In this Private Pain-Free Session with Jyoti

you will receive a one-on-one focus experience where Jyoti accesses and
eliminates the causes of your specific and unique Pain.

This is for physical pain only.
It can be acute or chronic.

It does not matter the duration or intensity of the pain you have experienced.

There is hope and assistance for You!

You can live free of pain!

Living with pain is so challenging, and
fortunately usually an unnecessary experience.

Long ago when I was a child I had an insight, a Knowing that gave me the awareness of where pain comes from and how it manifests in our experience...
and most importantly

How to eliminate the constellations of causes of pain in people's lives...

People of all ages began to be FREE to Enjoy their lives again!

This huge revelation led me to hide from publicly doing my work for more than 10 was overwhelming because pain makes people desperate. When people discovered that they did not have to live in pain anymore, they would come to my Home requesting immediate assistance at all hours of the day and night. This led me to physically move and legally change my name until I discovered how to take care of myself and my family by working in a way that serves and expands everyone...

This is what you are seeing now!

I am back!

Offering Remote Sessions custom tailored to address the causes of your experiences of pain, while allowing me to have my private life too!

In accessing and eliminating the constellations of causes of pain, many people have experienced immediate, permanent freedom from pain! And many others have immediately felt an increase in the quality of their life experience! and some others (more rarely) experience gradual transformation in many areas of their life, including their experience of pain.

The Truth is...

I never know how anything is going to manifest or when in anyone's life.
I am usually as surprised and in awe as the people I work with when they tell me all the things they are now able to do and experience!

I simply know how and where to access and eliminate the constellations and causes of your pain.

Seeing You Living your FULLEST LIFE! with Love!

FREE to Enjoy Life again!!

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