Join me in this AMAZING Activation for New Life ... Recorded in a Time of Immense Beauty in Transformation ... Only $71 in Honor of my Father who left this earth on Feb 15, 2018 as my Brother and I held him as I sung his Spirit FREE from his 71 year old body! It was Bliss... (except for my improv singing... completely moved and inspired by Spirit!) - my brother is still making fun of me!
Activate New Life Transformation
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How Can I Serve You Now Beloved?

You may be experiencing many challenges and they may be very specific, or overall general-whole-life-invasive - clouding your whole life. You may have tried many healing modalities, without success. You may have received diagnosis from doctors and health professionals, gone through treatments, and yet have not experienced relief. Or you may just feel blah (no name) ... just a knowing that you are not living at your level of Love, Truth, Health, Life... or Happiness. You may be struggling. You may be working too hard, you may be wildly successful and empty. You may be working-on-yourself, working on self improvement and self healing, and Law of Attraction and positive thinking, and seeming to make some progress, yet not really...

Real Help is Here.


You don't have to wait for an appointment in "time." 
The moment I receive Your Investment YES, We Begin! I Immediately (24/7) Open the Flow of this Miraculous Body of Supernatural Support, Divine Intervention and Unfathomable Miracles! Many times, this is in the middle of my night, where I stand in awe and recognition of You, and Open Your Session or Immersion.

I don't believe in time, or in waiting for relief. I don't actually "do" or live within "time."

Now is all there is. Now is Eternity ... All of You and All of Life is instantly and immediately accessible, revealing the dysfunctional Causal Soul Constellations, Influences, and limitations active upon your life .... where we can Unify and release them for GOOD!

I meet You Immediately Here.

Find what You need:

You have a powerful part to play in your Healing, Awakening and Transforming ... In all of my Work, You must take FULL RESPONSIBILTY for Your Self and what brought you to this moment, no matter what that is, or how invisible it is. You must agree, sign and email to me your signed agreement to the terms of use in order to receive any of my Services! TERMS OF SERVICE AND USE HERE!


Go here for Specific Support. Encoded Healing Videos, Audios, Portals and Activations for Immediate Healing, Support through Specific and General Life Concerns. Encoded Offerings. 

Comprehensive Permanent Healing in all 4 Core Levels of Life resulting in Awakening Beyond Consciousness, Transformation, Living Miracles, Expansion, Freedom, Bliss and Supernatural Connection. 

In Depth. By Application Only. This is the Embodiment of Your Unlimited Possibilities!
Jyoti's High Frequency Miraculous Presence in Love and Devotion 24/7 to You. 

Customized Intimate Live one to one, In Person Connection, Custom Retreats, Advanced Services ... For those Ready to Awaken to the Miraculous, Magical Possibilities available though Direct Alignment with Your Spirit .. 

Live in Freedom beyond Consciousness ... in Pure Expanding Being, Generating Whole Life Transformation, Restoration of Innocence, Bliss, Wonder, Miracles, and Awe in Life... Living Your Aligned Essence, in Service of Life ...Transforming and Evolving the very Soul itself and Living as Life originally intended as an Awakened Sovereign Being of Bliss. 

Entry through Application only. Must be financially Healthy and of sound mind and emotion. 

This For Our Beloveds Nearing the end of Life ... Custom Soul Level Healing and Transformation ... Eliminating Suffering before the final breath, Full Release from this Life, back into the Infinite Spirit that Each Being IS - free from Confusion, Suffering, Pain and Attachment. This work naturally Catalyzes Radical Forgiveness, Freedom, Grace, Miracle Healings, Release and Resolution of Karma, Healing the Soul Structure itself. This ends suffering for the one who is departing, as well as those left behind, including the bloodline dependents, family and friends. 

In Person Support or Distant.

Priceless ... Deep Nurturing Support for our Beloveds who are transitioning beyond the Body, and those who Love them.

Turn here in moments of Urgent Need, Crisis, Suffering, Desperation, Fear, Trauma, Upset, Dramatic Events. Immediate Download Encoded Video Purchase There is LOVE Here ... to Support You!

Healing happens Immediately, at the Cause ... which evaporates the experience, usually instantly.

Join in and Receive the Supernatural Support of GRACE ...  Darshan Divine Mother Blessings the 1st of each Month

Be Love



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