Awakening Codes

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Precious Beloved One ... 

IAM deeply Honored by Your Radiant Presence Here Now.

I Know Your Immense Significance in this time of Awakening, not just for You ... for all of Life!

If You are able to complete both an Immersive Soul Constellation Clearing Session along with Your Awakening Codes, this is Ideal and Wonderful! (I will Gift You Your Awakening Codes freely upon completion of our Session!)

If You are drawn to Receive Your Awakening Codes Now, we can do that as well, however Your Soul Constellation Clearing Session will be necessary as soon as possible! 

Trust Your Inner Knowing.

IAM here with You in Love and Devotion to Your Greatest Life!


Private Soul Constellation Immersive Session PLUS Awakening Codes! (PayPal)


Immersive Private Session Plus Awakening Codes

Your Awakening Codes Activation  (Paypal)

Awakening Codes Activation
Private Soul Constellation Immersive Session PLUS Awakening Codes! (DISCOUNT RATE)

VENMO @ Miracle-Mama 

24 Hour Session ... $4444 x 1 

48 Hour Session ... $4444 x 2 

7 Day Session ... $3669 x 4 

14 Day Session ... $3369 x 5 

Your Awakening Codes Activation VENMO


$999 Awakening Codes with New Beginnings Activation

$777 Awakening Codes with Self Discovery and Growth Activation

$555 Awakening Codes with Change Activation

** Please feel free to reach out to discuss payment plans if needed! IAM here to Support You in Receiving ALL that is Here and Next for You! I Love You and I Believe in You!!!


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