Powerful. Permanent. Support. Transformation. Love. 

These are POWERFUL Transformational, Restructuring INfusions of Light Information and Origins of Energy that translate through YOU into PERMANENT Change, Transformation and Healing...


In these Powerful Light Infusions You experience immediate and powerful state changes ... as previously unknowable possibilities become illuminated and Your Field becomes imprinted with the specific frequencies and patterns of Coherent Awakened Light and Information streams that in-form your natural and innate creation and manifestation process. 

Cells naturally line up under this “unseen” directive and suddenly you will notice you are actually LIVING that which you may have had as a wish or goal for as long as you can remember – and now it just simply is.

This is one of the New ways of manifesting that which we desire. 

It is easy, effortless, graceful, magical and miraculous.

You don’t even need to “believe” in it for it to work.

This is way more powerful than the mind.
You actually can have the life experience that you have longed for!

You are actually meant to!

And this is a very Powerful, Effective way to bring about New Possibilities for YOU!

 ALL Light Infusion Downloads are Delivered Silently and Potently to Your Field of Energy within 24 hours ... Changing Your Life and Opening New Opportunities and Possibilities that had not existed before! Each Light Infusion builds upon the previous one ... and there really is no limit to the MAGIC and MIRACLES You can experience here!

All Light Infusions are $555 ... they rapidly Change the way you experience Reality. You can receive up to three light infusions at once. You can receive Your Custom Light Infusion Download - (or You can scroll through the list of 36 below) You are also invited to request a Custom Light Infusion Created and Orchestrated by Your SPIRIT ... (recommended, yet totally optional!) 

Choose Your Light Infusions Here: 

Light Infusion Downloads
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CUSTOM LIGHT INFUSION! - Let Your Spirit Orchestrate ... or This Custom Infusion can address a specific area or experience of Your Life Comprehensively .. and in Miraculous unknowable from from the mind ways ... 

LIVING ABUNDANCE!  Tipping the "scales" and finally LIVING the experience of MORE THAN PLENTY - so that you may be FREE to express your authentic self in more unique, profound, and powerful ways in the world! Your Miracle Money Matrix is in-formed, activated, and rotates into form through you in unpredictable, miraculous, exponential ways. Aligned more fully with your unique purpose - you are now deeply IN-Powered to LIVE it in ABUNDANCE!
EXPANDING LIVING ABUNDANCE Builds upon and expands the foundation in the original Living Abundance Light INfusion - because YOU deserve to have the freedom to choose HOW you wish to live, experience, have, and BE in your life. This EXPANDING LIVING ABUNDANCE is for You when You are ready to step into the next level of Living Your Unique Life as Abundance. You are meant to be FREELY ABUNDANT - experiencing the freedom that comes with True Abundance...having choice about what is possible for you to experience! You CAN have it all - there is unseen support for you, just beyond your awareness...There is support specifically for cheer you, love you and celebrate You in all your unique, rare and preciousness!

OPULENT LIVING INFUSION! Lavish, Luxurious Opulence...having the experience of Being really supported on this planet in ways that give you that feeling of being provided for deeply, lavishly treated, and nourished completely. Where you feel you can relax, let go and Know- you are taken care of. Ahhh...Rich fields of Green...Overflowing Joy...Lush, Sensual Pleasures in your surroundings...Physical Comfort...

This Opulent Living INfusion Opens your Consciousness now to experience Life from a Space of Nourishing Opulence, of sustenance that fills you with completely. You DO deserve to Live this way, no matter the depth of your current resources. 

Light Infusion Downloads
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 JOY INFUSION!  Joy is a vibrational resonance that vibrates good-vibes to you, through you, and impacts the world around you. You are meant to live in JOY in your Life now and always. This JOY INfusion activates the dormant capacity in your Being for Living as Your Perfect JOY-full version of You. There is JOY expansion waiting to be experienced and lived. It makes Life so much easier when you are living from Joy. Things are much easier! 

LUCK INFUSION! This radically powerful magnetic JOY of Luck can now be YOURS! Works specifically with your very cells, your creative DNA within, as well as the field of Potential you embody - encoding LUCK into the very fabric of your BEing...Imagine Living Luck...everyday...Knowing you have Luck on your side in everything that you do. YOU deserve it!

