Special New:

Live Miracle Sessions

2 days per week:Wednesday's and Friday's 11:11am MT

I asked how I could BEST Support You Now with exactly what You are facing and experiencing... 

I was shown to Offer two Days per week ... Very Special Live Miracle Sessions to Support You! 

You will immediately Know if these are for You!

NEW Live Miracle Sessions every Wednesday and Friday:

  • Divine Mother Love Emotional Healing  and Restoration - Deep Emotional Embodiment, Cleansing, Clearing ... Opening Fertilized Space for LOVE to Blossom! Deep Emotional Healing ...depth of emotional healing not available before now.

  • Divine Wealth: The Art and Science of Yin Manifesting Abundance and Wealth ... the New Way of Living Divine Wealth through the Yin Feminine Principle is Alive in all Genders and Identities. This way of Living and Effortlessly Manifesting Abundance and Wealth is available to You Now ... even within seeming lack circumstances in the news, maybe even in your own life experience. There is a Whole New Way to Live and Thrive in this Now Moment and forward.

  • Activate Your SuperPowers: The Awakening of Your Unique Supported Super Powers of Destiny ... Knowing and BEING Present with Who You Really Are in Your SuperPowers while Living  within this embodiment...  Opens and Awakens Your Magical Inner Compass, Supernatural Senses, Unprecedented Depth of Supernatural Support which may include Spirit Teams, Spirit Guides, Divine Creator Communion, Eternal Cosmic Love Beings, Awakened Ancestors, and so much more

  • Awakening Beyond Consciousness. Everything up to now has been a journey through consciousness. Consciousness is the mind's illusory rudimentary understanding of Reality. Consciousness is rooted the ill-U/us-ion (illusion) of dualistic thinking, limited 3D perception, that is completely cut off from the Magic and Truth of Life. Awake Awareness is a whole New Embodiment of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Married Awareness. 

  • Open Your Infinite Possibilities. There are (unseen and unknowable from the linear mind) Possibilities that Are Here for You Now. Most of these Infinite Possibilities are completely beyond conscious access. Together, We Unite to Open and Awaken the Unique and Infinite Possibilities that are here for You Now. These Possibilities exist upon a Plane of Awakened Awareness that we Align You with! Miracles come from and through this Sacred Opening!

These Session Offerings will change as IAM guided to offer new ones. Not my will ... Thy Will Be Done is in charge.

If these speak to You ... 

Receive them as You are able in the Now Moments they are offered!

Important Information How it Works:

All Wednesday and Friday Live Miracle Sessions are:

( Intimate, Live and Direct Transmission Healing Sessions ... from 11:11am MT to 12:12pm MT  (You may feel many things in, through and beyond the boundaries of "time" within this Healing Session) - no matter what you Perceive ... Your Unique Healing is Comprehensive, complete, and Direct, even if you feel or notice "nothing"... as sometimes, the changes are so direct and deep that your conscious mind cannot perceive the New You. These changes are not happening to You ... they are unfolding through You from  Within ... "Where two or more Gather Here IAM" We Unite in Love ... as LOVE at the level of Our Infinite Eternal Spirit, as well as within Our Soul ... where all True Miraculous Transformations Emerge from ... Where Your Whole Life Experience Emerges from. This is not a linear system, teaching, school of thought, or aspect of consciousness... this work is a function of Love that Bypasses your Linear Mind and produces palpable, direct, intimate Transformation, Miracles and Openings to New Destined Possibilities just for You. )

These Sessions are Silent (no need for the distraction of talk, phone or video) Although ... IAM able to "Hear" when You ask for Specific Intent (and be Aware ... what the mind perceives as the "problem" may have nothing to do with what is actually Present to be Transformed. You can Trust, Let go, set yourself free from the illusory need to work-on-it, fix it, seek solutions, attempt to control, demand, focus on it, or any other medium of the ineffective mind. You can surrender to the LOVE that Created You and sustains your every breath. We've Got You Beloved! You are Safe here!)

These Sessions are "Distant"... I will be Guided to the exact location IAM Guided to perform each Live Miracle Session - mostly within a Sacred Portal Space in Nature, other times in our Miracle Healing Temple.

These Sessions are POWERFUL ... Life Changing Experiences that produce Miracles, Palpable Changes, Life Transformation, Magical and Immensely Powerful New Openings, Possibilities, Choices, Experiences, and More . They Deliver New Living Love Access to Miracles in Your Life in completely unpredictable, Magical, and undefinable ways. 

Each Live Session Offering can be experienced up to 10X ... as there are 10 Levels of Unique Experiential Depth for You, Unfolding Miracle Impacts within each Live Session. (After You receive 10 Sessions of each, You will be ready for what is Next for You. You will Know in Your Heart and can feel free to message me directly @ riverofmiracles@gmail.com ATTN: Jyoti IAM READY FOR WHATS NEXT!)

You don't have to wait for Support!! You can begin receiving this Supernatural Support NOW! Here'sHow:

Upon Your PayPal YES ... You Begin Receiving Healing Immediately!! (That's right! You don't have to wait for Support!!)

Once You invest in Your Self through PayPal, You will begin to Receive Support Immediately ... (You may be able to feel or sense it now... Like a Warm All Encompasing Love Embrace ... a Sense of Being Held, Loved, Open  ... You may have a unique sense or feeling in your body or around your body in the space surrounding you ... ) This will be Present with You up to the Opening of Our Live Session. This happens naturally, as this work is nonlinear and undefinable within time, this Healing does not exist within "time" and cannot be calibrated through limitations of "time." This is how Miracles happen naturally everyday in this Magical Love at PLAY Together!!!

IAM So Honored to Be Given the Opportunity to Serve You Beloved!

See You Soon!!

Live Wednesday Miracle Sessions
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Live Friday Miracle Sessions
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Each of these Sessions may be experienced up to 10X each ...there are 10 levels of Depth and Impact to Embody within Each Session. Within Each Live Session, You will receive a immediate Support ... a Personal Opening to Miracles that will have a Unique and Direct Impact within Your Life. 

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