LIVE Immersion Experiential Events with Jyoti and Miracles Manifest Now!

Now, YOU can have Inner Access to Living YOUR MIRACLES with the Miracle Girl herself!

Upcoming Live (small intimate) Events in Beautiful Durango Colorado!

March 22-24 2013 ... In-Body-ing Miracles 101

April 12-14 2013 ... Opening the Miracle Flow 111

(Reserve your Space NOW - Space is LIMITED for these Intimate Private In-Person Immersions with Jyoti!)

In-Body-ing Miracles 101

A Life Changing Experience!

We will Specifically and Permanently Resolve your Deepest Soul Constellations of Causes in these areas of Your Life:
  • Love
  • Stress
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Physical Health
  • Life Alignment and Purpose

During this weekend, You will also receive a Live Session with Jyoti. This powerful level of intimate connection with Jyoti results in deep levels of Nourishment, Permanent Healing, Permanent Transformation,
Connection to Your Source, Expanded Awareness and Realization, Strength - both inner and outer, as well as the Gift of 'Knowing from within' Your Life's Purpose, and how to LIVE it from Your new Space of Clarity and Strength.

Together we will eliminate the causes behind your manifesting challenges in Love, health, stress, relationships, money, and your Life Purpose.

This is a Life Changing Experience!

Your Life will unfold differently from this experience forward. You will receive the personal embodiment of Living Miracles and what it feels like in your cells to be deeply nurtured, cared for, inspired, uplifted, nourished ... and how to nourish your Self first in daily life - so that You have an ever-renewing bounty of Abundance of Love and Nourishment for Life.

You will remember how to:
  • Source Love and Self Nourishment in times of stress and change.
  • Evolve the Stress Response to Non-Resistance and Joy, realizing and fulfilling your hidden need.
  • $ Open to Living Abundance in Your unique way (includes a Living Abundance Light INfusion Download!)
  • Allow Love to flow in Your Life in Mutually Nurturing, Supportive, Aligned Relationships.
  • Heal the constellations of causes behind your physical / emotional health challenges.
  • Open to Your Life's Expanded Potential and Purpose.
This Live, Intimate Immersion Experience with Jyoti is the greatest and most Potent access to Living the Life you have dreamt of ... NOW! It doesn't have to take time, hard work, or energy investments anymore! You do not have to learn or master new things in order to change your life! It simply happens as from within You ... as an unfolding and expansion of Love ... as You.  Simply Receive ... and BE ...
And, just for the Self Investment of ONE Intensive Session with Jyoti -
You get an entire weekend together! $2222

In-Bodying Miracles Immersion Experience

 Opening the Miracle Flow 111

For Healers, Life Coaches, Healing Professionals, Teachers, Doctors, Chiropractors, Mothers, and anyone who is ready for Open Access to Miracles in personal daily Life, and in your Work and interactions with others.
  • Manifest Miracles without effort
  • Effortlessly Attract the People Seeking You
  • Skyrocket Your Abilities and Effectiveness free from "technique"
  • Gain Direct Instant Access to Transformation from within
  • Release the limiting stories of your past without effort
  • Realize Your True Power

Opening the Miracle Flow 111 will supercharge and upgrade Your Life and Your Impact upon the world in every area of your Life. You will naturally and effortlessly Align with the Next Level of Evolution upon Your Life's Path, unfolding Miracles as a way of Living.

In this Transformational Immersion, You gain access to Permanent Personal Healing, even in the areas that have been resistant to everything, causing You to remain stuck and small. Deep Life Transformation begins to unfold for You in your Personal Life, as well as within Your Sphere of Influence. You gain Alignment with Your Unique Life's Purpose in Your Next Level of Expansion.

You are meant to continually expand and evolve into greater and greater Joy, and positive impact in the world. In order for You to touch the many People awaiting You , You must expand into Your Next Level first. BE-come the Magic You Are!

This Living Miracle Flow Opens from within You, allowing Permanent Access to Sourcing Miracles as a way of Life.

This is the first in a series of three levels that are designed to expand Exponentially what is possible for You in your personal life, as well as the Lives You Touch through your chosen expression!

Your Investment in YOU for this Opening Miracle Immersion 111 is $3333usd!

There are so many people waiting for YOU to Radiate and Glow Your Unique Next Level Expression of embodying Miracles and Transformation.