What a few Beloveds have to say after experiencing Jyoti's Healing Grace


''Thanks for all of your work you do lightworker-sister ! I always feel my throat chakra starting to beat when I watch your videos as I do when I am doing healing sessions in seminars and on myself.''

Christa Fossati

''Thank you , Thank you , Thank you...I watched this video, I had $3.00 spent it on a scratch off ticket and won $3.00. I watched it again and I just won $30.00!!!''

Pamela Perry

''I feel your LOVE!! I Am in tears right now feeling loved!!❀❀❀ Thank you!!!''

Weng Agatep

''When i close my eyes and listen to you i feel like an angel is talking to me i feel good  Thank you  ....... You are amazing xox''

Anne Paradis

''I open my mind to receive and will give back. Love your energy.''

Toni Burleson

''Jyoti, you're truely a blessing for many! I've focused on your video twice. Both times, I've received a money miracle. I believe in your spirit. Thank you!!!''

Renee Swain

''I watched this last nite....today I went to my apartment manager to sign papers and she gave me a check for $207.00.....that was there...I didn't know it had been there...I just asked about my heat check...there it was...with back pay!!!''

Anna Newman

''Thank you for your extraordinary energy! God bless you!''

Mary Doina

''I received it I am excited I really felt the vibrations it is here thank you universe thank you for this amazing women and channel I received this gift that you placed inside her just for me with a open heart joy and excitement''

Jessica Queen

''I feel this every time I use it, thank you Since I've been using this - within days, I have had a major emotional Breakthrough, so really shifted within myself Who knows what this will bring, but I can feel it within me and feel so much better, brighter, hopeful, joyful and in fuller faith & trust in myself and the Universe who works with me always!  Many thanks & I will keep you informed. Namaste''

Lady Lozamay Luminiere

''Your money videos work: I played them all for a couple of days, then forgot about it for a few days, & two days ago, I got a text for me to translate - the first job offer in months. YAY! Thank you again, Jyoti.''


''Ok, I have to write this:  Today I had a presentation for a new Architecture- job. This morning I whached this video. So, I went to do my presentation and it was everything so easy, they decided even directly today for me to begin to work there and very good paid. It' s not normal. Normally after a presentation everybody has to wait for some days, for an answer if they have the job. So perfect! Thanks to you and thanks God!πŸ˜„''

Anna Annaanna

''You are a true blessing and inspiration thank you for your work!''

Mrs Luvtajma Perry

''Peace and blessings my sister you are such an amazing inspirational beautiful human being be blessed forever be well. Namaste''

Shabazz Family

''I watched this last night and received  $700 today. I just had the belief will receive after receiving the blessings from you. You are awesome. Truly angel :-) Love you and thank you!!''

Bindu Malhotra

''Thank you for this! I've been meaning to tell you that I watched one of your older videos, can't explain how I found it, but because of that, I was able to find housekeeping, babysitting, and senior care clients while I was waiting to be hired in an office job. Because of your video, July and August, my family kept our place to live. Thank you for that. You always send that calm towards my way, and I accept what the universe gives me because it might not be what I want, but what I need instead.''

Aquarian Unicorn

''When I feel down and i when i start  watch your vids I dont feel sad or down anymore . ❀''

Jane Skat

''Thanks for your endless Love and blessings''

Deepti Jagdeep

''Jyoti, I feel such joy and love for you and us all when I watch your videos. Thank you so much for being your beautiful spirit in the world! And, helping us all do so, too! Sending a donation now and later! Many blessings! <3 <3 <3''

Heather Schwartz

''This is a very strong healing...I can feel IT all over my body.... thanks Jyoti...I love u...''

