Structure Removal ... It's Time! 

Allow Your Innate Love Essence to Shine!

SO many Beautiful Amazing Wonderful Beloveds are silently and unknowingly being misled, blinded, manipulated, and/or disempowered through hijacked structures of Our Life ... This includes our own internal energetic structures of our Chakra System. The Chakra system of energetic structures, as it is currently functioning is actually manipulating your awareness and feeding off of your Life energy, siphoning it into projections of morphic resonant fields that produce Polar extremes in PERCEPTIONS that lead to Out-pictured Life conditions. These Fields can also additionally cloak our AWARENESS of what we perceive of our Reality, create illusory fields that appear to operate as power-and-control ... over-as-supreme, and disrupt the Natural Expansion and Evolution of Life ... of Love ... of Wholeness. They serve to keep the ego of the separate self in charge of your life.

Its time to reveal the Divine Truth We were created to Live and experience Our Unlimited True Nature creating in Freedom Now!

Many well meaning Healers devote their beautiful care and work to clearing the effects ... the results of an unseen Cause ... the Chakras, the energy systems of the body, and all additional downstream imbalances, illness and dis-ease ... Unfortunately many healing practitioners lack primal access to the invisible fields that have hijacked the human energetic system. This is why "energy work" at best may only provide temporary relief. Which, if you have received these treatments: you may have noticed that deeper energy imbalances continue to grow "underground" the more "work" you do to clear them. This becomes a vicious cycle that essentially feeds your energy to the invisible "dark" forces who have hijacked your system.

Lets talk about Chakras.

Chakras are hubs, Control Centers of Energy that connect complex energy Circuitry within our bodies that:

1. Serve as Self centered of interpretation, meaning, and function of the various aspects of Life.

2. inform and control how Your biology responds to these interpretations.

3. have specific operational differentiations of awareness functioning as Energetic Structures that reduce and interpret the Wholeness of Reality into separate parts and pieces limited to separate perceptions. 

Chakras are particularly vulnerable to: Hijacked awareness . Implants . Portals . Field Portals . Resonant Field Portals . Demonic Portals . Demonic Implants . etc... etc... etc... Many of these hijacked structures are without names... most are cloaked, hidden, and cause you to perceive, think, feel, act, behave, and live in alignment with something outside of the Wholeness of You. These Structures cause You to predictably and unconsciously operate and perceive life through lenses of fear, self doubt, need, desire, hunger/addiction, lack, pain, wounding, and so much more. Just look at the condition of our world today ... and you will see this at work.

These structures operate in certain and specific ways, they attract/elicit/create feeling tones as well as mental thought forms which produce feelings, that distract you away from your own internal Knowing. They cause You to interpret distorted incomplete information, as "reality."

They cause you to experience suffering, isolation, lack, fear, feel confusion, separation, disconnection, and longing.

This inevitably lowers your frequency, happiness, and removes your freedom of choice.

Bottom Line ... Chakras as they are functioning now are highjacked by darkstructures of control.

They embedded originally through your chakra system (which is a system of consciousness designed to take your power) these robot-like intelligent entities embed within the structural energetic matrix of your being in form, they distort and transmit through frequency pulsations, they embed within the mental body, emotional body, energy body, physical body, and the astral field surrounding you, and they can even embed within the soul structure itself.

All Must be released to Be Aligned and Attuned to Your Spirit, as well as grant access to Heal Your Soul Constellations.

Welcome beloved, Yes, I realize this is a new and possibly surprising idea for You ... See if this resonates with You ... inside of Your Own Widom Heart Temple ... if what I am speaking about here strikes a chord of Your Own Internal Knowing ... Pease read on!

The chakras have been widely known as "energy centers" with beautiful mandala and sacred geometric depictions ... they have been known to harbor separate and significant ways of processing reality ... AND

Truth is ... they are a series of implanted structures to keep you from Blossoming and Being the Wholeness of Who You Are ... they MUST be RELEASED in order for You to expand into what is next for You  I am now offering this Powerful, Required Pre-cursor to my in-depth work. In fact, if you wish to partake of any of my deeper Services, and become the most Potent, Powerful, Unlimited, Infinite-Faceted-Diamond that You Are in this Lifetime ... though effortless Miracle Transformational work, You must complete this opening chakra and structure removal. I am no longer able to work with anyone who has these structures in place, as these structures skew, distort, override, manipulate, trick, and prolong your suffering. The time has come where there is no longer space for the structures that have been imposed on us, there is no space for limitations or boundaries anymore in this lifetime. In order to reach your fullest potential NOW you must remove all limitations and borders. You are an infinite being with potential to be and do anything you heart desires and you owe it to yourself  to unlock the door to abundance through complete  surrender and liberation.  You can free yourself By removing the Chakras and Structures from your system that have been created for you and from there you will transform to a universe of limitlessness where you and everything you need is possible, in reach. You are worthy of you hearts greatest desires beloved... There is more to this life than what we are told and it is up to us to break through these barriers of control. Together we can witness the true meaning of endless possibilities. You have everything you need within you to do and be anything your heart could ever long for. Surrender to yourself and your potential and allow the shift from structure to true liberation to set you free. The time is now beloved, If you are ready to witness your full potential unfold in front of your eyes I encourage you now to commit to this. Invest in your self and your potential and the same will be returned. Your future is in your hands. You have all the answers you need for every question you have.Will you acknowledge these answersor just let them be lost?

Structure Removal

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