Awakening Spirit Immersion

Beloved One,

You are here for a very important Purpose.

I can feel Your Purpose.

I can see how much we all need you to BE it!

I feel You.

I know your struggles, I know your pain. I know the seeming opposite experiences that have caused you to lose faith in your Self, in your Purpose, in LIFE, God, and in the SOURCE of LOVE that You actually Are.

I see, I feel, and am guided by Your Spirit, as well as Life, Infinite Love, and Communion together at our Spirit Level.

I am here to release you from the illusions, limitations, suffering, pain, and karma held in your Soul. These unique Soul Constellations, block your access to Who You Really Are, and Your Life's Heroic Mission... Your Spirit's Destiny in form. These SC's lock you into the current limited consciousness at play in the dysfunctional world of form. This seriously cuts you off from the True Reality available to You here while in this embodiment. This is also why any "technique" or "program" that contains "information" or "things to do" in this world - is of the consciousness that strokes your ego to think you are advancing, when in Reality you are embedding yourself deeper into the limits and constraints of consciousness.

YOU can Wake Up Now ... Beyond Consciousness.

This is Why You are here now.

I Am here to assist You.

You do not have to die to go to Heaven.
Heaven is encoded in Now. This Very Moment.

There are indescribably Beautiful, Magical, Blissful, Amazing, Incomprehensible Miracles awaiting You, they are enfolded within this breath you are breathing now.

This can BE Your Life experience.

It may happen instantly.

It may unfold over what you currently perceive as time.

Everything is changing, including the seeming "reality" of time ... and so are You.

You are meant to Transform now. We all are.

Time is a construct of the mind and ego.

We are Destined for something far beyond our conscious comprehension.

The paradigms of "a good life" that we sought after are ending. The Source thoughts and beliefs of what we have thus far lived, are ending, they have served their Purpose. We now have access to expanded Dimensions of Life.

Who We Really Are, and the structures that have kept us imprisoned in smallness, is reaching a Fulcrum Point of Transformation. There is right now and Opening to the Truth of our Power, Sacredness and our True Power.

False power is seductive and keeps you from presence and embodiment in the moment as it is. It is led and controlled by the mind consciousness, it reasons first and foremost - it is entirely structure based. Wherever you find structure over love - it is a form of distorted power.

You can only fall off track

when you are being led from the mind.

The mind operates within consciousness.

When operating in consciousness, your mind is cheering you on, and you believe you are accomplishing and advancing, and "doing the work" to become FREE, When in Reality you are locked within a closed system of consciousness where truth and reality are contained and controlled by things and beings you cannot imagine.

Consciousness is Prison, and You are the slave. Just by thinking.

The mind has limited access to Reality. Life on this planet has been a trap, a game - even if you do not believe it - and within this consciousness you literally have nearly zero access to True Freedom, Life, and The Perfection of Reality.

Mind has limited access to LIFE, the Reality it cannot control, even in the "most advanced" teachings ever taught on this planet.

In consciousness, distorted power rules.

Distorted power competes, fights, denies, views "love" as weakness, "tunes out," and controls (or attempts to) variables in order to dominate, control, manipulate, and ultimately abuse, even unconsciously.

False power lives in "power and control over others."

This is the current manifestation of power we see and experience in our (legal, governmental, social, educational, monetary, pharmaceutical, corporate, etc...) structures of our world.

These structures abuse, dis-empower, and through the "blind leading the blind," take freedom and choice away from you in the name of providing "good for you services." They are however, motivated by a never ending hunger for more and more power and control.

This kind of distorted power is what our world is currently run by.

This is also the power you hear about every single day on the news, as well as experience the daily subtle ways our world, as mass "lost" struggling societies function within.

We usually feel so dis-empowered and overwhelmed by the insanity, that we do not even feel justified to speak about the abuse and injustice we witness and experience every single day ... we simply numb out and stay shackled and controlled..."together." (Group mind, and illusory sense of "belonging")

Whenever we buy into a concept or a label of a thing, we divorce ourselves from the Essence of the thing itself ...

Anything in it's Pure Essence State includes the Miraculous, Supernatural pathways it can flow into our lives... revealing how we are actually free to interact with Reality, the Essence of all that is LIFE.

Life is really about a much larger Reality that points to the Miraculous, Indefinable, Infinite Expansion that is possible for You, right now.

It is enfolded within You.

It is a Secret Internal Space that the mind consciousness does NOT have dominion over - unless we allow it. You can choose now to Be Sovereign, Free, BE the Embodied Purpose You came here to BE.

Yet, it cannot happen through the mind or a "program" or a "belief busting" course or "retreat" guided by concepts or well intentioned "leaders and teachers" of today who have not yet Awakened Beyond Consciousness ... All these "teachings" and even seemingly positive "experiences" come from the consciousness system that keeps us recycling through chaos and suffering!