Ileen Ileeno

''I appreciate your pure love & connection Jyoti!  Your videos have uplifted me.  Your unconditionally loving energy feels so wonderful.  Thank you for your time, commitment and for allowing your purpose to shine and light the way for others to follow theirs in a grand scale now and infinitely.  Only an infinite abundance of the best in all areas be with you and your family always and may it create a positively powerful chain reaction to your viewers and receivers of your permanent powerful healing. Love & Light''

G Aragon

''The beautiful demonstration of TRUST is heaven on Earth. Your PEACE is sustainable and contagious!   You are contributing powerfully by your example. Struggle is over as you relax into this truly sacred sweet spot of creation. You have Asked,  you have been heard and understood and  your inner being has become what you have asked for. NOW you have demonstrated what it means to ALLOW what already exists vibrationally to move into your manifested reality. You have, in your releasing of resistance acheived a frequency that is a match to the solution that you seek. TRUSTBLISS''

Suzi Strugar

''I woke up at 3:33am and this video showed up. I knew you had a powerful message. When you stare into my soul, I get a shock of electric and divine energy. Then a calm and serenity comes over me. Such a powerful intercession. You are a true earth angel. I know you will be supported in every way you need. Bless you Jyoti!''

Peace Full

''Oh my god ohhhh this feeling just I want to tell you I love u πŸ’š''

Lucy secrets

''I'm grateful that my path in life brought me to this moment.When people speak and be there true genuin-higherself,the bliss of love may rain for ever :) May love and light of the universe  accompany you always.''

Lord Soar

''Dear, beautiful sister. I love and adore you and am eternally with you.  Your  free healing videos have  profoundly  blessed me and NOW it is your turn to receive   the  LOVE in response  to your asking in your trust we have aligned. I feel the purity in your loving broadcast and I am convinced that your work has accelerated my work.  Right now I am emulating your work and I am  asking on your behalf.  Today , as I feel this great joy as I have aligned with the  highest frequency of unconditional love and I know the perfection of where you are standing and the perfection and the rightness of your asking. As you ask for your well-being, you ask for all. There is no separation and there is no lack. What you have asked for, has been given. It is done and on its way to you  you exist in ABSOLUTE well-being and you are loved more than we can express. You have never been wrong! You are  in the perfect place now and everything that your life has caused you to ask for is available to you NOW!  You must see that you have done good work, divinely guided, perfect. It had to be free at first. You are breaking through belief barriers here on the leading edge. It took many times listening before I integrated and at be this perfect moment  this beautiful connection is occurring. Thank you my dear sister for your beautiful contribution to my alignment  Eternal Love!!''

Suzi Strugar

''Hi Jyoti, I've been watching your videos now for awhile, and I feel a sense of calming, relaxing, loving and sincere energy coming from you every time.  Your voice is so beautiful, and you make me feel beautiful.  I watch a series of them every morning, and today for some reason, I feel so EXCITED for what's about to happen!  Thank you Jyoti for these miracle videos, and your love.  You will be my forever video friend  πŸ‘ΌπŸ™‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸ€β€''

Joy Wallace

Thank you for your help you've been most awesome I've listened to one of your videos you did help me πŸ˜ŽπŸ’“ unfortunately I don't have the cash right now but I wish I did and I would do the Advanced your spirit is wonderful and I enjoy your videos much blessings peace πŸ’–

Wendy Red

''This is awesomely nourishing!''

Zhi Bell

''YESπŸŒžπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒthank you so much dear wonderful soul full of light and loveπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒžπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’• Yes, if it corresponds to the divine light. I feel this abundance already in me, so I say thank you to all that may come to me in divine gifts and open me to receive the abundance as an energy exchange in light and loveπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«''

Violeta Till

''I'm usually a skeptic , but you're amazing! please continue doing videos they genuinely help me. I just got my sister to subscribe to your channel as well just because your true enthusiasm is a gift within itself.''

Ann Tunie

''Reading these comments, i see many people are lost and desperately seeking solice. Jyoti you offer pure love like no other i have seen in my 45 years. I have been watching your videos for two weeks, in that time i had three job opportunities, and have decided to relocate with my two dogs interstate for a new life next year! Things are moving! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’œ''

Kassala Horse

''I come back to thank you. This is really wonderful. Money just flows in. Thank you, Jyoti ❀''

Areva Finley

''Your energy is so positive and lovely. Thank you for sharing this blessing and I will be happy to let you know when my money miracle manifests in my life! Many Blessings!''

