Custom Encoded Pain Free Video for You!

For Your Private Use for all experiences of physical pain

This Custom Encoded Video will be immediately accessible to you upon checkout through PayPal. It is already encoded for deep causal pain freedom, and I custom encode this video for you within 24 hours additionally. You can just return to this video and receive deeper levels of support after 24 hours of receiving it! This video can be customized to you specifically, as well as for your family members plus you. Check out the family option on PayPal button! As with all of my work - there is nothing you need to "do" in order to receive ... You simply experience your video ... and witness what happens ... through grace, ease, flow and natural life expression from the moment you receive it .... There is no way to "mess it up" and it works far beyond what your mind has the ability to perceive. It works directly with the cause behind the manifestation (effect) of pain. There is no need to "understand" it or work on it. The work is already complete ... just breathe and receive .. allow and embrace all that emerges to experience.

Encoded Pain Freedom Video

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