Welcome to Your Private Session and Your Life Transformation!

I am Deeply Honored and Grateful to witness You at this intimate level and Support You as You Blossom into all that is Possible for You! Thank You for Trusting me to assist You!
You are definitely here for Miracles and for a Purpose that becomes Your Life, naturally from here forward.

Please remember ... I am here for You to assist You... Connecting You with Your Own Source to clear the constellations of challenges that You have set up in Your Very Own Soul before You came into this Body and Life Experience.

You have evolved to a place within Your Heart that allows these constellations of challenges to be released and transformed to the Highest Level for You now- to assist You in expanding Love ... the Ultimate Purpose of Your Life ... Along with Re-Membering Who You Really Are!

I see You! And, I Love You!

And, even though it's likely we've never met in person, I Know You... and I Know what You are capable of in this Life! I am here to witness YOU living YOUR Miracles and Blossoming into your Fully Transformed Self!

How does a Session work?

In my Private Sessions, Intensive Sessions, Activations, Immersions, Intensives, and Deeper Work together ... I work with You outside of "time schedules" and move into the Love Opening I receive when I am shown that perfect alignment and Opening is attained - this makes it easy and effortless for both of us, and minimizes any and usually ALL "symptoms" of massive, immediate Transformation and change. I am shown within your Soul the patterns and constellations of challenges, wounding, limitations, Karma seeking balance, Karmic Contracts, Soul Contracts,  etc... as well as the Wholeness they are attempting to fulfill by attracting, magnetizing and creating situations, circumstances, limitations, that are all playing out the long hard, difficult way in your life.

The most powerful constellations are shown to me first, these are usually the ones that are creating the most powerful levels of difficulty in your life. I am shown and witness the most appropriate resolution Now, in the present that immediately fulfills the need of these voids, wounds, contracts, lacking energies, and karma from past experiences (and even sometimes future experiences), etc...

And, what is so very important for you to know is that You need "do" nothing in order to receive this! Nearly ALL of the constellations that are creating your most challenging experiences and limitations ARE NOT CONSCIOUS, even though you may feel deeply wounded by an event or a series of events, or childhood trauma, etc... this is usually NOT where the deepest Creative Constellations live within your Soul - These constellations magnetize all of your painful situations and experiences, yet the experiences themselves are just the result and effect of the Powerful Creative Force of Your Soul Constellations. This is what I mean by "you do not have to do anything, think anything or learn anything, in order to receive and benefit from this Powerful, Life Transformational work." As this Creative Power in Your Soul is NOT IMPACTED by thought, and this is also why "affirmations" only work if they are in alignment with your Soul Programs. Nothing outside of You has power over You. No tool, technique, or method can change or transform your Life at the core of your being - only Love through the Transformation of Your Creative Soul Constellations.

As you can witness from your life experience - whatever your mind understands, it controls. It not only controls the "perspectives" and "understandings" of what it is controlling, it also controls what You are able to perceive BEYOND IT, through your Perceptual Biases set up by your mind of limitations.

This is how we achieve immediate, permanent, Transformation, Healing and Change ... Grace comes into Your Life and Opens Miracles for You to experience in your daily life from here forward... Yes, it is MAGIC! And, YOU deserve it! It changes your Life forever ... and changes what You have the ability to experience... Opening you to Miracles!

And, if your mind is particularly strong, this does NOT IMPACT the Transformation of Your Soul Constellations, and therefore Life ... it only impacts your ability to perceive it. For highly strong minds what this means is that the Transformation happens and your mind simply tells You "Yea, it's always been this way" ... and it cautiously yet naturally allows an ever expanding, ever growing, ever widening expanse beyond it's previous held stories, beliefs, and limitations... which opens you to experience things in new vivid technicolor ways, an ever-expanding vision that unfolds at it's own rate. (another Session may be of immense value in this stage!)

To speed this process, we enlist the mind's help. It has many gifts to offer us, especially when it is properly aligned. We align our mind to BENEFIT us with it's singular devotion to serving and Protecting us, by Asking Open-Ended Questions that it must search beyond it's database of "previous knowledge, soul limitations, karmic patterns, bloodline ties, genetic history, and all origination points of belief systems" and into the Expanse now Open in Your Soul. Your Soul no longer limits what the mind has the ability to expand into ... this is what makes daily Miracles Your Reality.