BLISS INFUSION! Now is the time to activate and Live your Bliss! You can have this experience as your baseline, the space to which you return when you Re-Member Who You Are. Bliss is a consciousness experience that carries you through the most challenging of circumstances in a field of Grace, Flow, Ease, and JOY - beyond reason... BLISS OUT from within, independent of circumstances around you. You can live as 

HAPPINESS NOW INFUSION! Happiness is Natural. It exists when you take away everything else. It is your Birthright! The rarified, specific, clear frequency of Happiness is attainable and at your disposal - free from the circuit of dualistic life experiences. You can now have and experience happiness independent of circumstances. You can BE HAPPY...first... which naturally makes you wildly magnetic to all that your heart desires, and all that is expansive and perfect for you. And, even when things are not “going your way” your Happiness is steady within you anyway, vibrating from each and every cell, moving mountains for you, this world, and all people in it! You BEing Happy is all that is required! Ready to BE HAPPY now?

YOUR LIFE PURPOSE INFUSION! Life is meaningful when you are aligned with and living your Purpose. You have a very important One (and maybe many) - I promise! And, in this Light INfusion you are supported in re-membering just what that Purpose is - and given a boost of insight, inspiration, and Grace to now say YES and step into it! It is the Life Transformation you had been seeking, even if you did not know you were seeking anything. - kiss boredom goodbye forever - as you are aligned in your Purpose - Your Mission...Life is a playground to have FUN in and explore and receive all the appreciation you deserve!

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SUCCESS & SUPPORT LIVING YOUR PURPOSE INFUSION! You have a rare and unique and very necessary Purpose that you have been placed upon this Earth to fulfill. If you do not fulfill it - no matter how seemingly insignificant it may appear to you - the whole world is at a loss. You make a difference in this world - just by BEing YOU! This Light INfusion is aligning and infusing You with the strength, support, nourishment, and magnetism required for your Life’s Purpose to be a WILD SUCCESS in this world. You are needed. You are wanted. You are valued. You are seen for Who You Really all those that are most important to you -the ones you are here to play with, serve, and share your gifts with! Now, get to it! We need You!! 

CREATIVE EXPLOSION INFUSION! is time to express ALL those deep creative urges that have lived just beyond the surface of your awareness - this Light INfusion ACTIVATES YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS...bringing it forward through you into your life experience and expression! You are here to Joyously Create! CREATE Dear One! I cannot wait to SEE and FEEL what emerges through You now! Please keep me updated! 

CHILDLIKE WONDER AND MAGIC INFUSION! Remember when you were a child and everything was fresh, clear, clean, beautiful...where you just simply, naturally breathed in the light of the world...effortlessly. There were no conditions, no need for conditions to be a certain way - for you to be Happy and in a state of awe and wonder...You were simply taken care of, supported, and you naturally trUSted Life- you had no need to question...This can be your life! Where elegant intuitive, magical solutions naturally emerge to meet the circumstances you discover in your play-full day. You have this natural ability to Know - without knowing how you know - you just simply know... and are guided to simply be and/or act in the moment with huge rewards- free from the need to worry, plan, think, and mess up your happy, magical, awe-filled day! The right response to every situation is naturally encoded in your very BEing, not your thinking! Lets BE!! Together! 

AWAKENING AWARENESS AND OPPORTUNITY INFUSION! Deep far off in the seemingly slumbering unconscious parts of you...there are so very many opportunities, options, possibilities, potentials, miracles...available to you now. This works for opening, awakening and activating expansive and deeply fulfilling opportunities in your now and upcoming timelines of life experiences. Say YES to Life and all the Miraculous Opportunities that await You! (Addresses and can be specific to any area of your Life!) 

SEE THE LIGHT INFUSION! There are two major ways you can perceive your life experiences... depending upon many factors of your current lens of perception. One way is seeing LIGHT everywhere and in everything - even the challenges, and another one is seeing limitations, darkness, and heaviness. Either could ring true for you in any given moment when left up to your fleeting random unconscious lenses of reality filters. When you are attuned to seeing and experiencing life from YOUR LIGHT, you feel good - even when things appear bleak. There is a depth to you that Knows this Light-ness is effervescent living potential with the ability to transform anything simply by its recognition. This sight restores your Hope, Faith, Trust, and Miracle Potentials available to you NOW.

YUMMY LIFE INFUSION! Savoring the moment, reveling in the mystery - bringing in all forms of yumminess as our daily Life experience - where food, water, air, space, clothing, surroundings, everything that you touch and experience takes on the qualities of yumminess. Where your body feels yummy - to you and to others - where you feel so loved, appreciated and  enjoyed! You truly are Beautiful - a rare and magnificent creation of Yummy, Juicy Beauty to be enjoyed! You can now In-Joy your own One-of-a-Kind Yumminess that is specific and unique to You - incomparable and so very precious! 

