Life Redemption Cleanse

If You Sold Your Soul for Money, Fame, Fortune...

You are in the Right Place! I Am the Miracle Girl with the Gift to FREE You!

This Powerful Life Redemption Cleanse for those of us who have invested in the "wrong" things (at the expense of others or yourself) maybe for all the "right" reasons, yet it somehow turned sour ... maybe into personal soul and spirit limitations, depression, suffering, illness, disease, burdens, stress, harm, lack of true connection, loneliness, an impoverished Spirit, and more ... this is what they call "filthy rich." If this is You ... You are in the right place! Redemption, Healing, JOY, Bliss, and Miracles await You! Together, We restore your ability to be Loved for Who You Are (not your money), Wanted (for the right reasons), Connected with the Beloveds you Belong with, Being Loved unconditionally, Being Happy, Being Healthy, Vibrant, Spiritually Aligned and Connected, along with Being the cause for GOOD and LOVE and MIRACLES in this world! You can turn it all around Now! There are unfathomable Miracles and so many people awaiting Your Return to Life ... find your Way here now! Purchasing this Service alone Clears Your Karmic Debt, Suffering, Pain and Negative Consequences. Your Life and Health Return!

Money, Wealth, Fame: Life Redemption Cleanse

The larger your wealth or fame, the greater your need for this Cleanse. Especially Now.

Healing the Cause ... Restoring Your Essence

How have you made your wealth? What have you done to become "famous?" Did you sacrifice something along the way? Did you neglect something Vital? Did you overlook someone or something meaningful? What is the impact? For You? For Others? How HAPPY are You? How LOVED do You feel? 

Many wealthy and many famous people have accumulated their worldly wealth status through less than loving actions, intentions, behaviors, and methods. Many of us have made our decisions from the "me" perspective, and have missed the opportunity to create inspired Us-Together-Dynamics for all affected, directly and downstream. The more money and fame you have, the greater your impact, as well as the greater your responsibility. 

Every time you neglect the downstream impact of your decisions and life choices, acting solely from the logical, linear, segregated awareness of the unspoken self-centered "Me first" driver ... it ultimately costs You Your Life and Happiness in unfathomable ways. It disconnects you, separates you and poisons you energetically, spiritually, and physically. You get sick. You feel alone, even though you are surrounded by people. Life becomes meaningless. You may become addicted, as disconnection leads to addiction. You may feel deep loneliness inside, even though your outside looks perfect. You are living on a faulty foundation that can only crumble in one direction. down.

If you are sick, unwell, unhappy, lacking the Vital experience of True Unconditional Love, a deep inner sense of Belonging, Meaningful Connection, and Purposeful Contribution ... If you find yourself feeling suspicious of people, only feeling wanted (or tolerated) because of your money, not being really "seen" or cared about, feeling alone in your big house, and your luxury lifestyle... drinking or drugging or shopping or sexing in order to cope ... not as an expression of the joy and expansion of true inner wealth and love. This is where "rich" turns "rotten." As the more money you hold, more opportunity you have to use it as a means to come alive, Be more, Be the Magical Amazing person you were Born to Be .. to make the difference in Life that makes the whole world a better place. You are here for a BLISSFUL PURPOSE. You were never meant to be alone, or to feel alone. If you are not feeling blissfully alive, healthy, connected, happy from the inside out ... You need this cleanse. 

You do not have to feel alone any longer! This work can instantly turn things around. It has the Power to Transform your entire life rapidly... instantly in fact, and in the most Miraculous of ways. Can you Just imagine how your life can Be if you were free to ... live your Greatest Dreams, feeling Connected, Wanted, Fulfilled from the inside out ... Making a Positive Difference in the lives of so many .. being Loved for just being you - and fully embraced in all of your humanness ... and so much more than you can imagine from where you are now.

Money obviously cannot and will not ever be capable of making you happy. Only Love can. Let's Liberate Your Life, Get Connected and Clear out the necessary poison holding you hostage in your inner misery.

We are waiting to embrace you ... We are awaiting your return into the JOY and HEALTH and VIBRANCE and TRUE LOVE of Life!

This is far more than a cleanse ... this is an opportunity to open the floodgates of your deepest most powerful life of Meaning, Purpose, Connection, and True Love. Once we CLEAR your way FREE ... You will be able to effortlessly Live the Life you were Born to Live. You have a Purpose. Your lIfe matters. You are here for a unique and Sacred Purpose (that no one else could ever fulfill!)... no matter what your life has looked like before now ... THIS IS THE NEW BEGINNING FOR YOU.

You have the Power to change this world in ways that most do not. You have the Power to Live a Life of Love like you have never known existed. Its time to Wake Up to the Miraculous Precious Life You have been given! Now, you can begin to really experience it ... maybe for the first time.

Your Life Matters ... Now let's get you back on track with Your True Purpose and Destiny! Its time to set things right.

You do not have to wait! Ready Now? Yes? The moment you send payment I am alerted and we begin! I immediately, Silently, and Potently join in DEEP DIVE Together with You, right where you are ... we Unite and I hold You for as long as needed for each Level, Layer, and Depth to be Cleansed FREE ... Guided precisely by Your Infinite Self. I am Your Miracle Channel on the ground ...  ensuring your Liberation, Freedom, and Life ... Restored. 

Choose the Appropriate Level of Service with Jyoti Below. Level IIII is the most intensive. You will Know if this is the one you need. Likely so. However, begin where you feel called.


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