**Special NEW**

Sacred Circle Global Village

It is time to release the masculine dominant energy of the "Tribe" and expand into the Collaborative Love of the Village. What? What does this mean?

Within the Village, there is no competition, no us and them, no leader, no followers ... each person holds their Truth and Light and Love and Unique Expression as Primary ... In fact, You are ENCOURAGED, EMPOWERED, and SUPPORTED in Fully Blossoming ALL of your Heart's Desires into Fruition in Your life. Our Village NEEDS You to! Even if you have a similar expression or inspiration of another - You are supported 100% in embodying it fully, manifesting it completely, in your own unique way. You are supported in collaboration, Love, and INspired Connections as You bring your radiant Self to our village. The Village needs exactly what you are here to bring, This is why Love brings us together, unites us. As what you offer in your unique way is what one or many members of our village need. You hold the space for your particular necessary expression, while others hold theirs. Together we meet all of our needs - including our human needs, our spiritual needs, and blossom our full potential together.

This has never been done before, at least not in this way.

This way requires us to show up and be fully vulnerable exactly as we are. We hold each other, and come together in Unity - where we listen in Love, and honor (even the unspeakable) stories of this life's experiences, traumas, wounding, suffering, guilt, shame, etc...  We see the Infinite You, the Innocent Beautiful Unique You - and we do not identify YOU with your unspeakable stories, which are really the human dramas we have ALL experienced in some form or another. We hold You and See You and KNOW You in Your Wholeness, Your Perfection- including your imperfect perfection as a human with frailties, wounds, pain, suffering, loss, wrong roads, rage, anger, blame, abuse, ego rants, etc... its all part of the human experience. We are here to embrace EVERYTHING that has brought you to now, and here we stand in Love, full acceptance and appreciation for all that you have been through ... loving you into your full whole self!

The Human journey is about compassion and connection that leads to Communion, Unity, and Unconditional Loveand challenge (inherent in the elegant design- where we have to incarnate through a Soul encoded with challenges: memories, genetics, karma, past life contracts, vows, curses, limitations, belief systems, etc... which make the journey interesting and call forward our Spirit's intervention (Hero's Journey) to find our way.) ...

Our Power emerges in sharing our human journey with each other, knowing that at this level we are all subject to vulnerabilities, challenges, and dramas that play out on a plane of duality. No one who has a body is beyond this level of life expereince (even though many try to tell you how "awakened" they are, or how "advanced" they are, as they try to sell you their programs or coaching!) The Human Journey is one of rich individual context and opportunity that gives way to Oneness... deep emotional experiences that have the power to change our very Essence of Being, even including our DNA structre itself. Our DNA encodings of our Soul Constellations point to where we have the opportunity to heal and transform, and change what is possible for all life. We impact each other deeply. From a quantum view, our frequency resonant vibration (predominant frequency feeling) is shared with all life on this planet, as it is being experienced by you, individually. What this means is that we are impacting and influencing each other in ways that are imperceptible to our mind, and belong and are needed at unprecedented levels.

Connection is the gift of story, really conceiving of our importnce and impact in life. It connects us where we all feel vulnerable, as well as where we are powered and Sourced by something beyond our comprehension. It reminds us of our seeming human frailty, and invigorates and replenishes us all - when shared in a safe space of Unconditional Love that heals. It restores our Infinite Power to BE the Wholeness of Who We Are, and melts away our guilt and shame into a river of embodied self love.

Restores You into Knowing that You Belong! And, that You are so entirely, completely, totally LOVABLE just exactly as you are!

You are here to drink deeply from the wellspring of Love that we all are, the space of Love is the same in all of us. You are also needed to Express, Share, and Give your piece of the tapestry of life.

My Beloved One, You can drop the idea that the whole thing is yours to carry ...

You can now receive and live and love only what is YOURS to BE. Your piece of this Thread symbolizes Your part ... without which we would have a gaping hole in our life tapestry!

