Welcome Beloved One ... I am so happy to see You here!

I cannot wait to receive your videos, emails, and letters of how you have been impacted by my Life's Work!

You matter! Your experiences matter! Your happiness, health, vibrance, inspiration, feelings, and being matter ... not just to me ... to ALL LIFE ... (even if they don't know it yet!) You make a difference every second of your life, for all life ... the difference that you make is in and through the quality and presence and peace of your being-ness ... as You grow, expand, find joy, live in happiness ... fulfill your hearts desires, live in freedom, bliss, love ... you make THE difference for all those who are just a few steps behind you in vibration ... You BEING HAPPY ALIGNED YOU gives others the silent invisible inspiration, courage, and support to be able to reach up and rise up into greater life ... greater happiness... greater joy and Love ... You are responsible for this!

This is ONE of my "Why's" for Living in Service to the Expansion of YOU ... as Love ... as Life ... as only You can ...  I know your value ... I understand your struggle and I see You Living the Amazing Life that you may not even be able to fathom at this moment ... 

It means so much to me to hear from you ... especially at this moment in my life where I am on Sabbatical after a long period of personal suffering, awakening, and being so depleted that I nearly died ... (all that is another story for another time) ... 

Would you please share your Experiences of this work ... what you are grateful for?

It means so very much to me to be able to grow and share this work with the world ... I am always innovating and receiving new ways to reach out ... and new ways to help so many more people ... 

Truth is ... I cannot do this alone any longer ... I need the support and co-creative genius of my Beloveds .. the Ones who can carry out specific and necessary roles to manifest the expansion of this work of LOVE in sustainable ways. There are countless Books, Trainings, Audios, Videos, Immersion Programs, Sessions, Groups, Membership programs, Global Healing Circles, Healing Visions, Possibilities, Innovations, and expansive outreach programs that are in desperate need at this time, that I am honored to devote time and energy to allowing their birth, yet I cannot do any of this without Your Support.  (See Below if You are called to offer Your Skilled Services in SEVA, Selfless Service ... or if You would like to offer your skilled Services and receive personal mentoring in exchange, or if You would like to be a project-based intern to build your portfolio and credentials.)

How this works:

You submit Your Testimonial for the purpose of sharing, growing, expanding, and spreading the word and outreach of how profound this work can impact others lives ... and I Give You a Powerful Healing Video!

1. Take a breath, center into Your heart through your breathing ... allow a bit of mindful, heart-full, reflective space, no rush, take your time, dive deep into your heart ... speak from your heart, your truth .... and record a video, an audio, or write it out ... Share with the world how you have been impacted, you can also share personal stories of your healing experiences, how you have been impacted, how it feels to know that this kind of support is available on the planet, what it means to you, how you would feel if this did not exist, what wisdom you have gained, what you felt before, during and after... share where your life was, and where it is now, and how the process was non-linear, unfolded without steps, describe our  if you can see, and mysterious, 

2. Please send Your heartfelt, genuine, loving, grateful experiences in video (preferred), Audio MP3, or letters through emails to: riseslove@gmail.com with subject "WHAT I LOVE" 

If you are Called to receive personal Mentorship with me and have the necessary skills in the following areas ... You may be a perfect contributor of SEVA .. Selfless Service for the Growth of this Work of Love, and the Restoration of Life, as originally intended by the Source of All Life ... 

The following skilled support positions are available now:  Email riseaslove@gmail.com

Personal Assistant - 

Website Genius: Multiple Websites, set up, design and Maintain, Set up and Delivery of services, trainings, CRM, Membership Sites, Funnels, Interactive websites, video websites, etc...

Spirit Aligned Outreach Professional

Outreach for End of Life Services

Live Event Planning and Organization

Professional Videographer and Photographer, producer of tiny inspired movies ... 

Inspired Writing Coach, Publisher

Business Manager

Proper Set Up and Management of 501c3 Non Profit Programs - Several!

Nanny - Live in 

Nanny - Part time

Personal Chef



HOME ... Our CALIFORNIA HOME and Retreat now in Solana Beach / Rancho Santa Fe / Encinitas! 

HOME ... Our Durango Colorado Mountain Home and Retreat

Land with Water in Durango Colorado, Turtle Lake Valley!

Know of Anyone Who: 

Needs to GIFT an AMAZING Home or Property? 

Release negative Money Karma by GIVING or Gifting our Properties? 

Help us Purchase a Miracle Healing Temple and Retreat Center?

Donate a New RV? Merc Sprinter that sleeps 4-6?


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