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Everything I offer in this innovative work is radically unique, powerful, evolutionary, and refreshingly permanent... 

The changes and transformations you experience are ongoing for Life, and continue to expand and evolve as You do. Multiple dysfunctional foundational programs held in the Soul immediately dissolve ... silently and completely. The conscious mind (limited to time-bound, and linear process) then collapses its seamless perceptions upon the way things are NOW, unable to fathom what "was" before, and many times can seem that "nothing has changed." 

You simply Live in a new way. You have access to New Possibilities that could not have been possible before. 

This level of Transformation cannot happen through conscious effort.

You cannot change things by "working" on them, "understanding" them, "doing" or "applying" techniques, tools, protocols, etc... upon them. All of these things are effects. You cannot fundamentally change an effect with an effect. 

Together, We work directly, silently and immediately with the Actual Cause, LOVING FREE the embedded blueprint limitations within your Soul, which is the map of your life's creation, disposition, limitation, and current potential of your life.

We are here to essentially and fundamentally evolve the Soul itself, through LOVE ... not romantic or emotional Love, rather the Essence of BEYOND "Unconditional Love". This is what my Life's work continues to show me.

I listen. I am Led. My Heart is informed, and I say Yes.

I will not insult you by telling you that "its up to you to work hard, learn things, chant stuff, or do things to change stuff." This is misguided, and keeps you stuck in believing in illusions of force over the True Infinite Power of Your Love, Your Spirit, and Your Eternal Self.

Together, we exponentially expand what is possible for You to Live, Experience, Have, and BE.

When the Soul itself is Transformed, Your entire Life is anew, literally - you have choices and possibilities, and potentials that did not exist within the soul construct prior to this work. 

Your Soul actually expands and magnetizes, creates, and ever manifests Next Level experiences, possibilities, and Miracles.

The things we access and clear within this work are Known and "Unknown" blueprint program limitations. These limitations are in many cases beyond what we have the capacity to "know" within Your Soul Blueprint, Your Deepest Soul Contracts, Karma, Traumas, Pain, Limiting Life Scripts, Vows, Curses, Bloodlines, Past Lives, etc... And ... there is no need to "understand" them or live thought their pain in order to complete and resolve them.

This work brings a natural and permanent completion to soul programs along with embedded and hidden "software" that you would otherwise require many many lifetimes to complete, played out within linear time. This work impacts every aspect of your life and Opens you to Live beyond the mass consciousness of our planet,  and even your own genetics, DNA, emotional disposition, childhood wounds, beliefs, etc...

There is actually no ceiling to Your Life's Expansion. 

You are here for Miracles, unfathomable now.

In all of my work, LESS is WAY MORE... I work direct ... with Grace, Ease, and the Flow of Your Spirit and Soul. No matter how dire you situation may feel,  I do not stress, and I do not work with "problems." I work directly within Your Spirit as a Loving Witness to the Soul Constellations that are blocking the flow of your Spirit's Perfection in Your Life. As I witness these Causal Soul Programs, they take me to their origination points, and then dissolve in a very specific and powerful burst. Then You and Your Life are Quantum -Reset within the Earth Polarity. Most times, Your polarity instantly changes  and you will find that you experience a larger range of neutrality upon the plane of dualistic energies on this planet and in your life.

I rarely, if ever, give you something to "do" in order to change anything.

"Doing" is a tool of the mind, quite useful in many other areas of life, just not this one.

Here, the less you are having to "do" and "process" or "understand" with your mind, the more rapid, complete and deep your Transformation occurs.

In all my Programs, as well as my 1:1 Intensive Sessions together, the less you "do" and the less you engage your conscious mind, the better.

What? Why?

What the mind understands, it controls you with it's "understanding." The mind is geared to create filters of perception, eliminating data, experience, possibilities, and information that do not match what it "understands" or "knows" or "believes" to be "true." 

When we engage within a space of transformation, the mind grasps onto the past of all it has known, and creates filters that allow you to think that you are "accomplishing" stuff, and "really getting somewhere." When in actuality, your mind is actually "dumbing you down" from what is actually available to You now. When a mind filter is in place, there is no contradictory or additional information that you are able to register or perceive, much less choose. This is why people go on building up resistance, beliefs, and feeling validated in their ignorance. Ignorance is fed through the seeming "confirmation" of what is already "known." 

This is a function of consciousness that we are in the midst of up-leveling, expanding and evolving. 

When You Live from higher and higher levels of Life ... meaning more Present, Centered, Connected, Self Aware in Your Life experience, the less your mind needs to "control" You with it's consciousness function.

The mind then relaxes ... softens and allows for previously unfathomable Miracles... to BE perceived, experienced, and Lived!


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