Soul Constellation HEAL and RESTORE Life Sessions 

This is the Signature Work (LOVE) of the Holy Spirit ... I have been blessed to experience since Birth.

When my daughter Bella fell off of an 8 foot retaining wall and broke the radial head of her right arm requiring emergency surgery ... this is what I was guided to do. Which resulted in a complete 100% healing of the bone in moments, under x-ray, with a half dozen doctors, and a family friend as witnesses.

Miracle? Or did we just clear the Soul Constellation program that was responsible for this experience (plus many others that we cannot know)! - YES. and Yes.

In Soul Constellation Sessions and Immersions, the Healing flow of Divine Love begins to dance and unify Us ... Where Miracles Happen. We are working at a level of creation that is so far beyond the conscious mind, you simply cannot "mess it up" or limit it in any way. This is Divine Intervention for the Glory of All Life. We Unify in God's Divine Infinite Love in function of the Holy Spirit, clearing Our Way Free. We work silently at depth, clearing the causal patterns in your soul that have limited you in ways unimaginable.

Soul Constellations are very real, creative, powerful, multidimensional blueprint templates for the manifestation of human life on Planet Earth. These constellations manifest the life conditions and limitations of the human experience. They create and inform your physical body as well as your body of experience - essentially, how your life experiences will play out. Magnetizing and marrying the limitations of the programs in the Soul that are in most need of healing into the flesh and energy of your life. They are responsible for your birth events, your childhood experiences, your wounding, your conditioning, your programming, your perspectives, your disposition, and all the players of your life who influence you. They are here to be healed and loved free!

SC's look like vibrating spheres of super condensed energy, locked into configurations that serve as the creative function of Earth embodiment of Spirit Beings. They appear to me similar to star constellations in the night sky. To me, they look and feel like oscillating balls of light that are locked into deep intricate patterns, beaconing me to free them to release their intense hold over the creation of your life experiences. In order to clear these patterns, I am guided to each visible piece, and LOVE FREE the pattern and the interconnections that allowed it into being. 

There are from hundreds to millions of embedded pieces within each Soul Constellation pattern. Collapsing just ONE Constellation can save you lifetimes of suffering, limitations, and unfold unknowable possibilities in Your Life. 

Soul Constellations are powerful operational programs that inform and run your Soul's power to create your Life under their quantum atomic orbit, they magnetize experiences - even the earliest childhood experiences to confirm the SC's limiting beliefs from previous lives ... they direct the mind (and emotions) through thought and feeling, they confirm and hardwire belief systems (views of the way the world IS) in harmony with the SC Programs, they prioritize like information and dismiss anything that doesn't match the program.

There are 144,000 Soul Groups. Each Soul Group has many similar Constellations, yet there are varying complex additions as well, making each Soul Group an interesting puzzle. (I also occasionally offer Soul Group Constellation Sessions - so that You can find love and Harmony with those of Your Soul Group, making your most intimate and primary relationships more beautifully aligned and connected.)

All SC's keep you from being capable of perceiving reality correctly, even if you think of yourself as a conscious, self aware, spiritual human. This is the domain of "I not even know I don't know."

Some complex Constellations may take weeks to fully emerge into view. As in order to collapse a large constellation, each piece of the whole must be tracked, witnessed, released and healed free ... which is the only way to Liberate Your Birthright LOVE and Essence as an Infinite Being with Your Divine Purpose Restored ... this is when your Purpose becomes palpable, visible ... and accessible ... and New Life begins!

Each constellation is the cause for possibly millions of limitations and ceilings in your life. I am guided to track, collapse, witness and free as many SC's as I am guided to release from Your Soul in each Session or immersion ... most of these limitations you are not aware of, and once they are cleared ... a NEW Experience of Life unfolds from the creative mystical depths within you ... people usually report immediate changes that continue to expand as each soul constellation blockage is released. My Sessions and Immersions are always silent, distant and begin the moment you submit payment.

How do these Sessions work? ... What to Expect ... 

I work at a silent distance ... I open our Session the moment you submit payment along with your signed terms of use. I stay connected with you from the moment we begin, until our session is complete. The longer we stay connected, the deeper the Healing and the more Soul Constellations get cleared. Soul Constellations are the actual Soul-ular Cause of all the limitations, karma, mental and emotional dispositions, health challenges, illnesses, accidents, traumas, etc... you will ever experience in your life. If you experience it, it is a blueprint constellation within your Soul that creates and magnetizes the experience in your energy reality. SC's Create energy effects. And when we clear them, unpredictable healing and transformation occurs. You may feel this, or you may not "notice" it ... as this work bypasses the conscious mind and simply changes your Life at the Core Causal Level. 