IGNITING SACRED RELATIONSHIPS! Collapsing and Quickening readiness, and life timelines for you and your aligned perfect companions on all levels, layers, depths - facilitating the ability to come together in a higher level of Relationship Bliss, Support, Love and dedication of one another’s greatest expansion. Together = stronger exponentially. Our lives are significantly strengthened individually by BEing together at this level in Partnership. Living Life as Champions for each other - naturally... without work, effort, or struggle. Rather through Alignment, you Flow together in your own rhythm, the nourishing rhythm of the Relationship entity itself. This is where our deepest wounding is naturally healed. Together, You are given the Strength, Support, and greater capacity to LIVE your Life Mission in Ever-expanding Joy and Fun and Beauty! Harmonic Spirit-Soul-Body-Personality-Emotion Union of Unconditional Love and deepening levels of Safety, Expansion, and Support together! A match made in Heaven! Yes - you deserve this! This is for all kinds of relationships, including your Children, Soul Family, Friendships, Spaces and Places of Belonging ... 

DEEP MEDITATION ACCESS INFUSION! Gives you access to deep states of Meditative Awareness without “training” your mind or practicing for years. We all need to be able to instantly access higher levels of awareness as we go through our daily lives... as this is where the Elegant solutions emerge, from a state of BEing that is beyond the mind’s thinking...where the simple and effortless flow carries us through, manifesting the perfect solutions for the challenges that come your way. 

How we move through our challenges, both large and small, is very important to the overall experiential results in our lives. This deep awareness can be your constant companion along your daily life journey! 

PERFECT WEIGHT PERFECT FITNESS INFUSION! Your Body is a living, breathing, beautiful and amazing GIFT...It is absolutely Perfect for You. Right now your body is consciously playing and dancing Trillions of cells - providing information as to how to physically manifest now to best suit you. What we have realized after spending much time working with Perfect Weight, that Perfect Fitness is also just as important...together they inform cells of how you wish (at a higher level) for them to replicate, duplicate and either open or close potentials of experience. You truly can have the experience of your body that you prefer...and it begins here with Love and Gratitude in your Body. 
Your Perfect Weight and Level of Fitness manifest naturally and effortlessly - without your thinking mind, or need for specific diets, or exercise programs. Your body lets you know if it needs anything specific in order to better serve you- such as movement, food, water, etc... Your body is Genius, it Knows...and lets you Know in this new Partnership. This also clears out the conflicting messages from different levels of your being - both conscious and unconscious that had caused conflicting experiences in your body in weight and fitness. You are meant to LOVE your body - it automatically LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and is eager to serve you in all that you wish! 
You were born into your Body of experience, and the physical manifestation of your Body is in Service of your Greatest, most expansive Life experiences. It truly Loves you and exists only for You - for a limited time! 

Let’s be in JOY-FULL experience of our Vibrant, Perfect Bodies together! 

PERFECT FLEXIBILITY INFUSION! Flexible thinking mind...and flexible muscles in your body...Gives you access to greater ability to move, change, flow, transform, allow, and BE. Works wonderfully in tandem with Perfect Weight and Fitness! 

 MIRACLE AWARENESS PORTAL INFUSION! Opens the portal to Miracles, Potentials and Possibilities to become more and more conscious choices for you in real time. You become magnetic to higher ways of functioning that allow Miracles to be witnessed, accessed, observed as they naturally emerge through you and your life experiences. You are meant to Live Miracles everyday!  

AWAKEN AND LIVE YOUR MISSION NOW! YOU have a Purpose! You were born with potentials, possibilities and Miracles to manifest in ways that only You can! You are here to make a difference, and it is time for You to step into your Life of ease and grace that manifests Your highest expression and purpose in your Life and in our world now. These customized patterns of Light and information reach deep into the Matrix of your Personality-Soul-Spirit and bring forward the necessary support matrix, and clears the pathways for Your Unique and Purposeful Mission to manifest now. 

Light Infusion Downloads
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DESTINY REWIRE PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE INFUSION! Your Destiny is a set of manifesting in form Frequency Vibration possibilities and potentials. This Light INfusion Awakens and “turns-on” the destiny code potentials that manifest the most graceful, Beautiful, Inspired and Uplifting Destiny. From awakening your Destiny, you are manifesting your life experiences within higher frequency potentials.