It is time to take our Proper Aligned Place in this world and BE LIFE -Yes- from Our Infinite Spirit, who Purposefully chose to embody at this time. You are here for a very important Purpose Beloved ... and none of us can "do it" without You. We are calling you... BE your True Essence Self. Together, from this space, We can release all the old, all the familiar, all the "knowns" of the mind that have kept us imprisoned within this consciousness reality.

"Work" and Abundance are the easiest things in the world.



Guided from a Higher Calling, a Higher Source.

Its time we stop buying into the concepts of  "I need to copy this successful person," "Life is hard," to work you have to use up all of your time "making it happen" - what you are really doing is being manipulated through your own consciousness buy in.

 You may believe that "business is different than Life or relationships," giving you the ability to justify wrong doing, and misaligned action and manipulation -

because you have bought into the consciousness, you are being fed limited and distorted information from your mind system, that seems perfectly okay and "reasonable."

You may believe you need to work hard, earn, achieve, follow/copy others, or "win" the superficial space holders (achievements, status, purchases, money, seeming seductive power over others, or simply just being 'good enough' to 'deserve') to finally experience your True Happiness.

Yet, here, in this way, it is unavailable.

When we strive to accomplish, we lack real connection, meaning, purpose, passion, inspiration ... we over-schedule our lives, neglect our Selves, the things and beings in our lives that REALLY MATTER, and even those we are here to serve.

We miss out on the Purpose, Fulfillment, and Beauty of Life.

We deny and tune out our MIRACULOUS True Source Connection with Our Spirit ...

Do you remember? YOU ... the ONE who is Infinite, Miraculous, Pure Love beyond form, Compassion and Light that is indescribable and incomprehensible ... YOU... who (actually) chose to enter this density, and in order to manifest as form in Pure Embodiment, you needed to choose an imperfect Soul (blueprint for creation and manifestation in this plane of reality- Earth and other planets) to serve as a TEMPORARY TEMPLATE of creation, manifestation, belief, essentially - limitation ... until THIS MOMENT.

This moment, now ... Your Spirit is calling ... it is calling YOU to allow your Life to now be LED by Your Spirit.

When the embodiment of your Spirit is complete - and your Soul Constellations have been upgraded to the Perfection of Spirit, of Life itself - then Your entire world and everything in it is lived anew.

You are Beyond the consciousness that held you captive.

You are fully in-bodied in this world, yet, you are not "of it."

You have access to the other 99% of Reality.

You no longer need to control things, You let go in fullness... completeness ... needing, hungering for nothing ... You see clearly right through the previous blinders of consciousness, You witness the things that used to own you ...

You become a living breathing Temple of LIFE, Joy, Clarity, of Love, of Purpose ... You are clear, completely fulfilled, you are absolutely aligned with Your Spirit and your Ultimate Purpose for BEing In-Bodied in this Life now.

You no longer have anything to fear.

You can experience and look into anything and feel Centered - Clear, Compassion for all life, (just like the Buddha when all the demons of the universe tried to tempt him and knock him back into his mind consciousness and fear) 

You experience and Live Love that can (and does) naturally Manifest Miracles ... Miracles Manifest Now. Yes they are here now.

There are numerous enfolded dimensions of Bliss, experience, potential, and Perfection than you cannot even imagine possible. (literally, the mind will not allow you to experience this - because the mind is doing everything it can to keep you from it - as it is an unknown that it somehow knows will change everything!)

Whatever Your Mind Understands in consciousness ... It Controls You With!

This is why I work the way I do with You ... As the more "information" I reveal to you in this Sacred Work together ... the less freedom you have!

I was actually born clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient ... If I wanted to limit you, I could tell you everything I see, know, understand about you. I could limit you with the thoughts of these things, as well as their limited and destructive potentials they could manifest without your Awakening Beyond Consciousness.

This is the "why" behind my silence in our deepest work in communion together.

I do not see these limitations as real, and therefore, You bypass nearly all of them as we open and release the Soul Constellation Patterns in your Soul (which are ruled, and "turned on" and held within consciousness).

Here, in this work, we step into a Larger Reality together, allowing your Spirit to have ever increasing dominion over your Life, as the Expression of its Self.

Pure Perfection within the embodied state - which in Infinite Reality without form is not possible.

I see how the mind works and how consciousness attempts to STOP any and all change that threatens its "knowledge" and "power" over you. When the mind "knows" something, it closes it's inquiry, its curiosity, its desire to see through the eyes of Innocent Perception (like a child) where anything may be (and IS) Possible.

