Intimate Live NEW YEARS Event with Jyoti

Dec 30- Jan 1, 2014!

Manifesting Miracles Live with Jyoti

Immediate. Permanent. Powerful.

**Attend Live (only 5 spots available)

**Attend Remotely and Energetically Absorb and Receive all the energies, activations, Miracles, Openings, and Power Alignments - PLUS a Live Private Session over Skype!

Yes Beloved ...

This is a potent and sacred time, as Jyoti is carrying a child within her and is offering this as her only live event with this Beautiful Pregnancy Blossoming within her and radiating out for our sacred family to unite, join, and reconnect with the way Life is really meant to be Lived and experienced...

This is the Opening and Beginning of a Sacred and very Powerful time! We are here to Support You in Living Your Greatest Life's Alignment, Purpose, and Spirit's Mission which naturally manifests as Living Miracles as Your Life ... Spilling over into the Lives of all You touch!

YOU are here for Miracles!

Receive the Nourishment of Jyoti's Love and Presence ...

You are here to KNOW from the Inside Out - Your Power and Love!

I am offering a private, Live, intimate gathering of a Handful of Beautiful, Radiant Beings who are ready to step into Living a Life of Miracles!

Together we will Release all that has come before...
*Permanently Healing the Wounds, Misalignments, Challenges, Karma, Limitations, and Errors of Your Heart and Life... Literally and Actually Transforming the Causal Blueprint of Soul Constellations within Your very Soul...Allowing Your Spirit to Be the Power in Your Life, free from the need for effort, struggle, or limitations - Immediate and Permanent.

Open to the Blissful Creation Magic and MIRACLES ahead of You in 2014 in Alignment with Your Spirit's Possibilities...

Opening to the Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams

** Includes a Private Live Session with Jyoti **(very rare!)**


Dec 30, 3pm - Jan 1, 7pm


Durango Colorado - In our Home and in Nature

Investment in You:

$5555 Per Person Including Your Live Private Session

$8888 Per Couple Including Live Private Sessions

You will KNOW if this is for You Beloved!

Follow the call of Your Heart ... I have put this "Out There" to Speak directly to You ...

Miracles Await You ... in this Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity!

In Love, Devotion, Miracles, and Intimate Live Connection ...

Jyoti Amma Sophia

**There are only 5 spots available for this Very Special Opportunity to Intimately Connect with Jyoti in Person and Receive your Life Transformational In-Person Live Session! **There are no refunds, however this can be fully applied to other services, programs, and even future offerings.

**You may also bring Your Children to this event, as we will have child-focused tandem program and Your Children will also receive a Private Session as well. Each Child is $3333 additionally.


YES! Im in for New Years!
I am Attending Remotely!