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Welcome Beloved Momma!

This 22 Day Immersion in Awakening Your Momma Mojo begins July 1 (however, when You submit payment now, I will be sending You access frequencies to jump start Your Mojo!)

It is time for You to awaken your mojo (creative potentials, gifts, passion, and mission) and allow your life to BE in Harmony with what's most important and meaningful in your life.

Supporting your Self and Your Family does not have to be a separate part of your life where you sacrifice what really matters to you, and ache for it to be different! You CAN have Your cake and eat it too! In fact, You are meant to! What's the use of a cake if you are unable to eat it...?

Within these 22 days together ... I promise to dive deep into witnessing all the Soul Constellations that are standing in Your way related to this specific area of Your Life ... I clear then as they are revealed to me ... when they clear, what happens is your Life's ability to consciously recognize opportunities, potentials, possibilities, etc... are awakened. You actually have more power and room to create - as more of your INfinite Self is able to shine through your Soul into your whole life! You may experience this in a huge variety of ways, however, You will most likely notice that You are feeling an internal surge of support, Power and Clarity. Like a nebulous cloud has been cleared ... and You will gain greater and greater access to Your Truth, Your Passion, Your INspiration, and they ways that You can best embody them!...

Beloved ... the Whole World is waiting for Your Unique Expression of what JAZZES YOU - which uplifts possibilities for everyone!

I am here with You ... in this Silent 22 Day Immersion to hold and nourish Your Heart and clear the junk Soul programs standing in your way... Giving You permanent Access to your Own Internal Truth, Power and Purpose ... (silencing the voices who do not know better!)

I look so forward to this Journey together!

IN Love and Devotion to You,


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