You are always connected. You are never alone. You will embody this knowing and take it with you in each breath of your life, in each step you walk. It will begin to breathe you.

This will magnetize Your life ... and draw to you the people that need exactly what You are here to BE. Your BEing of Your True Self Expression is more than enough to provide the prefect life of bliss for you... complete with abundance, Love, Connection, Communion, Community, Play, Happiness, Fun, Joy, Meaning, Purpose, and more!

It is time to BLOSSOM as the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Being that each of us is!

The best way to do this is to provide the necessary support as the seed of your Greatest life germinates ... receiving the richness and nourishment born from the honoring of everything that has come before now.

I invite You, from my Heart ..  into this Circle. I give you this Thread ... as a symbol of Your Important Contribution to the tapestry of Our Sacred Circle. You Belong. We have awaited You. We Love You and Embrace You in Open Arms!

I have attended and joined and been a part of just about every women's circle, sistership circle, goddess circle, healing circle etc... and have participated, listened ... I have witnessed firsthand exactly what is missing, where these circles fall short, and why.

I share my stories of these circles here if you are interested in understanding how this is REFRESHINGLY UNIQUE and DIFFERENT,  and the immense CLARITY gained through circles run by self proclaimed "leaders" attempting to make a business brand, shiny image, or become famous by capitalizing on the vulnerability of the women who deserve real solid support.

I am Creating Sacred Circles Around the World! Weaving together a Global Village of Honest, Intimate Support where you are Empowered to OWN and Share Your Gifts, Shine and Radiate YOUR Light, and Receive ... filling You up with Power, Inspiration, Nourishment, Support and Intimate Connection!
You Belong!

You will naturally BLOSSOM as Your True INspired Heart-Led Radiant Powerful BEing Self here.

You will see and feel and Know that by just BEING YOU showing up as You ... is needed! (even if you feel less than, or not enough, or have not even had many intimate friends)
You will Know the powerful difference in the world You are to BE! Being gives rise to aligned effortless doing. This is the way. No longer effort, working hard and trying. Just BEing. Be. Now.

You are meant to Radiate ... Shine ... Illuminate ... Love ...
You are designed to BE an In-Powered Divine Feminine Magnetizer and a Sacred Masculine Builder, Manifestor !

be the HEART Leader of Your Own Life, and Magnetize the perfect match to your greatest Heart's Desires!


This IS the SUPPORT You have been longing for!

The CREATION is in the works - Let me know your interest!

**The Financial Model is far different for this - I am offering for You to JOIN IN THESE CIRCLES FREE! As, honestly I do not believe that ANY of us should have to "pay" to Connect, Belong, Receive Support, and BE LOVED!

~ However, what I DO feel strongly about is the need to Align and BE a HEALTHY MEMBER of Our Global Family - where You are:

1. Willing to Value and Receive Harmonious Entrainment in Levels (In-Training to Love Your Self and Others and hold Safe, Sacred Space within Our Circles and Our Global Village) Delivered in Incremental Segments as defined by Your Spirit's Opening and WIllingness to Own your Whole Self and Impact in this world.

Each Level of Entrainment is $888. In each level, You will receive a Custom Light Infusion Download - Giving You access to Your In-Born Natural Healing, Sacred Circle Facilitator and Member Guide, and encoded Video. You will also receive access to our Community Members where you can connect, share and explore more deeply together.

2. In Correct Alignment with Giving and Receiving True Transformational Support
3. On the Correct Trajectory of Your Life's Purpose

4. Able to Love Freely and Unconditionally without Judgment of worthiness ... seeing through Innocent Perception, where you can attune to the Infinite Beings before you, and not just the human.

5. Willing to Show Up, Be Seen, Be Vulnerable, while Valuing, Honoring, and Appreciating your Whole Self

6. Willing to Discover, Own, and Share Your Unique Gifts in this Circle and in the world.

You Are Here.

You Matter.

You can change what is possible.

Join Us.

Yes! I am ready to receive and give support ~ Sacred Circle = Global Village!

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