YAY! We are Together Manifesting Your
MISSION (previously believed) IMPOSSIBLE!

Below is Your week 1 Audio ... guiding You to:

1. Grab a dedicated Journal / Notebook for morning writings ... 3 pages of non-thinking writing before You get out of bed (preferably)... brain drain, allowing anything and everything to flow onto paper ... to FREE YOU for the day ... allowing the Opening of NEW POSSIBILITIES and NEW AWARENESS and NEW POTENTIALS to emerge through You into Your Life ...

2. Know You are receiving extra Support (smiling) ... and reminding You to email me with Your Deepest Desires and Passions and Inspirations so that I can include them in the creation of Your Custom Light INfusion Download... (which I will encode and send to You in an email when it is complete)

3. Grab a Gratitude and Celebration and Recognition Journal or Notebook (or simply clipboard, pen, paper) to write in every evening before bed ... this OPENS You to MORE of What You Notice!

I am here for YOU!

Love, Jyoti

Week 1 Mission Impossible.mp3