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Intro Video Just Before our 11:11 Encoded Video:

Our 11:11 Healing Love Portal Opening Encoded Video:

Second Love Portal Transmission Encoded Video:

INspirations for Embodying Your Love ... Here ... Now ... Consciously ...

Embody this moment, as it is ... perfectly ... Receive this moment ... relax ... Breathe ... Allow the Breath to fill You ... Release your breath and notice the spaciousness You receive in letting go ... We have You ... You are being Guided and Held by a Larger Part of Your Self .. Your Infinite Self who lives far beyond the limits of this experience.

There is ultimately nothing you need "do" in order to Receive and Source Transform your Whole Entire Life in this work. Here, we bypass the linear mind and Open the way for Immediate, Permanent, Life Transformation, Healing, and Miracles to naturally occur.

I find it supportive to suggest the following to invite your mind and Body to link up as much as possible, with all that is occurring on levels beyond your consciousness:

Prior to Experiencing Your Encoded Video:
  • Have a Glass of Water (with a dash of baking soda/ sea salt)
  • Have a Pen and Paper next to You
  • Rest if you feel sleepy after experiencing your Video
  • Then Ground - Walk, Stretch, Move your Body to allow it to sink all the way in! Breathe deeply ...
Integration Phase one to 21 days:
  • Daily Ground - Walk, meander, sit, BE ... in Nature. Witness, Breathe, Wonder, Receive ... no phone, no distractions. Open ... Receive there will be Messages from Your Spirit. Get or make a little field journal. ~smiles ... giggles (You'll see what I mean!)
  • Be Gentle with Your Self, allowing the NEW to be witnessed
  • Write 3 pages every morning with you arise - to clear your mind and emo body, beginning each day with Clarity - ALlow Your Heart's Intention to Surface. Listen. Deeply. Your Essence is now in communication ...
  • Gratitude Journal every evening.
You are undergoing massive change. There is more new than familiar. This is Perfect and meant to BE. Allow. Receive. Be gentle with Your Self, especially Your ego. The evolving ego is trying to keep things the same and setting off alarm signals as things change. This is okay. Love it. Face it. Give Your Love to Your Ego and it will calm... and thank you.

If you feel you must lay down and rest more, please do ... Then walk and Ground into the Support of the Earth ...

Drink lots of extra water ... add a little baking soda to create an alkaline water!

Ever renewing support via Water Encoding: Have a glass or bottle of water present when you experience your video: As always, when you experience any of my encoded videos with a glass of water next to you, the water becomes infused, providing an additional level of cellular support ... infusing and inform-ing your physical and emotional cells with the Light Information and LOVE of your unique Spirit's Support. (Way beyond what can be described!)~ Try it out, you'll see!

Allow the new thoughts, inspirations, and motivation ... the inner stirrings of  N E W  to be witnessed, Opened to, received ... give them space in your Life ... I invite you to create a space for capturing and honoring these New inspirations, motivations, and activations. The channels are now open, there is alignment with the Infinity of Love that You are.

If you feel the need for greater Support - I am available for Private or Intensive Sessions and Awakening Intensives, where I stay connected with You 24/7 until our work is complete.

There is much NEW upcoming ... many ways to receive the clearing of Your Soul Constellations as well as Receive deep Witnessing, Healing, Transformation, Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Support.

I Am Here .. with You.

In Love and Devotion,