Sunday Miracle Sessions with Jyoti! 

 On-Demand Ancestral Healing Liberation Sessions CONTINUED! (this is the fast track for Your Liberation!)


PRIVATE Silent Ancestral Healing Liberation Sessions Available in Addition to Our Live Sunday Sessions! (See the Sunday Live Session Specials below!)

Ancestral Healing Liberation:

These Ancestral Sessions are extremely powerful ... Truly Life Changing!!! Your Ancestors are actually a Part of You ... in Blood, Bone, Memory, Aura, DNA ... and more ... When Your Ancestors exited their bodies, most of them carried unhealed wounds, traumas, fears, etc... these became your "baggage" within the Matrix of Your Soul Constellations ... You Truly are the Hope of their Precious Heart's ... They are here to fully Support You in Living Your Most Magical Miraculous Life of Destiny. They are here with You to Support, Champion, and Celebrate You! They Love You unconditionally and are Loyal to You ... as You are their Living Future as well ... We are United as One as Love! As You assist them, they are more and more able to assist You!

These Ancestral Healing Liberation Sessions create instant and permanent changes in You, as You Liberate Your Ancestors from the suffering, bondage, pain and karmic debts (which are part of Your Soul Constellation Matrix) ... Your Life will change in Miraculous Powerful Unpredictable Ways! Instantly!! With each ancestral lineage You Liberate ... You are Liberated! We now have direct access to this Amazing Liberation! (This Level of Ancestral Healing Session can penetrate 10 levels deep! (Beyond the 10th Session, if needed, we will be in another level of Service - Please message me after you receive your 10 and I can set you up with the next level Sessions forthcoming)

Your Ability to perceive, Live, Experience and Know in New Ways ... New Superpowers will come online in your consciousness stream as Your Ancestors are Liberated! This is one of the most powerful ways we can fundamentally Transform and Ignite Our Destiny ... and Right the Past of Our Ancestors as well! 

Once You Purchase Your Ancestral Healing Sessions ... They begin instantly ... silently ... they may last for a period of 24-48 hours (Or longer if you do all 10 at once). There is nothing else you need to "do" in order for this Healing to happen. Once You claim it, it is ignited in Service of You and Your Ancestors. 

Even though it is not necessary for this Session, I do recommend creating a sacred space or altar of Love and Devotion for Your Ancestors - in Honor of the ones who allowed You to exist in this Life ... honoring and acknowledging them in this way has deep and far reaching ripples in your everyday life experience ... this will also deepen your connection with them and allow them to support you more in ongoing, increasing ways. You do not need to know all of their names, situations, circumstances, or any data of their lives, if there is something you need to understand or Inner-Stand about them - You will Know ... they will make sure you know, if it is important. This work is guided and directed and completed in Oneness with the Infinite Love... Eternal Life ... Source ... Creator.

Please take a few moments to breathe and ask Your Heart ... You will absolutely Know what is Vital for You Now.

You can choose Singular Sessions One at a time, or all 10 Here:

Outside of Time Ancestral Instant Healing Session
All 10 Ancestral Healing Instant Sessions October

NEW TIME: 5:55am MT

November Sunday Miracle Healing Sessions 


11/07 Specific Request Live Healing : Focused Miracles! 

Send me Your Personal Request!

**I will also repeat this Session on Wednesday 11/10 at 5:55am **

Yes, Offered twice this week!!

This Session has been known to Create and Manifest Instant Miracles both intended Miracles and Miracles far beyond what the mind could have imagined!! This Session provides a direct Infusion into an area of Your Life that You are ... it gives You Access to Instant Transformation within a Vital area of Your Life that you have been unable to break free from!! Send a message to: ATTN: SPECIFIC HEALING REQUEST!

11/14 THRIVE NOW... Awakening Your Magic 

 You have been Gifted with specific Magic that is being called upon Now ... in your personal intimate everyday Life ... and within the Impact You have upon the Global world in which we all Live and experience together!

You have been Entrusted with Life's Tremendous Gift .. Specific to You and Your Natural Abilities ... Sacred Gifts given to you upon conception! IN this Session we Awaken and Ignite Your Magic ... Your Purpose .. in new expressive ways appropriate for the Now of November 2021!

11/21 Sacred LIGHT Illumination!

