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Everything here is quite unique ... to say the least... Here's what a few people have to say:

"Working with Jyoti generates a palpable experience and Feeling of incredible support ... that someone finally really "has me" and "gets me" ... As soon as I was in Jyoti's Field, I would have a sense of calm, knowingness that I am in the arms of the great mother ... protected and safe no matter what. I, and my whole family watch her videos every night before bed. Many people do. Jyoti is Love and when you are blessed by being in her Field you are held like nothing else in this world. Jyoti is truly the only experience of true safety I have ever had." TL, SA

"I can be in the most god awful fear, and if Jyoti is with me, I feel safe. She calms my mind and makes me feel safe. She keeps me safe. I can have the most horrific experience and Jyoti can send me a tiny email with only a word or two and suddenly everything is alright, even when we are not working together." KL, SA

"Working with Jyoti gave me the ability to purely experience life without the negative filters of my mind, this is a gift that has changed everything beyond measure."

"Jyoti's support is otherworldly divine, and changes your faith in life itself."

"Today we received a phone call from Katerina, the girl I purchased a session for some time ago. You said that when you were finally able to reach her, you worked w/ the women in her family  from the side of her mother.
For as long as I've known her, she has been  constantly depressed, her voice could barely come out of her mouth..Lately she was mourning her mother's death and dreading the same for her father who had heart problems. Several months after the session she was considerably better, my mother noticed how her voice had become more confident and for the first time ever she was looking happier though nothing in particular was going on in her life to justify this change of attitude.
Well...! Look at her now: she teamed up w/ a cousin of her and put the little bit of inheritance money she had  into buying sailing boats to rent for cruises around the Greek islands! Un-believable!! Her cousin is experienced in this business and I also think it could turn out to be quite profitable. The most important thing is that she loves this new direction in her life, completely unexpected for her, she puts manual labor into it, she is becoming a licensed skipper..for a  girl who was enclosed within the four corners of her own melancholy this is a truly extra-ordinary turn of events. Thank You so much!"

"Thank you from the center of my heart Jyoti! My life is improving in an incredible way. The awakening session has changed everything for me. I wish to continue growing and embodying my soul's purpose. You are helping me do that! I am so ready to be free from my limiting financial situation and ready to embody and express my deepest self for the highest good of all." LC, BC

"Happy birthday, miracle lady! I decided to do it all because I am so ready to open up to my purpose and embody my abundant life. This a big stretch for my mind, as I don't "understand" how I will be able to get out of these financial difficulties I am in. And from that place I have offered pretty close to all of the money I have access to in a gesture of saying YES to shifting this situation I am in. I sent money for the Living Abundance Infusion/Private Session. And there will be an Amazon gift card and and Angelrox gift card coming your way very soon. Much birthday love to you. Although I have lots of fear around spending money like this when I don't even have it, and have been spending the past number of years trying to express my soul on this planet as well as fix my financial situation, you have saved my life. More than once. So I feel really good about sending you this money that my mind fears may result in me going bankrupt. You say that what we offer to you should feel like a stretch. Know that this is a HUGE stretch for me. And you deserve it even if this decision of mine results in me falling into a frightening financial situation. Because you are saving lives helping life on this planet work out in the best way possible. So much gratitude to you. Massive love and blessings!"

"I feel grateful to have conscious control over the aspect of my mind that used to cause me to unconsciously fall in love. I really appreciate your help and your support for me through my journey. I am so grateful for your help and am looking forward to continuing to work with you. Growing and embodying my full self is my highest priority. I am having major shifts in all areas of my life since taking part in your birthday special offer and the private session/abundance light infusion. Can't wait for our next session when the time is right."

"The last few months have been quite a ride. This is twice now that you have helped me to get out of a hole I was in where I no longer wanted to be here. I have found that my ability to manifest is working again. Many things are shifting in my life and I can tell I am seeking a new place of balance."

"So far during this session, I feel so full of love, and I am making the most amazing connections with beautiful soul family everywhere that I go. I finally belong. Thank you so much for your loving care and attention on my life. So much love to you!"

"I watch your videos every night, along with my 5 year old daughter. You inspire me to be my self and you make my daughter feel safe. she cannot sleep without seeing your videos first. Thank you for being here with us, we can feel you." Amy

Here, Things are Different ... 

Transformation, Healing, and Change are experienced as a Miracle, Miraculous Change that was unpredictable. Unseen changes are taking place from the moment we begin working together. Healing does not take time, and new experiences emerge as You and Your Spirit Align together. Most times, Your experience is instant, and there may be a period of Grace where the shift dawns with gentleness and power beyond time. Many times changes happen so rapidly that your mind simply collapses upon the New now, as if it has always been this way.

You have access to a New Way of Being that allows you to have instant Awakening, Expansion, Transformation, Healing, New Life Potentials, and Miracles. 

Things that were previously in your way, and many things that are in the soul's creative process of manifesting are released from your current and future path... Karmic knots are released, Soul Constellations are released, The Mind is given an "upgrade" to a new way of Acting in Service of Your Heart and Spirit. 