 INCREASE, RAISE, STABILIZE YOUR FREQUENCY! Increasing your Frequency is the KEY to living your Best Life! When your frequency is high, you manifest and draw to you experiences in the world that expand possibilities and manifest Miracles- like frequencies and energies are naturally attracted to You to support your upward momentum. When we are vibrating at a low frequency, fearful experiences and outcomes are certain in your experience. Raising your Vibration eliminates so many things that were in your way.

LOVE AWARENESS SHIFT INTO LOVE! Grounds and Aligns your Soul Focal Point to experience Life through the lens of Love. In any given situation in life, there are bands of experience which determine how Life shows up in your experience. There is a spectrum of duality on this planet, and this Light INfusion is created to allow your spectrum of duality to shift from fear-love, to Love-Love in varying intensities.

MIRACLE PROTECTION ALIGN WITH LOVE! This is a wonderful Gift to give yourSelf, your Children, your Loved ones... When you are Protected, you are able to live in expanding possibilities, as you feel no fear...Knowing and feeling protected gives you an inner strength and stability that allows you to experience and witness difficult realities, destruction, earth changes, etc... and remain in peace and power in the midst of anything. This is a Divine Matrix of Protection that keeps you enfolded in Love, and aligned in your Love, no matter what.

CLEAR INTUITIVE GUIDANCE FROM WITHIN! This Light INfusion opens and activates dormant codes of higher communication possibilities and potentials in your DNA itself. It opens your Mind to receive CLEAR INTUITIVE GUIDANCE in all situations. You are guided, and now you can experience that. No more second-guesses, or turning to you limited linear mind to know your correct path! You now KNOW, from within, independent of outer confirmation.

RELEASE, LET GO AND CLOSE THAT DOOR! The mind wants to hold on to the idea of what it knows. The mind tells you that this memory, or this situation is needed for you to be happy. Not true. Letting go is the first step...for Miracles to rush in and overtake your ways you cannot possibly imagine! This is a higher level upgrade to the previous letting go Light INfusion. It works at a deeper core level of your Being, clearing the causes for the clinging to our ideas and past realities we have struggled to release. Let Go my Love and Thrive!  I promise...there are Miracles awaiting You!!

CRISIS HEALING SUPPORT CUSTOM LIGHT INFUSION! A Customized Light INfusion Download to address your specific needs in your time of crisis. This one activates your support structure to Live YOUR PURPOSE in the events unfolding in your Life, and in our world.This Light INfusion will be created specifically for you And encoded into an email, audio, or video for you to Experience and activate in your Life. YOU have a very important Purpose for BEing here now! I am here to support you to Access and LIVE your Inner Strength, Purpose, and Power in these times of crisis and change. 

ACTIVATE YOUR GENIUS - CREATIVE SOLUTIONS! All the "problems" of your personal life as well as the ENTIRE WORLD are awaiting YOUR AUTHENTIC CREATIVE GENIUS to come forth, blossom and shine...providing new possibilities and potentials of solutions to if by magic! When you activate your unique GENIUS EXPRESSION in the world, you change what is possible upon this earth - for YOU and for OTHERS! We are all calling YOU to accept and LIVE your Potential to create a better world and solve the problems that have limited you and others! You will KNOW that all the solutions to all the problems are within you. This is a NEW EMPOWERED way of Living! One that YOU ARE READY to receive!

VIBRANT RADIANT HEALH! Cells dancing, dazzling light and information traveling through the river of miracles that you are…This download is for becoming the healthy, vibrant, radiant person that you actually are…and living it in your physical life experiences! You will feel more energetic, aligned, balanced and clear as to WHO YOU ARE in form and beyond form.

 CREATIVITY!This is the time for you to follow your inner voice…in-power and infuse your natural creative genius with the POWER to manifest your unique vision and mission in the world through your innate gifts, talents, and inspired ideas. This download actually creates a manifestation grid within and around your creative flow and gracefully aligns the necessary support on all levels of creation. The time is now for you to express your True Self through your creative manifestations! WE NEED TO EXPERIENCE YOUR UNIQUE EXPRESSION, GENIUS AND CREATIVITY NOW!

PERFECT WEIGHT LIGHT INFUSION DOWNLOAD! You will be realigned, balanced, harmonized, and manifested in your natural perfect weight and body configuration. What you need to live your most joyous body and life experience is yours through this download! If you need to lose fat – you will lose it… gracefully, effortlessly, and joyously. It just simply happens before your eyes. If you need to tone your muscles and strengthen your body – it just happens without struggle, hard work or pain…we are beyond that now! If you need to gain weight you will – easily and joyfully.

