Introducing the LISTENING LINE ... 

A Direct Communion of GRACE with the Immediate Love and Support of Jyoti

You and Me
Beloved One ... I want You to Know that I AM Here To Love, Witness and Support You ... no matter what You face ... To BE LOVED and SUPPORTED, To Be Witnessed, Heard, and Seen for WHO YOU ARE Beyond Your temporary conditions ... This is what I offer You here! I am here to Support and Love You ... I want You to Know that You are not alone ... not ever! I want to hear your voice! I Am Here to share the raw, real, vulnerable, happy, sad,  and Blissful tender moments of Your Precious Life ... I an Here for You to Shine! I Bless You with My Infinite Love and Radiance ... Clarifying and Opening the Way for Miracles and Support to enter Your Life in unprecedented ways ... NOW!

You are Precious to me. 

How you feel matters. 

What you are going through matters. 

Your voice matters. 

You Deserve to be Heard ... 

Please know I Am Here ... for You.

For each voice message You send to me, I send You a Silent, Immediate, and Powerful Blessing of Divine Grace to wash over you and the conditions of your life! (Maybe You will FEEL this GRACE immediately as You press Send, and maybe it will unfold in a moment of need, or in Divine Timing to Restore You when most needed! You always receive it ... instantly it is within Your Field ... and when needed Most - You will KNOW and FEEL it!)

I have even had people tell me that in their moment of serious life and death need ... that Grace appeared, and my face appeared smiling at them and looking into their eyes with such love that they have dropped the gun they were planning to use to end their life. Many True Life stories.

Changing the course of Life and realizing Miracles.

What does it mean to You to have my Love, Presence and listening ear and presence with You in this moment?

I want You to Know how Loved and Wanted  You are ... 

I want to hear from You how Miracles, Love,  and Support FLOOD into Your Life Experience! Please share with me!

This is not just a Listening Line ... It is Grace in Action for You.

Please Receive my Precious GIFT of Love and Presence and Blessing for You, You deserve it!

I Love You ... Please Know that ANYTHING You share with me, will only be heard by Me ... Loving and Supporting You! If You would like deeper levels of My Supernatural Miracle Support ... You can receive Private Sessions, and so many Life Changing offerings HERE!

 I Am here to Witness and See and Hear You ... You Matter!

Message from My Heart to YOU:


Give to Expand ... Especially when you feel down ...

Recent Gratitude and Real Life Experiences from other Beloveds:

When I was in a...very dark place and feeling 'like a worthless piece of shit' (because that's how I'd been treated...childhood was great.. when i was outside away from my mother! 
My partners psychologically and physically tortured me...broken and blue face!  I started drinking 3-4 days in a row...well, until I was really sick...really unwell. 
I drank neat vodka up to a liter a day...had  a huge battle with myself about buying another bottle...driving to the shop! Then got so upset with myself when from my mouth, at the counter, fell the words "and a half/or liter bottle of vodka"...Others only saw symptoms I. e. Alcoholic. 
No one asked or questioned why? Except my beautiful teenagers(then) and mother were pretty nasty. I had no one in the end.
I knew I had to help myself...I turned to meditation...and the rest of my life fell apart!! (i know now it was my chakras starting to work!...giggle)  I literally had nothing. I lived in a building site basement, had been given a laptop, and about to turn 40yrs old.
...Then I was guided to your free healing videos, you had just started to put them on YouTube! Released the trauma, pain and fear...and opened to the LOVE...because "we need you the world needs you" :@) healed and myself xx!
I moved into a homeless shelter, the start of my 'inspired life’...I lit the place up when I skipped in with a beaming smile, handfuls of flowers to press and make into bookmarks. Hugs for those that needed them, with full attention and much understanding for their situation/addiction...I had come through the other side, with your help. 
I realized then, on a soul level.. my life and the abuse I'd been subject to for the most of it...was to help those that had no one but those that saw symptoms, not understanding the mental and emotional abuse they were doing to themselves…
I Started a market stall with the art work and creative skills I'd encouraged in others, in the shelter...of which 6yrs on they still do :@)
There is so so much more I can say has happened since..I could write a life experience for each/or maybe a combination of all of your free healing videos...from the beginning xx
I Love You xx 
Maureen  (Mo)


Jyoti!!!! I just wanted to reach out to you to let me know how much you have changed my life. I stumbled upon your videos a few years ago, when I was at my lowest point in my life. I was very suicidal for years, and it just kept getting worse and worse. I found your videos at a time where I wasn't even very familiar with the concept of energy work or all of the metaphysics that shape our universe. That first video I watched - I didn't understand it at all! But it didn't matter, because something amazing happened. I felt a shift inside of me only one minute into the video. Not only was this the start of me believing in you, but this was the start of me believing in miracles. Over the years, I have re-visited your channel in my times of need. But more recently, I've been making a daily habit out of watching your videos, even if everything is "ok". You have provided me with comfort, hope, many many blessings, and most importantly, the will to go on with my life. Just from your free videos, my life has completely transformed. I have not been able to contribute any monetary donations, as I am pretty young, but I want you to know that I have kept you in my thoughts and prayers. I have sent you all of the positivity and love energy that I could. I am also very excited to see that you just released your break free series. I hope to be able to take part in that soon. Much love <3

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