Welcome Beloved to my NEWEST most Juicy Daily Creation in Service of YOU!!

Your Juicy Miraculous Life!

A Powerful Daily INfusion of Harmony, Stress Release, FREEDOM, and the
Actual CLEARING of challenges upon your life's path.

Yes. You heard that correctly...Clearing the challenges that currently lie ahead of You!

It's Like actually having a "Miracle Healer" on call to Support You every day and night!

Morning and Evening We:
  • Clear ALL unnecessary challenges from Your day! I can see the misaligned energies that are ahead upon your path for the day and clear them so that you do not have to be stressed, distracted or misguided!
  • Align You with Your INspired Purpose! So that what does manifest in your 24 hour day is in alignment in the most Powerful, Effective, and Gentle way of Blossoming Your Life's Purpose, Mission, and Fulfillment!
  • Clear all discordant energies and emotions trapped in your cells, body systems, surroundings, and life! So that You can feel YOUR TRUE FEELINGS, and restore the natural flow of emotional energy channels in your life! - Very Powerful and Life changing!
  • Ground and Rejuvenate Your Body with the Sphere of Transmuting Energy
  • Align Your Soul with the Light of Your Spirit so that You can be in harmony as much as possible each day.

In the evening I also Complete a Powerful Clearing Release and Ground Your Light into the Earth. This Light feeds, nourishes, fulfills, and restores You as well as our Earth Mother all night long!

Everyone who knows me and has worked with me knows the POWER in being held in this Powerful Presence of Love that is my expression and passion in this life. I am here to serve You! I am here to assist You and clear Your way so that YOU may blossom more completely into the Beautiful, Rare, and Beloved Being that You Are - where You open and begin to see and behold your Self in this Love Light ... where You receive and FILL Your Self first, and then overflow Your Genius, Your Love, Your Unique Expressions for all to bask within ...

So that...
You are freed to make Your Difference in this world by simply BREATHING and BEing You!

This Twice Daily Infusion of Your Juicy Miraculous Life is so very powerful in assisting You to stay grounded in your Light upon this planet, and manifest what You need and prefer in your life for your greatest unfolding and fulfillment!

You are Supported and held every single day for as long as You choose to be a member of
Your Juicy Miraculous Life!

In Juicy Love, Sparkling Miracles, and Divine Devotion to You!

Jyoti Amma Sophia Om

Your Juicy Miraculous Life DAILY Support
Juicy Miraculous Life + Abundance

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