What to expect...
As soon as you send PayPal, I begin working with You and when Your Session is complete I send you an email ... It is my intent to complete your Private Session within 48 hours, however, I will stay connected with You and keep your Session Open until I receive the "completion" sign I receive from your Spirit.

I will not leave you incomplete, under any circumstance! I will work with You until I experience your Patterns of limitations held as Constellations in Your Soul are released and transformed. (There may be additional layers and depths of Soul Constellations that emerge later and require additional Sessions to release ... and possibly not! - You will Know!)

Do I have to do anything specific in order to receive my Session?

No. You do not have to "do" or "think" anything specific - as your linear mind is completely bypassed in this process. This work changes the space behind your thoughts, within Your Soul, where your beliefs and thoughts originate from. You are immediately supported in beyond conscious ways in the most supportive ways for You individually. The results manifest as your life experience.

Is there any way I can "mess it up?"
No matter what is happening in your life, you cannot mess it up. As this impacts you beyond what you are able to perceive.

Do I have to meditate or think differently?

There is no meditation or "hard work" or "mental focusing" involved or necessary - as I see it, the way you are capable of focusing is dependent upon where you are Sourcing information from. We have no need to remain confined to our Pre-Transformation state of awareness... We are expanding into NEW Possibilities and Potentials together!

How do I know when my Session is complete?
When I complete Your Session, I Encode the Frequencies and patterns of Light Information from Our Session into the most appropriate and Beneficial Video for You to experience. I then send you an email with a link to Your Encoded Video.

Instructions for When You receive Your Encoded Video...
Your Encoded Session Video is BEST experienced with:

  • A glass and bottle of water next to you. By experiencing your Video with a glass and bottle of water next to You - the water will naturally be infused and encoded with the frequencies and light-information from our Session together - this supports you on many levels and especially physically, emotionally, and psychologically! You can use this water in on-going ways to support You - Feel free to get really creative with this water, use it to nourish you in any way you are inspired. Most people drink a whole glass immediately after watching your Encoded Session Video ... many also use the water by placing it within a spray bottle and misting their bodies, pillow, bedroom, car, office, etc... You can feel free to add it to your soups, salad dressings, drinks ... You can add drops into a hot salt lavender bath, or foot soak, (we also custom create bath salts for You see on the Products page) ... And in order to re-charge new water, just experience Your Video again.
  • A Journal or paper and pen. Just after experiencing your video (even though it is not required or even necessary for your Benefit) I highly recommend writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing, this is writing without thinking, without being conscious even of spelling - simply pen to paper and do not stop until you have three pages written. What I have found that this writing does is opens connections between what you Consciously know (linear and collective mind of beliefs) and what is Available to You in consciousness potential Now (Miracles and Beyond what You could have previously thought Elegant Solutions). You can even let it be doodles or scribbles, or whatever emerges ... Many have had HUGE success with this writing - it seems to create a connection to new options in Expanded consciousness - which makes the Opening of the Mind to receive and witness Daily Miracles simple and easy ... and many have also reported opening to new options that seemed impossible before. This work will change your life in permanent and profound on-going ways, and adding in this writing can be another Source and pathway to experiencing and expanding Miracles in your life. If You are inspired by this writing, I recommend writing every morning before you get out of bed, as well as every other evening before you go to sleep.
Sit back, Relax, Enjoy ... Nurture and Nourish Your Self now ... You deserve it and I am here in Support of YOU! There is nothing You need to do ... Simply Be and witness what You are experiencing as Your Life from here forward ... It is New, and there are (right now) new things to notice ... You might even be feeling things that surprise You, uplift You, INspire You, Open You, Expand You, or the knowing of something you now must say ... or do ... or share ...

There may be important messages and inspirations coming from your Heart ... Emerging to the surface of your awareness that will serve You to BE present with and listen ... even if they seem challenging in the moment they arise ... Everything that emerges from Your Heart is here to expand you beyond your previous limitations! You are in good hands ...

IN Love, Support, and Devotion to You,