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This is actually my $1111 Per month Entry Level Awakening and Miracle Support, for only $111 ... !

Here, You are given full access to my ongoing 24/7 Silent Love, Devotion, Awakening and Miracle Support. This is Silent and Powerful, working directly and deeply at the Core and moving into your outer Challenges in a Causal way. You also receive an Encoded Video that works with You most specifically, exactly where you are most challenged, and continues to evolve with You each month as I Re-Encode this Video as long as you remain subscribed.  This video can be experienced as often as You wish, and continues to expand your Awareness each month as it is Re-Encoded with infinite ongoing Possibilities, You can receive many many levels layers and depths from just this video alone. And You also get my Streaming 24/7 Support as well! 

This is the easiest and most rapid path available at this level of investment. 

Here, you are held within a cocoon of My Love and Devotion, for a fraction of the cost. 

When your financial situation improves, which it ALWAYS does when we work together at any level, You can then receive much deeper and more rapid Transformation Healing, and Awakening Support by bumping up to the next level. All areas of your life are impacted in all of our work, as You are a Whole Being. And... as needed, the finances come, the healing emerges, miracles become a natural daily experience, and You find that you look back on your life and witness an immense radical NEW LIFE You are living ... that was beyond your wildest imaginings... You will be living at a level of Life that You cannot quite yet comprehend. The changes are many times so subtle that you may not notice as it's happening ... just what it is that has shifted so dramatically  ... 


People report feeling Deeply Sustained, Supported as if by a whole TEAM of Immense Otherworldly Support, Being Held, Assured Security, All fears subside and disappear, You experience Profound Inner Knowing that Everything is okay, even with exterior "evidence" t the contrary, You know that All obstacles are movable and maybe not even real ... You are finally Safe, You are held in Sacred Safe Space, Ultimate Divine Mother Love, It changes how you See ... yourSelf and Life ... You begin to feel daily Bliss, Deeply Loved, feeling more Solid, Stable, Steady, Open, Clear,  ... You know You Belong, You Know You are so Lovable, You are Inspired, Living in a whole new way. Things that used to be challenges are now areas of Grace, of Ease, of Flow. and so much more ... which You can speak for yourself as you receive this support too!

Subscribe to Jyoti's Awakening Divine Support ... This special offer here is for ONLY $111 per month. (This is my regular $1111.11 per month Support) You can lock in at this super special rate for up to 12 months.

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