Welcome Beloved 

We are in active Miracle Prayer Vigil

You are now beheld within the Miracle Temple

The Light that You are is strengthened, fed and supported here

This Sacred Space is where Miracles Happen.

Here, you can let go .. be held and allow Grace, Miracles, to reach you.

When I light Your Candles, I tune in with Your Spirit, Bless You with a Prayer of Love and Miracles ... Opening the Space of Grace to unfold the necessary Support, Healing, Miracles, Blessings, and more ... all around you wherever you are.

There is nothing to "do" except Surender and let go every time you feel fear ... every time you think you need to figure something out, manage or control situations.

You can stop and simply Breathe here now ... we have your back!

Your only job is to notice when you are fearful ... take in a big inhale .. a deep inner breath  ... and and let go of the mind's attempts to control. 

You are now able to be guided from your Heart .... from a deep still inner knowing ... and, if there is anything for you to do, be, or embrace... you will know from an inner calm certainty and centeredness of being.

You can Be free.



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