Crisis Healing Support 

Beloved, You are not alone!

Precious Beloved One ... 

No matter what you are facing now ... You are not alone ... I am with You ... I hear You... I see You... I witness You from my Spirit who has no judgment upon you or Your Life ... I SEE You as Love sees You ... in Your Perfection, and human Imperfect-Perfection ... 

Here, You are given a Hug of Support ... You are Embraced in a Cocoon of Unconditional Love, Grace, Blessings, and Support from the Wholeness and Essence of Life, far beyond the transitory happenings of this world, or of your current situation.

To Receive Your Encoded Video to Assist, Soothe, Heal, Love, Envelop, Stabilize, Nourish, and Support You now, Go Here for Immediate Encoded Video! (You will be directed to the video after PayPal checkout)

You have a powerful part to play in your Healing, Awakening and Transforming ... In all of my Work, You must take FULL RESPONSIBILTY for Your Self and what brought you to this moment, no matter what that is. You must agree to the terms of service and use before I am able to fully assist You! HERE!

Crisis Support Healing Encoded Video


Free Healing Encoded Support Audio 

I am providing this Gift of Miracle Support to You beloved, if you're unable to pay for my Support Services at this time.

I have been awakened by Love, and by Your Call for Support ... So I Offer this Encoded Audio, empowered with Divine Unconditional Love and Miracle Healing for You.

Within this Encoded Healing, You are provided access to the Miracle most needed in your crisis situation now. It does not matter what happened, or how much your mind thinks you need to become free. It is available now. You are Safe here ... You are Held, Loved ... exactly as You Are. You are given quantum instant access to what you need to get you to the other side of this circumstance ... Let go of thought ... Open to Receive ... Here you are being Given direct and immediate access to Supernatural Support, Faith, Courage, Strength, Clarity, Inspiration, Divine Possibilities, and Grounded Present Awareness within the Gift of Now ... to carry you through whatever circumstances you face ... You are given access to the means ... to embody all that's necessary to move you through and beyond with Grace, Ease, and Flow ... I am here for You on the other side!

 I Love You! 

**You also Have Power to Support me in expanding this work, every amount of support you give matters! Everything you give matters and always comes back to You multiplied when You Give from your Grateful Heart. You could share this opportunity with others, You could forgive your Self, God, or another who has deeply harmed you. You could let go of what makes you feel bad in any or all areas of your life. You could give Love to someone behaving badly - who needs to be reminded! You are here to make a Huge Difference in this world! Just by Being You! I Trust your inspirations! I trust You to do the right thing that leads You Home to LOVE, always! I Believe it You! I Love You! Always from My Heart ... Jyoti

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