You do not need to meditate, fast, cleanse, do anything specific or special in order to receive the most profound healing and transformation of your life. We unite and initiate the release of your unconscious, hidden, causal soul level blueprints of limitations. This work naturally bypasses the linear mind and creates instant transformation, Healing, Grace, Heart Opening, and access to new ways of living and BEing in Your Life.

"Energy healing" does not and cannot work. Energy is the effect of a Cause held within the Soul. ... When you manipulate the energy directly in effect, it pulls from somewhere its opposite. When we release the soul constellations (cause) it has an immediate effect in energy polarity, in ways we cannot predict ... (MIRACLES) you become lighter healthier, happier, more joyful, more aligned ... more YOU ... You open and experience Miracles and Bliss in ways you could not have imagined before. When I receive my Clear Signal from Your Spirit that this Session is complete, I encode a video and send it to You. As You experience Your video, this completes our Session. And, although our Session is complete, You will still be in active transformation mode for 3-6 months, and possibly longer. You will continue to evolve and advance for the rest of your life, even after just one Session.

This Service is offered to all who are actually ready to Access and Live the Next Level(s) of their Life! These SC Sessions clear the soul causal patterns that inform your reality, limiting your choices, and what you have the ability to perceive and access in your life.  Your Life changes instantly and permanently, in Miraculous Unpredictable Beautiful ways. You must be of sound mind and emotions to partake of this life changing journey together

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Live Option!

Awaken Sessions and Immersions
Awakening Beyond Consciousness is Available ... Effortlessly, Naturally.

This is an Adventure in Awakening ... Restoring Your True Raw Accurate Awareness from within ... Lit and Set Ablaze from Your Own Infinite Love ... In-Lightening ... Full Presence ... Inner Joy beyond circumstances ... Bliss beyond belief ... (no matter what else is happening in the world or around you!) 

Here ... You GAIN FREEDOM from the external forces of programming, conditioning, non-life manipulation and control ... Most are living within a maze of pre-planed games of the non-life force based manipulations wreaking havoc on our planet and causing suffering, pain, wars, polarities, and inner and outer division of attention ...where you can easily be controlled to think in specific ways. And, when you think in their planned ways, your brain, body, thinking, and conscious mind become hardwired to see only an infinitesimal fraction of the MIRACLE OF LIFE and the IMMENSE POWER and TRUTH and LOVE and BEAUTY and INFINITY of YOU! 

You Gain the Inner Access and Ability to SEE * FEEL * KNOW Life from the Essence of YOUR TRUTH ... You are freed from the constant seeking for external validation, stimulation, needs, and wants ... you are restored to the Wholeness that You are ... where Happiness naturally LIVES as a function of living in a body, breathing and being given this grand Gift and Miracle ... You begin to RE-MEMBER You ... Your Infinite, Undivided, Whole, Luminous and Miraculous Self. You can see and recognize the whirlwind of ego based emotions, suffering, needing, wanting, attempting to control, and the pain of the ego ... and you are at CHOICE if You desire to participate and invest your energy in the false self, or the Reality of Who You Really Are ... and the Miraculous Gift Life really Is.

You can BE Grounded within the Inner Magical Sacred Depths of True Wholeness, undivided Bliss ... Where Peace is Your Natural State, regardless of what is happening out there. If You are ready to Live Your Life from a Grounded, Centered, Potent Presence of Your True Divine Nature ... THIS is the Opportunity and Blessing of Your Lifetime!

We permanently CLEAR the 4 Core Areas of Your Life that are directly responsible for every limitation you experience, and many you may not even be able to perceive now.  Together in Our Awaken Sessions and/or Immersions, we FREE YOU and clear forever the limiting hidden invisible Structures, Soul Constellations, Consciousness Limitations, Programming and Conditioning at cause in Your Life. 

We Open the way for the Miraculous to be a living daily part of your life experience. We now inform your awareness and reality through your Evolved Soul Blueprint, which leads naturally to the Miraculous release of all previous resulting mind / life programming, consciousness, and even the limitations in your perception, feeling and thinking... including the level of life you have access to embody. You can be Awake, Aware, and at Choice/Cause of Your Freedom and Love. You can BE and stand for the Magical ... the Worthy ... the Miraculous Bliss for all of Life. Just by Being You, You create ripples of Healing and Miracles and Magic and Possibilities and the Unfathomable Infinite Reach of LOVE to Restore All!

YOU can impact the World the MOST through Your Own Inner Awakening!

It's Natural. 
It's Effortless. 
It's why You are here now.
The world is waiting for You to Awaken!

This is the Ground of BEing, Level One Access - that can change everything in your life - without work, processing, learning, understanding, sequential steps, time-frames, systems, working on your self, healing  your past, etc...

You have encoded within You this innate ability to bypass all the tools, techniques, methods, modalities of the world's knowledge data base and step surefooted and centered right into the Miraculous You ... the Infinite You Knows in a language far different from the mind ... It Knows from the Heart ... and the Heart has an infinite reach and impact. This Heart Knowing extends beyond all the dualities and polarities of this earth plane and allows you to Know and Flow and Expand into Your Life of Bliss and Peace that defies understanding.

