Welcome Beloved One ... 
Our 21 Day Miracle Heart Activation is Now Activated and Underway!

At the bottom of this page, You will find Your Morning and Evening Focus Videos to Support You throughout our 21 Days together in Your Miracle Heart Activation! You do not "have" to experience these videos daily in order to receive the benefits, they are simply here to support You!

Miracle Heart Activation with Jyoti

Welcome Dear One! I am so happy and grateful that You are here now, and we get to experience this transformational journey together!

You do not have to "do" anything special in order to receive this very special and rare opportunity - unless of course you are guided to from within your heart - in an expansive way.

You are already worthy, ready, and deserving! There is nothing you can do to become more worthy. You are already Perfect! Thank You for following your Heart...here now.

In these powerful days of your Miracle Heart Activation you are given the necessary higher-access tools for your conscious and unconscious mind to allow and gratefully support the activation of your Miracle Heart in this program....beyond a linear script, these tools are give directly to your Spirit-Soul-Mind-Body matrix, where they unfold from within You.

This comprehensive program is addressing on every level the expansion of Love in all aspects of your Being.

You may experience many things in your body, emotions, feeling, thoughts, and life... and you may not. This is in no way an adequate reflection of what it actually taking place within you. Where this change happens is so far beyond your conscious mind’s abilities to understand (and thankfully!).

This is where you have the opportunity to actually move into a new way of living, with grace, ease and flow.

Life will always present us with the next level of challenge we are ready to move beyond in our Re-Membrance of Who We Really Are at the center of our Being.

You are supported to expand through these challenges, Knowing the most gentle challenges are always employed first, and each and every challenging experience we face, is here for a very important purpose to assist us in remembering LOVE....as Who We Are.

Receive any and all challenges in gratitude... especially if they elicit a reaction or really powerful emotional response from you...

Receive these experiences as a GIFT, a treasure that is giving YOU back to your Self. And that whatever we see in another is actually “me” in that form. As the entire Universe is an out-picturing of your consciousness.

What you experience outside of you is ALWAYS the effect of an unseen cause. That cause is unconscious and comes from a constellation of particles that you once believed and experienced as real, and have come seeking completion with the illusions.

This can happen in a moment, and become your Life.

Ultimate Freedom is always available to You...in each and every now, and especially as we experience this activation together.

Your morning focus frequency video:
When you experience your morning focus video, also write on a piece of paper “Miracle Heart Yes” and place a glass of water on this paper while you experience the video. (you may be as creative about this as you wish! - you can paint the words, wrap a glass with these words written on paper, etc... follow your inspiration, your heart...smiles) You may experience your video with eyes open, or eyes closed, you may hold your glass of water or have it beside you. It is short and contains the necessary structuring frequencies of Light and INformation to interact with the very cells of your mostly water body. The water will naturally be imprinted with these frequencies. And, even though the video remains the same, I infuse new frequencies every day into the video, so you will always be receiving exactly what you need.

Be sure to drink this infused water every day, as it will intensify your body’s ability to serve you in this transformation and activation of living in a new way.

Your evening focus frequency video:

In the evening, just before bed, allow yourself the space to unwind...let go of the day and all your thoughts and feelings about the day with each exhale. Relax and let go. Allow your body to welcome deep breaths... feeling your belly rise when you inhale, and collapse to your spine when you exhale... When you feel relaxed and open, experience your evening focus video and allow yourself to experience the Love, Support, and Expansiveness you are being showered and soothed with...

You may find that a journal, a space to write near your bed, and near the location where you experience your videos will be helpful. You may receive flashes of insight, that you may wish to write down in your special space. Sometimes our most powerful life transformations happen without the huge buzz and intensity of a blinding flash of light.

Sometimes it is in the still small “ideas” or new thought, that seems familiar, yet “unimportant” proves to be something that can radically alter the course of your life.

Pay attention to the seemingly small, familiar...and just give them voice through your writing. If they show up in pictures, symbols, images, feelings, etc...-perfect!  Just create a link in your journal as a touchpoint for your mind, which you may immensely benefit from now or even years later.

Receive everything as a gift, from a Source of Pure Love that your mind cannot ever know, only your Heart can Know. The mind can only think, yet it if is awakened to the specific codes or linking points to your Heart, you will find that these tiny little symbols or words will activate and set in motion in your physical reality potentials, possibilities, and Miracles - just for YOU!

Give your Self the Gift of this writing! Especially during this Miracle Heart Activation!

You will also find that writing when you may feel out of alignment will put you right back in your center! I have encoded this into your activation, as it will provide new alignments between your mind and Heart...and open supportive communication. You are bathed in support for this to unfold for you during this time. It is up to you to allow it.

How to instantly realign with your Love and Power in times of great change and external pressures:

There may be moments when Life throws you an unexpected jolt to your sense of security and stability. In these experiences, you are given extra support. It is naturally built into this 21 days together. There may be many experiences of an “unearthing” or “upheaval”  of previously held, yet illusory “foundations” of your awareness.

You are Love. Pure and simple. You are eternal. Forever. The Miracle Heart that we are activating is also Eternal, and Pure Infinite Love that continues to expand and evolve You and everything in it’s path, everything it touches is uplifted and expanded. This Miracle Heart evolves and releases old destructive timelines of events in your world experience.

In a world where most, if not all structures were created to manipulate, control and disempower, this may seem like a crumbling of sorts. The mind does not like this, nor can it understand the necessity for these structures to fall away. The Miracle Heart is emerging through this time to plant forth REAL EXPANSIVE STRUCTURE that is here to support the expansion of Love, of True Power, of Light, of Infinity Possibilities, Potentials, and Miracles to be experienced as everyday Life.

By YOU stepping forward and saying YES to your Miracle Heart - You are in the forefront of this movement to provide this foundation, while still in a body on this planet. This is serving the “future” in ways you cannot ever understand, yet your Heart can Know. As we are all One, and all time is an illusion. There is no real “past or future” it is simply part of the matrix of illusion that we construct our limited awareness of “reality” pertaining to a 3D world that is simply a playground of re-membering.

And, re-membering we are.

For additional support:

Place your hand upon your chest... and breathing deeply...welcome ten deep breaths...really feeling the dancing miracle particles filling up your body, and your field, filtering through your bloodstream, filling your entire body with Light...re-membering Love in each cell, your very Nature...allow the breath to fill you and course though your blood...as you breathe in allow your belly to rise - full and round...and your exhale to collapse your belly button to your spine...drinking deeply from the well of Love, and exhaling all that stood in the way...you may feel energies or even “butterflies” flying out on your exhale... as what you release will have already been transformed into Beauty to bless the world, and assist others in releasing.

You are the Transformer. You transform Life with and through Your Love. Love is the Power, infinite power.

As you align in Love, you are also this infinite power. Not power to corrupt or control...power to love, to expand, to heal, to transform, to inspire, to uplift, to allow and birth Miracles...

I am here for You, so reach out to me if you are inspired...as we journey these days together.

In Love and Joy - celebrating YOU,



Morning Focus Video: Miracle Heart Activation

Evening Focus Video: Miracle Heart Activation

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