Welcome to this Sacred Experience of Heart Awakening ... where we are aligned with the Truth and Resonance of our Own Internal, Eternal Sacred Heart!

Life changes from here forward...

Your Sacred Heart is a space of Love that lives and exists far beyond You in this lifetime. It is the Eternal You expressed through Your Spirit - it is the portal where you have access to Your Infinity. This has MAJOR benefits to establish communion from within your Sacred Heart - this is where you receive information that exists outside of time and linear knowledge, where you are empowered to see, feel, know, and act in new ways that naturally manifest miracles simply by breathing ... You are able to see through (illusions appearing real) into the Aligned Heart Resonant Options, invisible through the mind's eye. The Heart can see and know into infinite reality potentials, where the mind can only record, play-back, and store what has already occurred.

For Private Session: I Open our Session Together from the moment You submit paypal and work with you until your Session is complete. When Your Session is complete - I will send you an encoded video!

For Group Session: I work with each person and the group as a whole during our scheduled time - this session is silent, distant and is free from all distraction of media. When I complete our Group Session, I will send you an Encoded Video!

For Light Infusion Download: I will create Your Personal Light Infusion Download and send You an email when it is complete!

Suggestions for How to Receive this Innovative Sacred Experience:

First of all - You do not need to "do" anything ...
Thinking "positive thoughts" is yet another form of distraction. You do not need to be doing or thinking anything specifically during our work together. This work bypasses your linear mind entirely and works directly with Your Spirit, Soul, and Your Sacred Heart Portal.

Thoughts have zero impact here.

This is why and how Miracles naturally happen in this experience together. You are simply connected with Your Own Sacred Heart - to the deepest degree possible now, as guided by Your Spirit. There may be many insights that occur to you immediately - you may feel many things physically and emotionally and spiritually (if you are really sensitive) ... And, if you do not experience much that you can define - that is perfect too - as this is working with a part of you that is beyond what your mind has the capacity to perceive. It becomes obvious in your life experience usually immediately, yet sometimes unfolds over the course of what you experience as "time." When this happens, it is because Your Spirit has a Divine Purpose for this, which will be revealed to You. I am not usually authorized to share "information" about "why" - as Your Spirit has a Plan that is in Divine Unfolding - and does not usually want to engage your mind at all. This truly saves you great struggle...and allows you to open the experience of flow ... Presence in the Now ... unfolding and witnessing your Own Truth as it emerges - which is also deeply meaningful and powerful.

Suggestions for How to Receive Your Encoded Video:

  • A glass and bottle of water next to you. By experiencing your Video with a glass and bottle of water next to You - the water will naturally be infused and encoded with the frequencies and light-information from our Session together - this supports you on many levels and especially physically, emotionally, and psychologically! You can use this water in on-going ways to support You - Feel free to get really creative with this water, use it to nourish you in any way you are inspired. Most people drink a whole glass immediately after watching your Encoded Session Video ... many also use the water by placing it within a spray bottle and misting their bodies, pillow, bedroom, car, office, etc... You can feel free to add it to your soups, salad dressings, drinks ... You can add drops into a hot salt lavender bath, or foot soak, (we also custom create bath salts for You see on the Products page) ... And in order to re-charge new water, just experience Your Video again.
  • A Journal or paper and pen. Just after experiencing your video (even though it is not required or even necessary for your Benefit) I highly recommend writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing, this is writing without thinking, without being conscious even of spelling - simply pen to paper and do not stop until you have three pages written. What I have found that this writing does is opens connections between what you Consciously know (linear and collective mind of beliefs) and what is Available to You in consciousness potential Now (Miracles and Beyond what You could have previously thought Elegant Solutions). You can even let it be doodles or scribbles, or whatever emerges ... Many have had HUGE success with this writing - it seems to create a connection to new options in Expanded consciousness - which makes the Opening of the Mind to receive and witness Daily Miracles simple and easy ... and many have also reported opening to new options that seemed impossible before. This work will change your life in permanent and profound on-going ways, and adding in this writing can be another Source and pathway to experiencing and expanding Miracles in your life. If You are inspired by this writing, I recommend writing every morning before you get out of bed, as well as every other evening before you go to sleep.
Sit back, Relax, Enjoy ... Nurture and Nourish Your Self now ... You deserve it and I am here in Support of YOU! There is nothing You need to do ... Simply Be and witness what You are experiencing as Your Life from here forward ... It is New, and there are (right now) new things to notice ... You might even be feeling things that surprise You, uplift You, INspire You, Open You, Expand You, or the knowing of something you now must say ... or do ... or share ...

There may be important messages and inspirations coming from your Heart ... Emerging to the surface of your awareness that will serve You to BE present with and listen ... even if they seem challenging in the moment they arise ... Everything that emerges from Your Heart is here to expand you beyond your previous limitations! You are in good hands ...