Yes! You are IN! Our Perfect Weight Manifestation Immersion is SET!

I am already Opening the Space Now ... for You to begin to Embody Your Perfect Weight... even pre-start day!

While you do not have to "do" anything in this program, I do encourage you to take note of where you are now.

Metrics can be important for the mind ...

Notice How you feel about your body now...

 Notice ... How you feel about your hips, thighs, arms, legs, tummy, breasts, bum, etc... just notice what stands out in your awareness 

Make note... write down your current feelings about your self...

Note what you Love and what you feel and what you feel not so much love for ... Notice where you judge yourself...

Notice what your mind thinks about "perfect Weight" ... What images surface? What definitions are present?

Fo now, just take notice ... relax and Know I've Got You! I have Your Back, Your Body, and Your Spirit!

Welcome to the Beginning of Embodying Your Perfect Weight!

I Love You!


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