Welcome to Our Miracle Prayer Circle!

I am so happy to see YOU here! (smiles... giggles!)
You Deserve this Support, and I Honor You for Being willing to Claim it Now!
You Belong Here. Now.
I have heard You, You are seen here ...
My Heart is awake to You Beloved One ...

I am aware of your experiences, and how life can impact You, how challenges can traumatize you, how so alone you can feel at times ...

Beloved... Its time.

You do not have to go it alone, not ever again!

You have arrived here by Divine Appointment.

You are Worthy...
You are Valued.
You are Worthy of Love.
You are Worthy of Belonging.
You are Worthy of Connection.
You are Worthy of Being Seen, Heard, Witnessed, and Loved Completely!
You are Worthy of Being Important to Your Self and ALL Life.

You are Loved exactly as You Are.
You Belong here!
You are deeply and meaningfully Connected now.
You are not alone, even though you have felt alone.
You are not forgotten, even though you have felt forgotten about.

You are Loved Infinitely.

There is nothing you can do to BE more Worthy of Love, Real Love cannot be earned, it is Given Freely ... and can only expand as it is given without conditions.

You are Perfect in Your Human Imperfection.

You are Worthy and Deserving of ALL Good things, Blessings, Happiness, !

I can feel what you feel
I am here, I am answering your call for support ... for Love ... for being Heard, Witnessed, Seen ... I am here  the Glory of You ...

I am here to Pray for You ... To Love You, just exactly as You Are now.

Thank You for being willing to own Your Worth! To Show Up and Be Seen, Heard and Witnessed in Your Tender Vulnerability, as well as Your Infinite Strength.

 By showing up here now, You are claiming your Worthiness, Your Love, and Your Infinite Divine Right to Experience Miracles!

"Where We Gather in the Space of Our Infinite Love, and Innocent Perception ...
Here I AM ..."