Knowledge in consciousness is dead. A closed door, once the mind stops opening to NEW information. (Our world, and specifically the educational systems today!) It becomes a closed system with fixed perspectives (until a life trauma, life-threatening illness or accident happens to you!) ...

Now do you see the "need" for your trauma, accident, illness? without it you would stay closed in your comfortable dead "knowns!")  The mind immediately and completely severs your awareness/consciousness streams of the 95-99% of Reality when it "knows" something. (Which by your Birthright You have Divine Access to 100% of Life and Reality!)

When we live in consciousness, we miss out on the moments that really matter, the moments of NOW as Eternity ... that we can never experience again. The Beauty, Bliss, Peace, Presence and Potency of BEing in this magical world is lost to us.

This is where most of us (nearly ALL) are living from... We are also raising children from our ignorance in consciousness.

Dysfunctional power breeds dysfunctional power.

Where do you feel this insanity is leading us if we don't wake up and Live from the Higher Intelligence of Life, of Our Embodied Spirit, Our Sacred Heart?

True Power is expansive, love based, and comprehensive for all life. True Power allows each of us to BE fully Alive and Present with the things that Matter Most, while effectively handling with Grace, Ease, Flow and Love the experiences emerging to serve all life in each moment, even the super challenging ones!

You EFFORTLESSLY, Naturally remain in Your Center, You see beyond the illusion, You LIVE Your Miraculous Power, completely Sourcing You.

You are a Vessel of Perfection to unfold through into this experience.

Embracing the fullness of Now ...

Gratefully Present with Full Awareness ... each moment as it is.

You accept with gratitude the experience of this moment and each unfolding moment.

You are Sourced by Infinitely Intelligent Eternal Life and Love, not external structures, codes, laws, rules, pressures, ideals, thoughts, or energies attempting to control you.

Say Yes and witness the Magical Miraculous Life you have been destined for!

And watch as it unfolds into every life you touch.

You are being Called.


I have been Inspired to offer this to You today. It is a New Day.

You can step into it with me.

In this experience together, You will be given access to your Birthright - to Your Real Power in this world. You have been kept from it, distracted away from it through the constellations of programs in your Soul Consciousness that have kept you from BEing the Real Power that You came here to BE.

This ends now.

A New Beginning is here.

Opening to Life beyond your wildest imaginings!


If you tune into the expanse of your Beyond-This-World-Consciousness-LOVE in the center of your Heart, and are ready to for a full Heart YES:

"YES I AM Ready to Let go of everything I have ever experienced prior to now. I AM ready for my life now to be fully effortless, unfolding through me the Divine Sacred Purpose for my Full Embodiment, and Plan of Life. I Receive Immediate Access to My Unique, Precious Radiant Spirit's Illumined Life's Purpose. I gratefully receive the Instant Awakening of God's Divine Purpose and Radiant Mission for My Life. I no longer allow my mind to lead and question or reason me out of my Life's Purpose, Mission, and Bliss. I now offer a full resounding Heart YES. I AM Open, Curious, Seeing with Innocent Perception... all that unfolds... I AM led by Divine Love, Allowing my Love to inform and lead beyond consciuosness from here forward. I humbly accept that I AM Love, I AM Life, I Embody and Flow where/how/when my Spirit leads me from now, forward. My Life is no longer only about "me" or "mine," I AM here in Service of My Life's Sacred Purpose. And, because of this ... I AM fulfilled, lit and set ablaze with my True Life's Purpose from the Sacred Point of Life in the Center of My Heart... I am overflowing with my Unique Frequency of Love and I increase it with every breath, every circumstance, every experience I encounter in Life. If I forget or seem to find myself in fear, lack, or old former structures of life, I love my self, let go, and re-Align with who IAM. I continue in Gratitude, feeling my Love, (even in the face of my deepest fears, illusions, and life events) expressing my Life's Purpose, and illuminating the space of Life that is mine by Divine Right to inhabit."

Then, I AM here to assist You!

This is not for those who just want to "see" if it works, you must be in a position where you are Able to Gratefully and joyously exchange value for my Life's Work in Service to You.

With a huge YES to Your Spirit, and the ever expanding transformative effect within your unfolding Life from now forward.

You will never be the same.

Life is a True Miracle.

You are the Divine Expression and Embodiment of the Miracle of Life.

You are the necessary Vessel that anchors Life's Perfection, bearing Miraculous Expressions of Perfection for the world to partake of.

While joyously expressing your fullness in communion with all life.


I am currently offering 3 options for You to partake of this Most Sacred Important Work.

1. Spirit Embodiment Session $5555

2. Spirit Embodiment Immersion 90 day 3 monthly installments$9999 

3. Spirit Embodiment Immersion 6 month Intensive (6 monthly installments of $9999)

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