The Preciousness of Life is in Our hands!

Please Support me to help these most Precious Mamas!

Our precious mamas are around the globe ... and I am particularly supporting and Loving FREE Women in India and Africa now ... They are my Beloved Ones calling me  ... day and night 24/7! Please support me in supporting them!  Support Us ... Support these Precious Ones who have no real support .. even those who claim to support them are allowing the most horrific conditions and experiences for these women they are supposedly helping... Lets together set a new standard for what is Possible for ALL Women Globally! Please Share Your Love, Gifts, Wealth and Abundance to Serve us in reaching these women ... Many upcoming projects ... and for now ... Powerful ongoing Powerful Presence and in depth Healing support for thousands who are unable to pay even a dollar! Anything you can offer is such a profound GIFT! Please send PayPal (via Friends and Family) to:  Even if its only one dollar .. it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE ... In Gratitude, Love and Devotion to You, Jyoti

and if this does not work ... You can also send Your LOVE and Abundance to: gift cards (

Jyoti Conradi 137 Cadmus Street, Encinitas, CA 92024

And .. if You have any inspired inspirations, ideas, other gifts ... please email me directly @ with subject MAMA LOVE !

In Gratitude for You ... I Love You my Beloved Family ...


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