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As soon as this form is received - I begin working with You...I will send you an email when your session is complete! I stay connected with you, working with you until your Session is complete. You have my support and connection through this session.

In the mean time - BE... there is nothing you need to "do" to make this session any more effective. This work happens at a level beyond the conscious mind's ability to perceive. Allow yourself to simply open your mind by asking open-ended questions Like:

 "I wonder what Miracle is happening for me right now that I am unaware of..."

 "I wonder how I am supported and Loved in ways I have not yet experienced..."

 "I wonder how my life can get better ... and better in this moment now...and beyond..."

And, it is also a WONDERFUL idea to have a special Journal, a pen you love to hold, and a special glass for water, that feels good in your hand...this will be beneficial for when your session is complete, and I send you an email!

In LOVE and Support of YOU!


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