Welcome Beloved Precious One

This is Your Monthly Healing Video Subscription Page!

Here You will find access to your Healing Videos ... Each encoded Specifically for You to Receive that which You need most now!

Please do not share this page with anyone, as the videos are encoded only for subscribers and each person must claim their own healing! I Love You!!

August 2019 Healing Encoded Video ... with LOVE for You!

IAM here to See You Thrive ... in ALL ways!

This One is also embedded with the River of Abundance! The River of Abundance thrives and grows with Love and Knowing You are here t oHAVE EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE ... especially when it appears to be missing, or your mind cannot fathom the "how" ... The How is Surrendered in LOVE as we Open to BEING in the moment ... Forgiving and Loving ourselves each time we feel fear or try to figure out how ... 

I Love You ... I'm Sorry ... Please Forgive Me ... Thank You ... I Love You ... I'mSorry ... Please Forgive Me ... Thank You ... I Love You ... Im Sorry .. Please Forgive me ... Thank You ... I LOVE YOU ...

September 2019 Healing Encoded Video for You! 

Opening the Field of Magic and Miracles ...

Special Video encoded for You with Extra Support! I LOVE YOU!!!

October Special Healing Video!! Depth Healing! Emotional Healing too!

November Magical Healing Encoded Video ... with LOVE!


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