Beloved Solo Mama ... I know what it's like to be a Solo Mama ... I have been a solo mama for 28 years!

I didn't know I had the mojo to manifest my Perfect Life's work ... and when I stepped into it ... It changed everything! Suddenly, I was able to provide for my Life and my Children without a man, and without any "work" experience. I have never been a time-for-money-kind-of-girl (as this to me felt like prostitution of my time and energy!) And, when I was left homeless, car-less, penniless in a nasty divorce, I uncovered my True Life's work, along with the means to Live it in Effortless Flow ... This is what I want to Offer You in this adventure together!

Even if You right now have no idea what I am talking about, or can even imagine such a life ... I promise You ... that with my Supernatural Love, Mojo and real life experience in this area ... I can say without a doubt that YOU too have the MOJO ... I promise You ... 

Together We are going to Manifest Miracles in Your Life!

I have Your back ... I AM here with You ... I am here to see you through this into Life on Your Terms, where Your values come first, and your work is secondary to Your Life!! And You get to choose the level of Ease You wish to enjoy and model for your children.

This is my Joy...

To provide You with Access to this way of Living, Working and Playing in Abundance!

Everyone that knows me ... Knows me as the Miracle Girl who is always ABUNDANT ... even when I was in seeming desperate need for money to emerge, even at the risk of losing my daughter in a court custody battle, I was able to continuously manifest money on the spot ... large sums of money where there "had been NO WAY" in sight or even imagination! I repeatedly have manifested $10,000 plus with ZERO effort, just BEING me and Doing what I LOVE!

Please Beloved Solo Mama ... Invest in Your Self, Your Future ... and Your Children's Future! It's time to Find and EMBODY Your Own Way! 

Together we can uncover YOUR WAY of ABUNDANCE in this world on Your Terms!

Fill in this Form Below for access to Your Opening to Your Life's Work in Effortless Ease ... 

You don't have to be perfect, and you don't even need to know what you are here to live, do or BE ... this will be revealed in our depth work! You only need the willingness and ability to Invest in You!

Opening to My Mama Mojo!

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Your Income Goals for the Next 12 Months

What is it Worth to You to Receive this Support?

I Am Worthy of FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, and Living Life on My Terms!

I will be In touch with You! 

Love, Jyoti

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