Why "Energy Healing" Doesn't Work

And actually causes harm.

This is a beginning dialog ... an Opening to ...

Why doesn't "energy healing" work?

You are a an Infinite Being who is living within a temporary Human experience that has a preprogrammed energy field. This energy field is not your Creation, it is an effect, created from an unseen cause ... which happens to be Your Soul. Your Soul is not "Who You Are" ... nor it is your Spirit. Your Soul is a pre-programmed blueprint template that your Spirit chose for You to incarnate through, for the Purpose of Evolving the Soul Blueprint Itself. Your Soul has embedded pre-programed experiences from its many incarnation cycles it has recorded, held, and continues to add to the programs, including the structures of consciousness that engender fear, "consciousness" that keeps you trapped and powerless, it contains embedded, implanted structures, energy systems, essentially Divisions  that keep you in ever growing limitations, karma, genetic and bloodline limitations, traumas, wounds, lineage, reincarnation cycles, and many many other influences that I see and work directly with called Soul Constellations. As You Evolve, Grow, Expand, and Awaken, You eliminate the need for the heavy preprogrammed events, environments, limitations, including soul contracts, life lessons, karma, and reincarnation programs with minimal (to zero) options for freedom.

Now, from the beginning of incarnation of Spirit into Human, we have required a Soul (Blueprint Template for Building the Body and Body of Experience of a Spirit choosing to be born into Human Form) This Soul Blueprint has been required (and still is required) for building the structure of the body you inhabit, along with your entire Body-of-Life Experience. However, we were never meant to allow the Corruption of the Soul's compounded programs, with it's embedded and costly fractals to continue to limit, intensify, recreate the suffering in (original intent to heal and resolve it - not perpetuate it) and keep us from our Actual Magnificent and Magical and Miraculous Being-ness ... Our Birthright of Living as Our Pure Spirit experiencing the Bliss of Life, Our Beautiful Gorgeous Abundant Mother Earth and all that is here in Beauty Perfection as Originally Intended by Life. There was a corruption that happened with the Sophia Energy itself ... (which I won't get into here ... see Anaiya Sophia) the Birth of All Creation that sought to sever the Knowing Embodiment of Who We Really Are, as an experiment. 

Now, while the Soul is simply a program, a template set up to incarnate through, it is not good or bad. It is a function of incarnation that is currently leading to suffering through consciousness rather than Bliss through Awakened Awareness Beyond Consciousness. Our Soul is in dire need of being the engine of Creation of Life's Original Intent of Beauty, Play, Laughter, Emotions-Feelings-Experiences-Thoughts, Wonder ... and Innocent Wild Wonder and Freedom of Discovery and Play ... and playing in the Mysteries of what it looks and feels like to separate Infinity into into dualistic forms of gender and energy polarities... From the chakra system, to the solar system, to the ignorance engendered by being led and controlled by junk DNA and the manipulation and control of the systems of consciousness itself, essentially this is Non-Life.

Energy is the Effect. it is not the cause. You cannot change the effect of something or use "energy tools" (which are also effects) to change a cause.

Now, Energy is an effect, and as you can see, the effect is real in this domain of experience. Yet, you cannot effectively change the effect (condition), with an energy tool or technique ... as, an energy polarity structure (human body or even a whole body of experience... including illness, challenge, dis-ease, etc...) is energy - in effect ... as these conditions are created from a replicating source, from a template that creates from the programs /lens distortions embedded within it. These Beloved ... are your Soul Constellations. There is no manner of "energy" that can ever change the present energy. Period. Anything that is an effect cannot be addressed or healed through using a "tool" of the same level of existence. You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. Its simple. Yet, missed by so many!

Sooo much more to come on this ... for now ... the Opening and Beginning is set.

I offer this to You from Love and Devotion to You and Your Best Life!



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