Many believe that you must consciously work on yourself and your "challenges" in order to heal, many also believe that you must understand your wounding, fears, challenges, issues, etc... in order to heal. This is false. This wastes your precious time, and can only result in more struggle.

Healing does not require your understanding, nor does it require "work." 

You do not have anything to "fix." In fact, the more you understand, and the more you "work" on yourself, the further you move away from healing and the more deeply you embed yourself into the "problem." Even when you believe you are "getting somewhere" with it all.

GRACE through Love is Our Miraculous Way ... it is natural ... as well as supernatural ... Here, Your life can and does change forever in a nanosecond ... You become FREE ... there are endless expanses of continued Freedom open and available to You ... Now and on going.

I am here for your Freedom ... I am here to stand with you, hold you, and Love You into Your True Self ... Your Life of Bliss and Awe ... Wonder ... Miracles unfathomable! I Am this ... I "do" this by simply Being my Self.

Where we can play together in freedom, Bliss, Joy and Love!

Here ... In Love for YOU!!


We Are currently in the development and perfection of many different programs that address your current concerns, challenges, and needs. Complete List of Current Offerings here!

*New MIRACLE Frequency Healing 

Sacred Sonic Frequency Sound Bath filled with Super refined and upgraded Frequencies to Support, Expand, Enliven, Nourish, and Refresh Your Life Experience! There is now an audible version for day use, as well as an optional and additional silent version for night time Light Infusion bathing in Support and Love!

*NEW Light INfusion Downloads

Our Light Infusion Downloads have just received a MAJOR upgrade where You will receive a whole new level of access to your invisible Miracle Particles that work through your Field, specifically generating and opening NEW experiences to become part of Your Magical Life! These are an all time favorite for many over the years!

*NEW Silent Activations

If You are ready to experience a unique and Powerful ACTIVATION from Your Spirit ...  Activations accelerate Your access, abilities, competency, and more ... opening You to NEW LIFE EXPERIENCES ... effortlessly. Activations OPEN Your inherent latent abilities that You have been born with in this life! Your Spirit knows and Opens the Perfect Expression and Embodiment within you ... manifesting in something NEW in your Life. Your experience will be different and unlike anyone else, as Your Spirit is the holder of your embodiment of these sacred access qualities and experiences for you. Here, there are many to choose from ... with the option of a custom Activation!

*NEW! 21 Day Immersion Programs 

If You are wanting to be held in a 21 Day Immersion resonance together in your specific chosen area of life... you are attuned, activated and given inner access to hold the ability as your own. You are held by Spirit, mine and Yours until you can carry forward on your own. This happens naturally in our 21 Days together - we have many for you to choose from, and even offer Custom Immersions. You can receive your Miracle Heart Activation here, which now has added levels. This has been the most powerful and popular Immersion for those wishing to Open the Miracle Heart from within! IN all 21 Day Immersions You are held within a space of 21 Days and Nights 24/7, marinating in the New Realities that become part of Your Life Experience in Effortless ease, grace and flow. We are also bringing back Perfect Weight Manifestation Immersion and much more ... See them all here!

*NEW! Field Of Magical Possibilities!

MAGICAL POSSIBILITIES! Yes, Truly ... We have created and perfected a monthly immersive resonance Field where You commune with the High Level Magical Possibilities of Your Unique Spirit, being witnessed by mine and Opened to Magical and Miraculous New Life possibilities. This is cutting edge WILD ...Beyond the mind consciousness access and experience where you experience being held within a field of Wonder, Mystery, Miracles, and Grace of Your Spirit Possibilities for Magical Life ... and more 24/7 for one month or up to 12 consecutive months. This could be a Year of Magic and Miracles for You in Radical unpredictable ways! You can choose one month, or subscribe to more here!

Private Sessions:

  • Private / Bliss Session $4444
  • InDepth / Spirit Session $5555
  • Emergency Session $8888
  • Skype Live / In Person Session $9999

In Depth 30 Day Immersions with Jyoti

  • Spirit Awakening (Beyond Consciousness) Awakening the Love and Preciousness of Your True Awakened Awareness to guide You fro Your Heart in this Life from here forward!
  • Deep Transformation: When You Know its time for deep, instant, permanent, and Enduring Life Expansion and Transformation...
  • Custom Support: 30 Days of Customized Support in any area of Life and Love and Being!
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation: When it's time to fully embody within Your Entrepreneurial Genius - offering Supernatural Support, Grace, and Miracles to guide You into Your Wealth and Creative Joy!
  • Life Purpose Embodiment: When You are READY to LIVE Your Life's Purpose with Supernatural Means!
  • End of Life Release and Completion (Return to Spirit, beyond Astral- full release of suffering) The compassionate, Karma FREE way to release your loved ones, and solidify their communion with Spirit returning Home beyond form.

+Miracle Immersions are offered at $9999USD per month. Your GREATEST Investment in Your True, Magical Precious, Miraculous Self! Forever changing Your Life

Jyoti also offers Custom Immersions in 3 - 12 month cycles

Direct Personal Access to Miracles, Life Transformation, Love, Healing and More