HARMONIOUS RADIANT RELATIONSHIPS! We all desire to experience harmony, true love, and connection in our relationships. This is the way there – as it begins from the radiance that we innately are. This download is brings into your awareness the perfection that you are…a knowing that you are so totally and completely loved and loved beyond any condition. As you joyously receive the LOVE that you actually are – it sets of a resonant frequency that in-forms all that you contact and mirrors that genuine, true love back to you in unpredictable and miraculous ways. The “right” relationships blossom, flourish – and all your relationships become harmonious, blessed, and deeply appreciated. You now can live love in all your relationships.

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FLOURISHING INTUITION! You are actually born intuitive. You have innate gifts of seeing, knowing and sensing things unlike anyone else. You are meant to live your own unique way of knowing what you know, and having the confidence to act upon it in everyday life. This download places you in the center of your own Knowing – in your own unique way. When you act in accordance with your Inner Knowing – MIRACLES MANIFEST all around you… It is so powerful! And, you become a blessing to others – you can actually help others in ways that only you can, through your unique vision and intuition and love.

SELF ESTEEM! Yes! Feeling good about Who You Are at the core of your being. Seeing yourself as LOVE sees you – perfect, whole and complete. You are aligned with your Source, your Strength and your Purpose in harmonious alignment and connection in balance with the Whole Brain, radiating out into all aspects of your life

HEAL THE CAUSE OF SPECIFIC DIS-EASE! This download is created to address not only the specific disease manifestation that you are experiencing, also the matrix configuration that allowed it to take root in your body and life. This download addresses, targets, and eliminates all available aspects of the disease pattern and reconfigures your miracle matrix to eliminate the cause and all other contributing factors. Now your life is realigned with a new matrix of light and information that is perfect for your full and free life experience – whatever that may be.

VIBRANT ENERGY LIGHT INFUSION! We live in a world of polarity. When we get out of balance with the polarity we experience exhaustion, weakness, and ineffectiveness. Aligned- we are strong, resilient, powerful and balanced. This download addresses and targets the places in and around you that have fallen out of balance in polarity. The result for you is boundless energy, focus, and more joy that you can imagine!

HEAL THE CAUSE OF ADDICTION! This download is immediately effective for anyone who has suffered with an addiction – whether it has been alcohol, drugs, sex, food, anything… even OCD. You will feel an immediate shift in your energy that translates into new thoughts, actions, behaviors and strength. You will know your alignment with your Power that is far more compelling and powerfully pulling than the lower physical-emotional addiction pull.

FULLY FREELY FORGIVE AND BE SET FREE! This download frees you from the gripping bind of unforgiveness – of yourself and/or of others. You are realigned with your true Source of Love and power and strength. Forgiveness and letting go becomes effortless, graceful and immediate. You will feel like a ton of weight has been released…breathing deeply the miracles of life and looking in joyous anticipation toward your future…while living fully, joyously and completely in the Presence of Now.

Light Infusion Downloads
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** Please note that These are Light Infusion Downloads - they are condensed, powerful Infusions of Light and Information, and Miracle Particles ... custom created specifically for YOU...They are So Powerful that they require no audio mp3, video, or software... They are Delivered to Your Operating System, Your Energy Field and Your Awareness.

**All Light INfusion Downloads are instantly calibrated to you at the time of purchase. You can download and "install" your Miracle Light Infusions as many times as you would like. You will know when you need an "upgrade" contact me for further instructions. You will be given access to a page that will be encoded specifically for the Light Infusions You have chosen. They only work for you, as they are calibrated to Your Unique Life Signature.

***Some people may require a personal session before being able to access the full results of their Miracle Light Infusion Downloads. I am usually alerted if you are in need of a session first when you email me, and / or send payment.

*** Re-member, these are not mp3 or video downloads. These are CUSTOM CREATED Light INfusion Downloads containing massive amounts of Quantum Light and INformation that in-form your reality...they have the capacity and potential to activate, transform and change your experience. They align YOU with YOUR TRUE SOURCE of POWER and PURPOSE- within YOU!

***In the event of power outages, natural disasters, internet failure, etc... I will personally complete your Light INfusion Download for You and you will be given the FULL BENEFIT, even if you do not receive an email from me. YOU will be provided exactly what You need, exactly when you need it! This is my Spirit's commitment to YOU!






The legal stuff: None of the claims or descriptions of these downloads have been verified or approved by the FDA. Specific results are not guaranteed, as individual results may vary.  These Infusions of light and information do not diagnose or treat any medical condition. These Infusions are not to be used to replace the advice or care of your medical doctor. Always seek the advice of a licensed medical provider.

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