Money Miracle.mp3

Your Money Miracle Encoded Recording ... A Taste of the Miracles ahead of You in Money Manifest Now! ... You will receive in an email once you sign up for Level One of Money Manifest Now!

"I NEED MONEY!" ... Beloved, I heard your call!

I Am Answering ... from My Spirit, and My Aligned Life Purpose!

You can now LIVE in Relief Knowing that Money is here to Be Created through you exactly when you need or desire it!


Yes. This is True. ALL of my friends and family have watched in AWE as I have lived this for YEARS... they have been asking me "how?" and I was unsure if I could articulate or transmit this to them ... until now! I was granted the God-Given Ability to assist ALL who are ready to SAY YES to this amazing opportunity... just like in my Healing Offerings!

Sometimes these Money Miracles happen so subtly within me the space of Now ... just living ... just breathing ... Far beyond my mind awareness of them ... I am truly humbled, amazed, awe-struck, and eternally grateful when I stop and reflect upon the Miracle of My Life ... Truly AMAZING!

Money is actually about Harmonic Alignment with Your True Source ... which we take care of in this first Intro level One of MoneyManifestNow!

There are Four Levels of Money Manifest Now that I was given to transmit!

Level One (This Level) is the Palpable Experiential Embodiment of specific and Foundational facets of Money Manifest Now.

Generating an Awakening Beyond mind-consciousness (unconsciousness) that naturally catapults You far beyond the limitations inherent within the current predominant, dysfunctional, manipulative structures of life. Life has a far better way!

This Miracle occurs naturally at the frequency of Your Innate Spirit Awakening Call to Life Abundantly Anew in the following ways:

  • Awaken and Embody Your Life's Purpose with Support and Money Miracles.
  • Awaken and Embody Your Natural Ability to Create the Fulfillment of Your monetary needs and Desires, consistently.

Awakening exists beyond consciousness ...

It is a waking up from consciousness into Life ...

You are offered now access to this experience through a small investment in yourself ... and receive Life Anew from this moment forward. You Be the Blessing and Gift of Your Spirit ... as You Receive Blessings, Gifts, and all that matters to You in this Life experience now!

And, When You GIVE MORE You EXPAND More in this opening Level... You Expand and Open the floodgates to more than you can now imagine! Highly encouraged! 

Its completely up to You ... how Quickly and Powerfully You wish to Open to Your Own Internal Ability to Manifest Money Now, and Live Your Life in Purpose, Meaning, Alignment and Plenty!

Giving ... BEing the Source ... is a Big Life Key to the Magic and Miracle of Life ... and continuous Money Miracles... This you shall come to Know and Own as yours in this lifetime or another! double hint: it Is Here ...Available to You Now!

Level One of Money Manifest Now is
Alive and Ready for You!

Here, You can step into the Miracle Alignment of Money in Your Life ...

Level One of Money Manifest Now is here to Help You if:

  • You are unsure of your Life's Purpose
  • You don't have enough money
  • You don't know how to manifest money when you need it
  • You don't have money to do the things that make your Heart Sing
  • You don't know how to Live Your Life's Purpose AND be supported
  • You experience anxiety, fear, worry, or fantasies about money
  • You think about money instead of LIVING your Precious Life!
  • You budget / invest your money for fear of not having enough for the "future"
  • You believe money only comes from "working"
  • You are limited in what you have the ability to do / be
  • You do not have the life experiences or FREEDOM you desire
  • You feel stuck in a "job"... thinking that this is the only way to have money
Your Inner-vest-meant in your Self and Your Abundance in this program must be Given Freely as an Act of Love ... In Freedom ... In Expansion...  Of BEing the Source of that which you have longed for ...

You can actually BE the Source here now. Money responds to this when given freely!

You Be-come what You embody through the act of Giving.

The act of Giving expands not only the recipient, it expands You ... and when You Give something, You become the Source for it to flow back into your own life experience compounded, multiplied, expanded, and blessed. (this happens with EVERYTHING You GIVE! Both "good" and "bad.") Be awake to this Truth from this moment forward. Give Love! Give Money! Give what You seek! Then your seeking ends and you Know that You Are the Source of what previously eluded You.

Everyone I have known has seen me as amazingly abundant ... even without a "job" ... without any "known" sources of money to "count on."

I have gratefully had many beautiful, amazing, otherworldly, Spiritual childhood experiences ... where I was given the Awareness of higher order of Life's most important areas. Love. Money. Happiness. Purpose. Even when I was only two and three years old!

I received these messages from "Ascended Masters" and those who Embodied Pure Unconditional Love ... (Embodied Love beyond this world...infinite) One of these regular messengers was Jesus, or Yeshua (he often called himself) He would come to me in a fully materialized body of a child my age or a few years older than my age at the time... and tell me so many many things about my Self, Life, God, Love, and the Nature of "R"eality ... and about how Miracles naturally Manifest ... through Love ...

(MORE on this in the many books in my computer ... awaiting organization! Yes... they shall be completed in the PERFECT Supported Moment - soon upcoming along with other BIG NEWS!) I apologize for the delay ... I know you have been waiting far so long already! I will make it all worth your while!

My friends and family often ask me "Jyoti, how do you do it? Whenever You need money, money MAGICALLY, MIRACUOUSLY APPEARS out of thin air! How do you do this? PLEASE tell us! We need Your Money Miracles!"

REAL LIFE experiences ... that immediately come to mind ... (there are countless examples!)

When I needed a new laptop and had no extra money for the Macbook Pro that I so wanted ... A wonderful, blessed Being came mysteriously into my Life, and  delivered a new Macbook Pro to me in my hotel room in Cardiff By The Sea, California! ... He also took me out to lunch at my favorite restaurant .. and this was after only meeting this Miracle Person once in a Seattle hotel many months prior! This amazing man became my writing coach (before I was ready) and championed me and supported me in ways that were so very nurturing, selfless, full of integrity, and beautiful! (THANK YOU Carol!)

When I needed to hire a very expensive professional ... to the tune of many many thousands of dollars ... with a critical deadline .. and NO KNOWN WAY to pay this money ... it came ... and kept coming for MONTHS ON END ...

When I needed to take a trip to see my daughter in college ... I had no idea how I could possibly afford last minute airfare and hotel and car and travel expenses ... and Miraculously ... I was able to book the flights, stay in luxury hotels and treat my family to meals, activities, gifts, and lots of fun! Miraculously ... just days before the big event!

When I decided to move to Hawaii ... the money to live there came AFTER I BOOKED THE TICKETS ... And, when we arrived, I was provided for abundantly in numerous ways ... I ended up having a free place to live for months ... was offered a beautiful huge luxury island home for rent (the one I didn't even think was possible for me) offered to me with no deposit!

So many more examples ... (I need to ask my friends and family who have witnessed these ... as I LIVE so fully in This Moment ... that unless reminded, I do not usually recall all the Miraculous events and Money Miracles prior to the Miracle of NOW!) I truly am timeless ... in all senses of the word!

More to come ...

The Delivery of this experience is also unique.
Wordless, or at least as few linear and mind triggers as possible.
You will receive an email explaining just how this works after You Reserve your Space and Say YES!

Money Manifest Now Special for You!

Hint: highly encouraging You to Give at the level you wish you were receiving now, especially when it feels like a stretch!

And even more powerful is to Seed Back 10-20% of the money, freedom, and abundance that is restored to you in your new life flow!

Here is another Opportunity to GIVE and EXPAND ... and BE the Source of what You sought.