Receive Your Miracles ...

This is unlike anything.

This is Indescribably Unique ... Immediately Powerful ... this work does not rely upon or involve traditional physics ... it is not based in binaries, logical sequencing, "learning information", complexities, or the application of "techniques."

It's not something you "learn" or "master," it's not something that is done "to" you ... it unfolds through You in Mystical ways.

This work is not time bound, nor does it include "energy healing" - (all energy is the effect of an unseen Cause.) 
This work addresses Cause at its origination point within your Soul. When well-meaning "healers" manipulate energy, there is an unfortunate alteration of your Life's polarity which moves out of balance with Your Spirit. This has serious consequences that set counter balance measures in motion in deeper areas of your life. This always results in a deeper more complex problems, illness, accident, or destructive life conditions.

This work liberates, ignites, and activates the Purpose and Meaning and Fulfillment of Your Life's Beautiful Plan. It eliminates the unseen causes of the problems you face.

It simply unfolds the Life of Your Destiny right before your eyes.

So Beloved ... Are You Ready?

*You are eligible to purchase Services once you have signed our Terms of Use. No Service shall begin before we receive your signed intake form. FORM is HERE. (if you cannot open it, please send email to: ATTN: FORM)



Light Infusion Downloads

LID's are Beautiful, Powerful, Life Enhancing, Liberating downloads of Light and Information directly from Your Spirit, perfectly calibrated to You in exactly what you most need now. They open you to new experiences and new awareness of Your Innate Power of Love. They usually require a minimum of 24-72 hours to be received and calibrated for you. Your LID will be delivered via email with instructions. Go Here for inspiration! Here you will find a list of LID's that have been successfully created over the past 12 years.

Custom Light Infusion Download
My Custom Light Infusion

 Immersive Sessions with Jyoti 

Together we silently deep dive into the Healing and Miracles Awaiting You Now! These Immersive Sessions are well known for Awakening and Divine Plan for Your Healing, Restoration, Liberation, and Joy! Life Changing. Transformational. Permanent. Miracles. New Life begins here...

Silent Distant Immersive Sessions

Soul Constellation Clearing Sessions with Jyoti 24 Hour

Soul Constellations are the Causal Programs of your life held in the blueprint of your Soul that limit, control, and create every issue, trauma, drama, suffering, and loss in your life. As we silently deep dive together in your SC Release Session, we access and release forever a multitude of limited Life programs, conditioned responses, traumas, and so much more. You truly become Your Self ... in ways that are Miraculous! Freed from limitations! (New 24 hour offering for those who cannot yet afford my deeper work)

Soul Constellation Clearing Sessions

21 Day Life Transforming Activations

These Activations give you access to ways of living and Being that change your Life forever. You will receive a morning and evening focus video and special encoded page activated for You for 21 days! The Miracle Heart Activation is the most popular and so powerful that we have added additional Levels by popular request. The Miracle Heart Activation is offered in 5 levels now, as people have continued to want more! When Your Miracle Heart is Activated, Your Life will transform in Miraculous unfathomable ways!

21 Day Activations

Live Stream Miracle Support

This Service wraps you in a Miracle Chamber of Divine Love and Intervention for the duration You choose. This is a silent, distant Service that Opens You to the Miracles Reserved for You in the circumstances you face. (See Below)

Live Stream Miracle Support 7 * 14 * 28 Day Service!

Need a Miracle?

There is an Effortless Miraculous Solution available Now.
(HINT: You cannot get there through linear process, thought, hard work, or intelligent strategies.)

It invisibly exists here, now. 

Your Miracle Awaits.
 In order to Receive it ... You must Be Aligned.

Alignment with Miracles can be difficult when you're in the thick of it! 

This is why I created this Service for You!


Receive Support.

Receive Access. Direct Inner Access.

We Silently and Powerfully Unite within a powerful Miracle Chamber for 7-14-28 Days and Nights

You are Supernaturally Held, Supported, and Aligned with the Miracles You most need right now.

Problems dissolve and resolve in Love. 

Revelations come. Solutions Emerge. Support shows up. 

New possibilities are born. Miracles Blossom! 

Sometimes, we all need

A Divine Intervention.

Miraculous ...unknowable-by-the-familiar-self-thinking-mind 

Elegant Solution to your seeming impossible situation is Here.

When your burdens are too much, and you simply cannot do it all or hold it all on your own anymore ... 

It's time to RECEIVE Support and go Direct to the Source beyond the problems... 

Its Time to Be Held, Supported and Sustained.

Here ... Miracles emerge through Effortless Grace. 


From the Source of Infinite Love and Life who knows exactly what you need.

Comprehensive Solutions. 

Big Picture, Whole Life, Effortless Solutions. 

Let Go and Allow. Simply Receive.

This Sacred offering is a 7/14/28 day silent immersion in the Reception and Manifestation of the Miracle You most need Now. 

Grace unfolds as Miracles here. Now.

Upon Registration, you will receive instant living Support. 24/7 Email access to me directly!

You do not have to do this alone. Never again. You are supported. You Deserve this! You can finally and fully let go... 

In this unique service, there is no need to wait. You receive immediate and instant relief and support. 

This Support is active and Alive 24/7, You will feel ... continuing for the duration you choose. 

 Operating outside of "normal time and space" ... 

Allowing access beyond your wildest imagining.

This Support is custom created specifically for you.

You can receive this Support as often as You desire, until it becomes your natural state. 

This works fast! 

Your Unique Miraculous Solutions, Opportunities and Changes materialize under Divine Direction, 

Beyond the Mind's ability to perceive.

Opening New Life. 

Designed and Destined for You by Love. 

Receive Supernatural Living Support ... today!

Choose Your Level of Support:

$3333 * Silent 7-Day Miracle Support
$4444 * Plus Custom Encoded Video 
$7777 * Plus Live Miracle Mentoring Call 
$9999 * 14-Day Support Plus Live Miracle Mentoring Call and Custom Encoded Video 

* for longer 28 day cycles of support send email to

Investment in You Options:

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Miracle Live Stream Support

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* Provision of Services

Private Coaching, Mentoring, and Master-Heart-Minding Facilitation of Miracles for those ready 


 **All My Miracle Services of Love and Devotion are Reserved for Beloveds who are as committed and invested as IAM. 

This is a significant investment of my Life ... Together I Join and Unify with You at our Spirit level in a life transforming way ... where Miracles happen, where Healing happens ... Naturally. without linear logic, effort, or work. This happens 

Open Awareness beyond conditioning, and Embody Your Unique Miraculous Life ... To Receive My Services, You are willing, ready and able to take responsibility for Your Whole Beautiful Miraculous Life including your circumstances, choices, challenges, purpose, inspirations, thoughts, feelings, projections, limitations, fears ... You understand the ways the mind controls, and you are ready, willing and able to recognize, release and surrender this control. (Yes, You will receive Divine Intervention as well as my Powerful Love and Devotion!!) to hold You into the Opening of the Life of Miracles You were destined to Live! In order to Receive this work, You agree to Live Your Life's Purpose, and OPEN to Healing, Love, Gratitude, Miraculous Support, Love Intervention, Forgiveness, Divine intervention, Miraculous Intervention, Divine Support, Belonging, Unity, Joy, Bliss, Expansion, Beauty, and Wholeness that can only come through Love beyond this world. 

THIS IS NOT FOR the *just curious* This is for You who Believes in Love, Miracles, Grace, and Undreamt of Possibilities Yet to Come! 


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