Together within this Live Session, we enter a Sacred Illumination Portal that IGNITES and ILLUMINATES the NOW Moment of Revelation, Inspiration, Miracles, and Magic with the LIGHT and MIRACLE of Your Magical Miraculous Infinite Self!!! Illuminating the Energy In-Forming your Now Reality! This Produces a NEW LIFE Field Now for You!! Imagine the Magic and Miracles We can Manifest through this Session! You can BE in a Whole New World of possible choices ... accessible to You supernaturally as you Ignite and Illuminate Your Now! 

11/28 Live Session Direct Healing what is VITAL Now!

Illuminated and Informed by what is most needed and necessary for You Now (consciously or not!!) ... This Information will be transmitted by Your Spirit directly into the moment of this Session, resulting in a level of support similar to a Private Session!!

Register Below to Receive Your November Live Sunday Sessions 5:55am MT

**The sooner You Register, the sooner you begin receiving Support... I can See and Feel You the moment You register and IAM Sourced to immediately begin the Support and Transformation Process from the Source of Infinite Eternal Love! 

 You are Invited and welcome to attend all Live Sessions ... choose what Your Heart is feeling in resonance with.

Tune into Your Heart ... You will Know ... 

**This work actually begins from the moment You register. This is natural and happens all the time ... so the earlier you register the more clearing and healing You will be receiving! **And to receive even deeper Healing register upcoming Sessions now and intensify the Healing over the course of these 3 consecutive Sunday Healings!! After successful registration through paypal, you will be directed to an instruction page. If you do not receive this page, please send an email to: ATTN: Sunday Healing ... and PLEASE KNOW Beloved, if technology glitches and you do not receive an email or redirect to a page ... You are Registered Instantly once PayPal is Received! 

All You do is RECEIVE ... Once Registered, You will Automatically Receive Your Healing at Our Appointed 5:55am MT Session(s), even if You are unable to be present in mental or emotional space. There is nothing You need "do" ... only to Rest in the Knowing that You are completely held and taken care of, supported at depth, as Your Healing Session takes place, and then naturally and Beautifully unfolds through Your Life. 



I Hope to See You Receive this Powerful and Vital Healing these Amazing Next Level Sunday Sessions!


You are a Miracle.


I Love You.


IAM Here in Love and Devotion,




Once You Register for these Sessions, You will begin receiving immediate support ... You are Held in a Sacred Space of Love up to the moment we Open Our Session! The moment you register You receive Support!! This is natural and completely provided by Source (LOVE) to ensure Your Greatest Support and Healing and Miracles!

Beloved ... Tune into Your Heart ... where Your Miraculous Knowing Resides ... Please Choose from Your Sacred Heart the Level and Depth You are Ready to Receive and Embody Now. 

IAM here to Honor Your Choice:

Live Sunday Sessions November
All Sunday Healing Sessions November
Outside of Time Ancestral Instant Healing Session
Retro Activation Live Sunday Sessions October

Beloved if You KNOW this is for You and do not have the resources to secure this for Yourself at these levels ... Please send a message to our support: ... we will do our best to accommodate You! We LOVE You!!! We are here for You!  

Live November MIRACLE HEALING Sessions Currently Open: 

  Sunday 11.7 . Sunday 10.17 . Sunday 11.241 .  Sunday 11.28 @ 5:55am MDT


Choose Your Live Sessions Below!


Join me for these very Special Sunday Healing Sessions from the Comfort of Your Home or favorite spot in Nature! 

The time of Change and Destiny is Upon us right now. Can You feel it? 

What to expect during each Unique and Powerful Session:

During the Session time itself, I will be in My Miracle Healing Temple Holding You  ... Opening a Sacred Space Container for Our Miracle Healing. This Healing requires no technology or phone connection as it is Distant, Silent, and takes place at a level that bypasses the conscious mind and creates instant healing and change in Your Life ... which unfolds into Your conscious experience in the most perfect and unique of ways, specific to only You.

Once You are successfully registered, 

You will be included in this Powerful Healing and I will be Silently broadcasting Live to You

 @ 5:55 am MDT 

After success registration through paypal, you will be directed to an instruction page. If you do not receive this page, please send an email to: ATTN: Sunday Healing

IAM here for Love, for YOU. Love is the Most Powerful Healer in the Universe, LOVE is Truly the ONLY HEALER.

Each of These Sessions Will Provide Miracle Healing LOVE and Support in all the necessary areas of your life!

Deeply Personal Healing will unfold for you, in the ways most perfectly ordained by Your Spirit! Each Healing is unique and provides direct access to more and more of your True Luminous Self that exists far beyond and before this Body and Body of Experience ... Awakening to your Infinite Self!


