Words of Love ... 


2/11/21 New Moon

This is the Time Beloved. This is the time of Mother Love and Father God... to come to Life through You. The Perfect Divine Marriage. God is my partner. Jesus is my brother. 

I now ground Who I Am ... in every molecule of my physical Being ... into the Divine Earth Mother's Crystalline Core. I See now ... how I had been unconsciously expecting humans to show up in the Care and Love as only the Divine would... as only the Divine does... as only the Divine can. 

Our Internal Alignment is All that is required for the Divine to show up in this way. What we experience ...has always been an exact match to what we Know WithIn. What we Know within has been In-Formed (unconsciously embodied, written within our Soul Blueprint) through our Soul Constellations. Not without. Inside, the Answer ... the Unity simply is. One. All. Love. Eternal. All Life is awaiting to be restored to Wholeness.

Outside-in form is illusion, temporary existence for the purpose of clearing the Soul Constellations the wounds the traumas ... all the ways that Humans and lifeforms have defiled and or desecrated Life and had children from the pain of the lost. (and the Eternal Hope of New Life!)

Yet Deep Within our very Soul ... We Have the Infinite Power of Love that can Heal all illusions in a nanosecond or less!

It’s time to come online with this truth! You are Magic. You hold the Key. It is within You. Not "alone" within, WithIn All… Which You Are Of. You Are One with All. The All is the Magic of You. Pure Love and Grace… Unconditional ... like the Divine Mother. Unconditional ... Pure, Nourishing, Nurturing, Present, Unconditionally Loving, Unconditionally Excepting, Unconditionally Allowing, Complete and Whole. 

There is nothing You can do to make YourSelf unlovable, un-Loved, or under Love… You Are Love It-Self ... You are so Completely Loved that You can stray as far as You want. You can create suffering, You can create a huge mess... You can create pain, lack, loss, poverty, harm, aloneness, or whatever You choose … You can allow your Soul Constellations to repeat the suffering and pain and atrocities of the past ... 

Yet, to Love... You will always return. Amends will be required and will be made. As You recognize and real-eyes … And You shall Return to the Wholeness the One-Ness you have Always Been. Clear… Pure… Free... Love. Life. This is what we ultimately seek. Pure Experience of this Absolute Truth.

We will not find this Love mirrored to Us in the outer world until We Know it With-In ... INtimately in Communion ... Come-Union Inside. This is what Allows the Whole World externally to show up in Affirmation ... in Embodiment of this Beautiful Truth. Showering Us in the Truth of Love's Bounty and Miracle.

It's Truly about Who You KNOW Your Self to BE. Not what You desire, want, demand or command. What You Know INside ... is Who You Are. 

When You Re-Member Who You Are... You begin to See it, Experience it, Feel it and Know it in All Life. Love Is Unconditional.

Your Life is a testimony of the Unconditional Nature of Love. You can choose and decide and know and feel  whatever you choose... and it will be given. Without a doubt every single time. It is Provided in Exact Match to what You Know Inside. What You Choose. (mostly unconsciously)

Your Earthly Parents were Perfect for You to see what Your Soul Constellations Informed ... literally In-Formed ... Your Life, the Blood that courses through your veins ... Your Ancestral Bloodline, Your Family, Your Body and Your Body of early programmed Experience. Re-Member, Your Parents were chosen by You, from Your Unconditional Love ... when You were in full 100% Knowing of Who You Really Are ... as an Infinite Being.

You chose to come here for the embodied, delicious, juicy, powerful ride to Wake-Up ... Embody the Re-Membering of Who You Really Are within an Amazing Body and body of experience In-Formed by the very traumas You Have Come to Heal.

You are here to Live Your Purpose, which is right in front of You in the challenges and limitations you face. As we release the constellations in Your Soul we set free your True Self and in doing so also your ancestors who suffered and passed down the traumas you are now here to heal. It is a Beautiful thing. Are You Ready to BE Free? Or do you choose to Know Suffering in more ways?

Here with You, in Love and Devotion to Your Re-Membering, Awakening and Blissful Life ...


The Beautiful, Beloved, Pure experience of the Absolute Truth of Who You Are ... will not be found or mirrored to you from the outer world… Until You Know it With-In ... Intimately ... in come-union inside. This allows the whole world to externally show up in the affirmation and embodiment of this beautiful truth. It’s truly about who you know yourself to be. Not what you want or desire demand or command. What you know inside.... it’s what you know inside of who you really are. When you remember who you are… You begin to see it and feel it and know it in all life. Love is unconditional. Your life is a testimony to the unconditional nature of love. 

You can choose and decide and Know whatever you choose ... and it will be given unconditionally. It is provided an exact match to what you know.

Your earthly parents were perfect for you to see what your soul constellations informed… Literally in-formed your life, your bloodline, your family, your body, and your early body of programmed experience… Remember they were chosen by you from unconditional love when you were in the full 100% knowing of Who You Really Are as an Infinite Being… You chose to come here for the embodied delicious juicy ride to Wake up and re-member.

Embody the remembering of Who You Really Are within a body and body of experience In-formed by the traumas you have come to heal! It is not an accident ... This is on Purpose ... allowing You to come to Know Your Purpose, and Live Your Destiny.

You are here to release and set free your true self and in doing so also your ancestors who suffered the traumas you are now here to heal. It is a beautiful thing. Are you ready? I’m calling you now. 

2.14.21 Happy Valentines Day LOVE!


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