I am ready to LIVE MY LIFE from BLISS From Now Forward! I understand this is a Life Transforming Private Bliss Activation Session with Jyoti ... with her Full Attention on ME until our Session is Complete!