Palpable Inner-Standing Feeling Access of the Multi-Dimensions of LOVE'S Evolution (We are Now Navigating) Inner Knowing of where You are vibrating and how to up-level Your Love Resonant Vibration.

Clearing the negative influences keeping You stuck in the sneaky-death-grip-of-fear. (even if you are unaware)

There is Direct Healing from the Realms of Infinite Unconditional Love.

Personally ... I have been receiving Profound Healing, Awakening, Inner-Standing, and Revelations over the past 4 years in my Life and they continue every day, even when I feel unprepared, feeling "too busy," unconscious, or even feeling unworthy ... It still continues to happen ... and I honor that IAM here to Illuminate, Live, Dance, Play, and Hold Sacred this Miraculous Luminous Presence and Destiny of Love's Plan All of Life!

Come ... Join Us ... 

Experience Profound Healing and Peace 

Receive Emotional Healing and Resolution leading to Expansive Awareness ...

Receive Multi-Dimensional Healing LOVE that defies understanding ... Receive the Healing Love Transmission that Provides Healing in ways we could not have fathomed!

Your DNA will respond!

Your Future Destiny Self will Celebrate and Align! 

We Together Release the blockages that have been unconsciously holding you back from Your Destiny!

These Healing Sessions will give You the Ability to UpLevel Your Life! ~ without ineffective mental busywork that never ends ... you Awaken and Heal from a Higher Level free of 3D "work" or "effort" 

We are moving into a time of Absolute Transformation, where your Choices and Actions matter now more than ever.


If You are ready to Destiny Jump beyond the limitations you now experience into Your Highest Self Alignment ... Awakening the Invisible Source of Your Life ... which naturally allows You to Dance and Sing and Giggle in Wild Curious Innocent Wonder and Magic ...  through the comprehensive Transformations that are occurring and set to occur in the upcoming moments of time ... 

This has been inspired and created with so much LOVE for You!


Unfathomable changes are underway ... and these changes will continue to happen in increasing proportions! We are in a New Time of Life where everything we have known and counted upon will NECESSARILY be Transforming in a multitude of vital ways... right before our eyes ... As these changes occur, there may be intense periods of challenge as we align with our Higher Awareness, Knowing, Health and Vitality.

You can do this Beloved ... This is Why We Are All Here To-gather Now!


We were Born for this.


This is ALL happening for Us ... even when it feels bad.

This is why we deeply long for this connection and come-union together now!


We shift with the changes taking place and Give Birth to Who We Really Are ...

 right in the midst of these changes.


We simply cannot go on as before. Life will not allow it.



These Live Sessions will Open Internal Access to Possibilities within You and within the exact challenges You face right now, including those to come ... and will continue to strengthen your Wise Inner Knowing to dance through the very real and intense changes ahead.


You will Receive DEEP HEALING and RELEASE from Primal Soul Level Blockages (Soul Constellations) Many will be released forever in each Live Session ... giving You More and More Direct Access to Your Infinite Self ... the Wild Innocent Magical Wonder LOVE You were born to BE.


(This Healing Chose me and instructed me how to deliver these Healing Sessions for You...)


You will absolutely Know in your Heart if this is for You. You will also know if you are to receive one, two, three or all of these Healing Upgrade Sessions.

 Cosmically, we are in the midst of a great cycle of change that absolutely impacts every atom of Life on Earth ... These changes ensure the Restoration of Life for All Life ... the beginning seismic shifts to Restore Heaven On Earth. Most of us are unaware of just how far we have travelled off the path of Life as intended and created by Source. 


Many will make transitions to different levels of Life during these times.


This Healing will focus on Strengthening You, Optimizing Your LOVE Intelligence System, Openingand Solidifying the Effortless Flow of Abundance, Well Being, Grace, and Miracles in Your Expanded Life ... and so much more!


This Healing will additionally be Intensified by this Month's Frequency Energy Patterns of Divine Foundational Sacred Endings .. Completions of old ways ... OPENING New Ways Sourced in Life ...


This Provides Rocket Fuel for Radical Transformation of all areas of Your Life to Thrive in ways unprecedented!


This Healing is Potent and Specific to meet Your unique needs exactly where You are ...


You are here for Love. This LOVE ... Aligned Strengthens You through all the challenges You are here to Overcome!