Olivia Tatara

''I literally felt as if you are in front of me, when you were blessing me or giving affirmations to me. I'm mesmerized and supercharged with your power of affirmations. My god, you are really an amazing woman doing God's work.  With lots of wishes and best regards''

''Wow u have such positive energy. Listening to u is so calming and soothing and makes me smile instantly.  God bless you''

Rashika Marian

''You are like angel for me. I watched your video and I could see instant changes in situation. I am encountering positive mental attitude and removal of mental blockages, happening of positive things as far as finance is concerned. Although this is just a beginning but I wonder well begun is half done. Thank you very much.''

Aroan Gunde

''Thank You! You are the personification of Love. Wow!!!!''

Frances Boles

''You're great, you're truly Expanding love, thank you.''

Marina M.

''Beautiful!!πŸ’œπŸ’œ  Thank you for this wonderful energy! I gratefully receive and send to You!  NamasteπŸ’œ''

Suzanne Slaw

''A total god-gifted angel of light! I watched this video because at  the particular moment i was just looking for any sign of hope regarding my finances.... And often despair will  lead many of us into a deep depression when we have no where to turn. Anyway, I watched two of her videos and meditated on the words since she has a an amazing Aura and within 24hrs as she promised I received two financial blessings out of no where!  I never seen it coming!   Because let me remind you when you are in dire need you just do not see an outlet to save your life.. Know that her work is 100% in good faith, blessings & positive energy... It is important to believe in order to receive! Thank you...''


''You are a tremendous Blessing Jyoti. Such beautiful divine love of a pure nature. Thank you for being present at this time.''

Rita Christine Vogts

''You are simply amazing πŸ™πŸ˜Š . A beautiful soul you areπŸ˜πŸ’ž Blessings to you''

Salta Shiva

''You are simply AMAZING! Thank you for your powerful Light Jyoti. You are my dearest mirror and your words are always helping us all to stay focused on the Truth that is the only One that truly matters! Love you! <3''

Roxana Jones

''I believe it is a blessing to come across your videos on YouTube. I feel a weight off my shoulders right now. You put a smile in my heart and on my face just listening to you...love and light''

''Since listening to this and discovering you these past 3 weeks have been amazing. Felt so loved and appreciated and happy where I felt sp insecure and unsure of myself before. Thank you for this love activation miracle. Please make more! Love you''

Hannah EH

''Instant and overwhelming emotion... seeing this video.....so much unconditional love.... much much gratitude.''

Joseph Connelly

''What an amazing person ! You are full of joy and positive energy  I send you blessing , thank you''

Carlos Vela

''I felt like crying when I watched this. But the anxiety in my heart about not having money feels like it's leaving. Thank you : )''

Celi Cortez

''I have just come across you and I am so grateful. I see your huge vibrating aura all around you. Thank you I am already feeling better about myself and my love. Xxxxxxxxx''

Perri Nicholls

''What a Lovely Lady You are just Found Your Channel.....(My Hubby Left me :Alone: No Home :Money :Love : Animals..) Can Use Your Channelling...THANK YOU VERY MUCH .Blessings to YOU  ..!!!''

Catherina Knight

''Incredible. Had a headache all day at work into now. I literally felt the pounding stop. She's amazing.''

''Hi I only found you yesterday I'm from the UK, I've watched some of your free videos and already I've had miracles, thank you so much for loving humanity, my desire is to have a completely new start maybe in another country and that I am authentic and follow my inspiration to help myself and humanity see light within themselves, I need to eat healthier and lose weight so I can have the energy and self love to love others, thankyou againπŸ’œ''

Sharon Grantham Hartley

''I watched your video for the last 3days in a row  and today I received $370.00 of unexpected money ... you are awesome !! thank you so much , I am very grateful ... wishing you the Best!!''

