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At last! – YOU can now start living your PERFECT WEIGHT – in a body filled with energy, vitality and fitness…without all the “hard work” and struggle of the past!

Without calorie counting.

Without dieting and starving yourself!

Without insane and exhausting work-out routines!

We are now living at a new level of Life beyond old stories of consciousness …

where quantum physics is made tangible and real in your life.

Your perfect weight literally manifests before your eyes.

I can show you!

Does this honestly work? (YES!)

HOW does it work? (I will show you from within your own experience!)

YOU are worth it! Invest in your SELF and your Life! Join me for this limited time offer

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Your 22 Day Perfect Weight Manifestation Immersion Includes:

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24/7 Connection and Support with Jyoti for the entire program!

(Jyoti stays connected with you, working with you 24/7 for 22 days and nights!)

This is truly all you need to EFFORTLESSLY manifest and live your perfect weight!


You will be amazed at how amazing you can feel in your body! Your body is an amazing, miraculous vehicle for your life experience! It is time to really LOVE your body for what it is and attune to its beauty, form, bliss, and perfect function in your life!

Your Perfect Weight may manifest as an instant knowing ... and instant feeling, and it may be visible to you and others, or it may be a Knowing Space within You that manifests over the upcoming days weeks and from this point forward. We just simply open, and allow the Perfect Weight that Your Precious Body Vehicle needs to be at to perfectly support you in Living and Enjoying your Best Life!

This Immersion has been successful since its beginning in 2009, in releasing so far up to 60lbs in one Precious Body, and many many others who have just "felt" and experienced their bodies as "Perfect", where before they struggled with feeling "not good enough" and even self hatred for the ways they perceived their bodies. The TRUTH Is ... You Body is Perfect already ... and as You glide into the Awareness of it's Unconditional Love for You and Your Life ... You will see your body become the Most Beautiful Precious Body imaginable! Its like looking into a whole new world, and your experience of Love and Appreciation for your body manifests instantly and in ever unfolding ways ... You will find yourself suddenly doing things that nurture and nourish your body out of love and appreciation. As You Love your Body, it Loves you back and comes alive with Blissful experience for You to sink into, ground into and sustain you in ways unimaginable now.  This Immersion has also been successful in helping those who struggle to keep weight on their bodies. 


Perfect Weight Manifestation Immersion

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