This Healing bypasses what You "know" and Opens the Way to Healing far beyond what You could have chosen or thought of... Assisting You at Causal Depth which cannot be accessed, impacted, or planned by the linear mind.


You have a very real and Powerful Purpose unfolding through this time ... a Unique Blessing, Experience and Expression of Your Purpose into Now as it is unfolding. This creates multiple levels of Support for You on Higher Planes of Existence as well as in your Daily Life Experience.


Our Live Healing Sessions will take place LIVE Together at 11:11am MDT

**You do not need to be "Live" in order to Receive .. You Receive Your Healing Once Registered at the level you are ready to Receive...


The Power of These Live Healing Sessions is Silent and Distant. 

Ultimately there is No need for any technology outside of You ... we do not need internet or phone for this Healing to Be. 


You Choose the Level of Support You Intend to Receive below, along with your choice of Sunday Sessions! 

Choosing All ensures a Depth of Healing and Clearing far beyond One or Two Sessions.


Once Successful Payment is Received for Your Level of Service, You will Begin Receiving Healing Frequencies, adjustments, and upgrades!! So the sooner You register, the sooner Your Healing begins!!


NOTE * As Always, You do NOT need to be physically or emotionally "tuned in" during our Appointed Session time in order to receive the Full Measure of Your Healing. This healing continues to bypass the mind and goes direct to create instant, immediate, and naturally ongoing impact in Your Life. You simply receive greater and greater alignment with the Larger You beyond what your mind and awareness previously had access. So, even if you are working or doing things during our Appointed Healing Session, You will receive it 100%. There is nothing you can do to mess it up or limit this Healing Impact in your Life.

Prior to Your Session:

Have Water with You ... as the water beside You During Your Session will be encoded into Miracle Water! 

Have a pen and paper ... (or you can get as elaborate or creative as you are inspired!! Paint, Music, Candles, Flowers, Oils, etc... as everything surrounding you in a 6ft radius will be impacted and encoded with Healing Frequencies to Support You!)

This Healing is SILENT, Distant and Direct!!  This Helaing does not depend upon or require technology of any kind. This is not an internet or phone session. You can be in the middle of the forest, you can be driving or doing anything during our Session(s) and this will not in any way limit or impact Your Healing. This Healing takes place at the interface between Your Spirit and Your Soul ... entirely bypassing the conscious mind. You are always welcome (and encouraged) to Set and Create a Beautiful Sacred Space for Your Healing as well ...I personally Love to do this, however, Your Healing is not dependent upon your state or space of being!

Your Session will Officially Begin promptly at 11:11am MDT and last for 1 hour, (You may feel it lasting longer or you may not) When You feel complete with Receiving Your Healing ... I suggest writing 3 pages of pen to paper writing ... just allowing 3 or more pages to fill the paper with anything .. can be words, doodles, messages, inspirations, and anything that shows up! This is here to capture anything that Your Spirit may want you to have beside you ... it doesn't need to make sense .. just allow it to FLOW and Trust what shows up ... put it away ... and when/if inspired to look at it ... You will be guided. Magic Lives Here. Miracles Too!

WithIn this Unique and Revolutionary Service ... Healing actually bypasses the sequential processes of the conscious mind and produces instant and immediate changes within the very center of Your Life. These changes may be palpable and evident to you, (closer to the surface of Your Awareness) or they may happen so rapidly and deeply in Your Soul ... that your conscious mind may remain unaware, likely both will happen simultaneously ... and continue to deepen within You.


The mind is a funny thing ... where we think we "know" so much ... yet we can only understand the 1% of Reality that the mind believes it is in control of. In this work ... we directly access the 99% of Who You Really Are, and directly Impact the actual vibration you Embody with your Soul Constellations in operation. We clear and forever release distorted limiting constellations from Your Soul. Programs that have limited Your life in unfathomable ways. They simply are released forever, giving You more and more clear access to Your True Infinite Self of Miracles. The effects will continue to grow and blossom into your present life experience as You live and breathe, eat and drink, sleep and wake ... there is no "work" in this work, and nothing to do or focus on in order to Expand into Your Life into Miracles!


Now, if you have come with specific expectations and demands ... you will sometimes receive them in the way you think it "should" look, and other times it will occur in ways that the Higher Intelligence of the other 99% of You Knows is Best.


You always Receive the most direct and Powerful Healing that is most purposeful, meaningful and impactful in the fulfillment of Your Life's Purpose and Divine Destiny.


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