Brian Perry

''My heart healed. Financial Miracle. My book published''

Cheryl Trenee2424

''Wow I just found you and your words penetrate into my soul I can't stop crying you are moving something in my spirit thank you thank you I can feel the spirit''

Margarita Williams

''Many thanks and blessings to you! I began to watch some of your videos yesterday and I've already experienced some wonderful shifts. I will keep you posted! May all blessings flow to you!''

Katia Tiutiunnik

''I am finding your videos Jyoti and am finding that I have found the miracle in my life. YOU are the miracle in my life! Robert from Alabama''

Robert Stroud

''Ohh this feels SO amazing ! Like a cool breeze flowing through the middle section of my body from the inside out πŸ’› Thank you abundantly !''

Starr Goddess

''Whoa! Thank you very much! I received a money blessing the same day I saw this video (yesterday.) Many blessings to you. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š''


''Thank you for your time and love. You are an angel. And an inspiration to others. This is the 1st time I've watched your vids and already feel the positive energy from you. Thank you. Xxxxx''

Sharina Sehmi

''I can't understand what is happening to me. I am now very calm.And very positive. Thank you . L.O.L.''

Martin Haley

You are such a beautiful soul,with so much potential,and grace.may you be successful in every thing that you do.I am so delighted to have met you on you tube.many blessings,and miracles,to you.πŸ’πŸ’πŸŽπŸŽπŸ˜πŸ˜

Alicia Squaire

''I felt love and positive energy , A peace in my body I am beautiful and worthy Thank you for all your πŸ’˜ Love and healing πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’œ''

Kawana Rule

''You are truly amazing. Haven't long been started on my amazing journey. You've helped me realize just to go with the flow and just concentrate on love. Thank you your brilliant x''

Jude Snowdon

''Your are such a sweet lady with a good heart and a pure soul, thank you for sharing your love xx''

Tracey Davenport

''The miracle you are facilitating is letting fybromyalgia leave my body, yes''

Teresa Wright

''Oh my gosh Jyoti. I  love you! I feel a really really strong pull to this- as soon as I started to recall what my experience of your work has had a profound impact! I'd love to share it with you and so appreciate your loving expression towards life, and wanting to hear our stories! It's refreshing :)''

Sam Antha

''Thank you so much Jyoti, i watched this video and the next day I received two gifts, the day after i received a gift card for $100.00 along with getting extra cash to help pay for all my groceries.. Thank you so so much for all that your doing to help others. I wish that your always blessed in all areas of your life in return for helping people like me. I'm grateful for finding your videos. Your truly amazing, thank you.''


''Your videos are amazing. I feel the energy you give and it leaves me weightless. Thank you. β™‘ much love and joy, many blessings.''

Lisa McCarty

''God bless you for the wonderful job you are doing. I've been doing your videos for sometimes now and I can attest the work amazingly. Can you a video for allergies and another for perfect eye vision.''

Rosalyn Odanga

''Hi since i stumbled across your vids life has be going good you are SO POSITIVE it needs to be shared so thanks for all your blessings!''

Chris Kereopa

''This was the first of your videos I had seen.  I listened to this video, and didn't think much of it at the time because I listen to lots of similar videos.  But two days later I received an unexpected check in the mail for $900.00.    Gotta say, it was enough to make me say: "Hmmm...  maybe I should watch some more."

Don's Gardening

''I feel all sorts of things. Not sure whats going on but im feeling it...wow im actually dizzy ...thank you for giving out so much love. I wanna be like you''

Friend Zoned

''Jyoti you are such a symbol of love and so inspiring   I Love you !!!''

Laura Mondo

''After listening to your video yesterday, I received an unexpected check in the mail the next day. Thank you for sharing your special gift''

Sy Thompson

''So beautiful thank you for sharing and giving  your gifts to the world, many blessings''

Azell Ladouceur

''I listened to this today and another meditation on money manifestation. About 6 hours later, one of my best friends who came to visit me took a ring from her finger and gave it to me. It's a little gold ring with diamonds. She said she loves that ring so much and she is happy to know I will have it. I am amazed and moved''