This is one of my Gifts and natural expression of my Precious Life's Purpose! I was born for this. I am this.

I am able to Open the Grace Portal between You, Your Soul, and Your INfinite Spirit ...
This Grace Portal Naturally creates Quantum Miracle Potentials ... it changes the way you perceive your reality ... it changes what is possible for you in each and every sacred moment here ...Your Heart Opens - without the need for "protection," You mind Awakens as the Servant of Your Heart, Your Body releases the need for suffering, Your mind is no longer running the show of emotions, reactions, and states of being ... Your Life Transforms, Everything Dissolves that no longer serves You, New Life Moves through You and Creates what you are now capable of Appreciating, Recognizing, Embodying and Loving: Peace ... Bliss ... Joy ... Love ... Inner Stillness ... Centeredness ... Tenderness ... the ability to BE in this world fully, yet not "of" it - not so identified and entrenched within the dramatic, dualistic polarity of life on this Earth Plane ... rather, You have access to more of an open acceptance of the nature of life and the nature of the human Being ... and the ability to FEEL EVERYTHING fully - Loving it completely with gratitude - knowing that your feelings are not 'You' - they are beautiful and flowy and powerful in where they free you when you allow them to move through you ...

(Like all of my Life's Purpose Manifestations - I work in an innovative unique way that is effective far beyond the information-technique-learning-sequential-density programs that so many "helpers" are "trained" to "do" ... Check it out for Your Self ...)

You choose how quickly You are ready to Awaken and Embody Your Full Radiant Powerful Self! 
I meet You here.

Awaken Options:

Awaken Private Session

24 Hour Private Session where we join together from our Spirit's and Unify ... This Creates a Blast of Light and Love and Bliss that unfolds into your Reality and Life Experience - may be immediate, and may unfold over your experience of "time." This will also be encoded into a Video and sent to you when it is complete.  

Awaken Private Immersions
28 Day Awaken Immersion: A 28 day Powerful Blast into Your the Embodiment of Your Infinite Self. Powerful, Life changing ... and You receive my ongoing 24/7 Support for 28 days and nights! 
Three Month Awaken Immersion: Depth Transformation, Healing, Unfathomable Miracles, and 24/7 Support for three whole months! 

Within Awaken Sessions and Immersions - You Receive:
  • Ongoing 24/7 Support. My Direct Love, Connection, and Presence for the duration of the level you choose.
  • Direct email access to me.
  • An Encoded Opening Support Video (for Immersions only) supportive for the level You choose, 0ne to Three month, customized Video with encoded frequencies, support, and light information that is Accessed and Absorbed by Your Unique Soul Spirit configuration. This encoded video serves as a powerful means of daily Support, as I re-encode this video specifically to support You, every morning when I wake up! 
  • An Encoded Completion Video, Containing Refined Frequencies of Love, Light, Luminosity, Bliss and Sustaining energies to serve You on-glowingly in your Expansion and Freedom.

* IMPORTANT NOTE!! Please Understand!

Within all levels of access and Sessions Specific for Awakening ... there are some things to be aware of...

  • Your Life WILL dramatically change
  • Your ego may experience confusion and loss of "identity" as the leader... it may attempt to turn these evolutionary changes into temporary "suffering" while Your Heart takes the lead. (temporary - if it happens at all)
  • You will need to allow space for your Self to BE while calibrating to this new way of BEing in Life and in your Body.
  • I provide this Spacious (beyond time and space) Palpable Miraculous Support 
  • You will need to FEEL and Allow and Experience EVERYTHING FULLY from here forward ... embracing and welcoming all feelings...Allowing and Welcoming Your Fully Embodied Experience in this life.
  • You will no longer be able to live in denial or repression, as it will be too heavy for you.
  • You will naturally become Your Greater Life's Purpose and Spirit. This changes all of your priorities and your daily life experiences.
  • You will experience Love like you have never even dreamt of, from a space of inner Stillness.
  • You will know your Importance to ALL LIFE, and You will find that you can relate to everyone and everything. You will feel the ONENESS that the mystics speak of. 
  • You will desire to relieve the suffering of the people who come to you, as you know and feel it as part of You. Your Presence will naturally relieve suffering! No effort or work involved!
  • You are not in control, let go ... allow the Life that is Yours to BE Lived as You in unfathomable ways.

Three Month Awaken Immersion (Most Popular and Powerful!)

Awaken 3 Month Immersion

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Want A Taste of Powerful Access to Embodied Miracles ... Clearing the way for Miracles to emerge ... even in the most dire of circumstances

** Sometimes a Taste is all you need and can change your life forever! **

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