Heal and Transform

with Jyoti's Signature Encoded

Audios, Videos, Activations, and Grace Portals

You have a powerful part to play in your Healing, Awakening and Transforming ... In all of my Work, You must take FULL RESPONSIBILTY for Your Self and what brought you to this moment, no matter what that is. By purchasing, You agree to the terms of use HERE!

Specific Healing Encoded Audios: 

Encoded Healing Audios
Healing for: (One Topic)

 Specific Encoded Healing Videos: May be Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Life Situation.

Encoded Healing Videos
Healing for: (One Topic)

Grace Portals:  These Portals are Installed within the space of Your choice just though playing the silent audio track containing its Essence and Application. Each Portal can be installed in only ONE location, one home, one business, one vehicle ... the Portal acts as a protective barrier to unwanted, undesirable frequencies, vibrations, and beings ... These Portals Protect You in a space of Grace and Allow you to feel deep comfort, peace, healing, openness, lightness, clarity, joy, connection, happiness, love, harmony or most any desired quality... Once installed, they will remain in place, and can be refreshed and cleansed each new moon by playing the silent audio again in the space.

Grace Portals

Activation Transmissions ... Powerful Instant Transformation that Spark Awakening and Awareness Shift

Activate and Align with Your Spirit and Align Your Divine Purpose

Activation Transmissions

Awakening Activation Transmission Born on the Solar Eclipse  ... 

So Amazing and Wonderful! Helps Deeply ... Restorative Healing! Read More HERE!

Awakening Activation Solar Eclipse Born

Miracle Activation $777

Miracle Activation


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