This is Where You can Receive Your Direct Healing and Encoding through my Videos!

I will encode the Video Personallyfor You that You are Ready to Receive  

Welcome Beloved!! IAM sooooo Happy and Excited to SEE You Here Now!!

And... IAM sooooo excited to Offer this Magical Possibility for You 24/7!! "Beyond Time" Direct Support for YOU!

I created this Option for those who are unable to invest in my larger Soul Constellation Sessions and Immersions ... 

Who require Support Now.

And ... who are really ready to Receive Supernatural Support through my Videos, or specific YT Videos that speak to Your Heart and Ignite Your Desire to RECEVE and Drink Deeply from the Well of Miracles offered in my Life's Work!

You will ALWAYS ... All-Ways Receive Support in Direct Proportion to What You Invest or Give Forward.

After paypal is sent, You will be directed to a page with instructions! Your Video will receive an initial encoding upon purchase, and will deepen with 24 hours as I personally tap in and encode it Deeper for You!

And ... Because financial circumstances can vary greatly... especially in this time ... IAM Inspired to Offer You the Ability to Pay what You can below!

PayPal the amount that Feels Most Aligned, Expansive, and Correct for You Now!

Please Encode this Video for Me!
Video to Encode for You

IAM Inspired to Offer You the Ability to Pay what You can Value Most given your current situation!

*Venmo: Miracle-Mama
*Amazon Gift Cards for the family:

Please include the Video Title You wish for me to Encode Specifically for You!!

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