A Jyoti Creation of LOVE...Assisting You to BE FREE of the Causes of pain in your life! 
***This session is specific for Physical Pain and Injuries only!***     

One Million Pain Free Humans

I heard your need...
I want you to know you are not alone!

I am here to assist YOU.

I was born with the natural ability to release the 
causes of pain, suffering, and dysfunction in people's lives. It has been both a gift and what has seemed a 
huge challenge at times...

Since we are ALL here to LIVE fully and FREELY our Gifts in this world, while making the world a better place, and living abundantly...I humbly offer this gift of my time, energy and service to You at a what You have the ability to pay. (This session is specific for physical pain only.)

I believe in You!

~I want you to be FREE~

FREE to LIVE Your FREE from the Causes and Results of
Physical Pain and Injuries!

Even though I am very busy, have a full load of commitments, I am offering One Million Pain Free Humans Program again anyway, beginning NOW!
(This Session is regularly $1111)

I have a DREAM...
Of YOU living free of your causes of pain and suffering!

I got the "possibility vision" of how our future can look and feel with YOU living FREE from the causes of your pain!

And...wow... the impact You have, and could have on what is possible. You honestly reach millions... you touch all life with your every thought, action, word and deed. Just imagine what you can be and do when you are FEELING GOOD...

We need You to FEEL GOOD, BE HAPPY and Live Freely~

When you are feeling good, you are more able to re-in-vision your whole life, follow your Heart and make the impact upon this world that ONLY YOU can! Just even imagine how happy and healthy your family could be! Imagine what you would do for others if you had the ability... imagine what it feels like to be Sourced in Strength, Free of the pain and suffering you carried so long!

"Its amazing, my (previously bedridden) father of 78 years is out of bed, walking every morning like he used to twenty years ago! He is getting up at the crack of dawn, feeling inspired and writing. He is even reading by candle-light to my mother at night, remenicing with her of all the "good old days" and even crying tears of sadness and joy from his childhood memories - this is a man who never showed emotion and was very stern. I feel like I now have the father I have always dreamed of! Thank You for your Gift, Its amazing!" Elaine, NYC

"I am now able to walk up and down the stairs without pain. I am 62 and have had years of arthritis and painful surgeries. I love my new life!" 
Hilde, Austria

"My world has been changed completely! Even though I still experience some  levels of pain, it is nothing compared to how I used to live. I was in so much pain that I wanted to end my life. Now, I am able to enjoy my precious children and even help out in their schools and have play dates! Thank You Jyoti!" Beth, Canada

"My permanent back pain, caused by spinal stenosis is now gone! It is a mystery, as this condition is progressive and there is no cure. I have not been back to the doctor. I am leaving well-enough alone and enjoying the freedom from pain. I do wonder if the condition itself is gone, I will let you know if I ever return to my doctor to have it checked out." Gary Charles, Missouri

"My chest pain, that I had had for over three years is finally gone. Like a weight of relief taken from me! I am so very grateful, thank you Jyoti!" Samantha, Nova Scotia

"I had been suffering with a swollen knee that kept filling up with fluid that had to be drained. It is back to normal now. Thank you for your help!" 
Ivy, Chicago

"I had been sick, depressed, and suicidal for what feels like a lifetime. I was even given an autistic child on top of it all. I felt I could not go on anymore and I was ready to take my own life. I was truly a lost soul with no support, no friends, and no strength. It is a Miracle that I am living the life I now am today! I am surrounded in support, have a wonderful life and I am pain free on most levels. I know that God put me on this earth for a reason, and I am listening daily. My heart overflows with gratitude. Bless You Jyoti!" Sidney, Colorado


 **Now, some people have still reported certain levels of pain after this ONE session, yet they are now somehow mysteriously FUNCTIONAL, ACTIVE, and INSPIRED, and

No longer suffer in depression and negative thinking, or live under the oppression they previously did! 

They are now living at a new level - even sometimes in embrace of pain, feeling it as a gift!

You cannot lose! You can only GAIN more of Your Life and Freedom!

This Opportunity is for YOU if:

You are done suffering through life!

You are ready to say YES to Life again!

You are willing to INVEST in your Self here and now!

You are open to discovering and LIVING Your Life's Purpose!

You are willing to LIVE PAIN FREE and Follow your Joy instead!

You are seriously ready to BE FREE of the causes of your pain!

You are ready to Live to Give Love anyway, no matter what!

Here's How YOU can receive your OMPFH Releasing the Cause of Pain Session with Jyoti

Step One:

Value this Session at what you are ready to receive!
You choose your level of support below...

How much to pay?
For BEST RESULTS it should feel like an Expansive stretch, yet free from burden.

(Your support makes it possible for me to offer this - yet, no one will be turned away!)

Step Two:

After you Pay-Pal the Level of  Value you wish to receive from this Session...
You will be directed to a contact form to complete.

Step Three:

Receive your Healing Session! 
(Be patient, it sometimes takes a while to complete your Session...
This is because I stay connected with you and journey with you until your session is completed.)
As soon as your session is completed, I will send you an email! There is nothing you need to "do" in order to receive your session...BEing YOU is enough! This healing takes place at a higher than conscious space, a creative space in the center of your Being that unfolds in your life experience naturally and perfectly as needed.

Remember that You are not alone...

There is HELP and SUPPORT for YOU!

No matter what your “condition” no matter how “bad” things seem...
The causes of your deepest pain 
CAN possibly be resolved permanently and completely in this ONE session! 

I joyfully offer YOU this possibility...
It is yours to accept and live! 

Standing in Love...Support...Awe...of YOU!

Love!! Jyoti

*You may require a Personal Session with Jyoti, in order to address all constellations of causes of your painful experiences, and, maybe not. There have been many who have received the ability to Live their lives again just after this one Session.

This Session is offered to you as an Opportunity to receive the Support I can offer You from my Heart. You can pay whatever you choose to Value it at.

(I deeply appreciate, and Bless with multiplied prosperity your offering in support of me!)

And, I will not turn ANYONE away.

This Session is specific to Physical Pain only.

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