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Follow your Joyful, Expansive Heart!

Your Heart actually needs to Give,
Especially where you FEEL GRATITUDE, where you feel EXPANDED...
 Allow a few moments to connect with the feeling of gratitude that brought you to this page.
 Perhaps a number will come into your head.

The right amount will give you a feeling of expansion, upliftment,  generosity, or clearness -- the feeling you get when you have given a gift perfectly appropriate to a situation.
Release all guilt and thoughts of lack and scarcity -

KNOWING that You are provided for no matter how you choose to express appreciation!
OPEN to the ABUNDANT BEING of LOVE that You Are -
ESPECIALLY when you feel your life is showing up otherwise...
Follow the joyful, expansive feeling in your Heart...
Joy and Blessings flow into YOUR LIFE when You Bless others! (blessing and supporting another is really blessing and supporting You!) 

I am here to Serve by:
*Following the expansive inspirations from my Spirit
*Holding space for You My Beloved, to access Your POWER and change the world!
*Expand and Create more Instantly Powerful Programs and Offerings!
*Be more available to assisting You!
*Write Books!
Please follow Your Heart...(all-ways)
In Love and Gratitude for YOU,
THANK YOU for making a difference in My Life too! 

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