OPEN, Receive and Expand Life ...

Receive Your Miracle Now!


There is a Great Secret to Receiving that most have overlooked

When You Give ... Fully, freely from Your Heart

You receive Exponentially in unfathomable ways.

When you give more that you feel capable,

You receive more than you can imagine.

I am inviting You to Open Your Exponential Receiving mode...

You are here for Your BEST LIFE! To Awaken to the Life of 
Beauty, Love and Abundance that is meant for You!

I am Guided by Love to offer this Opportunity to You... Now.

No matter of your ability to work at depth with me.

Here, as You GIVE from Your HEART ... You Receive a Miracle.

You can participate daily, as many times as you desire.

Some of us are in need of more Miracles than others.

As You Give and Share your Love (and share the abundance you wish to receive!
You are Blessed with a Living Miracle each time you give.

You can give to expand and receive Miracles daily, hourly, as often as you wish.

Your Miracle emerges for you in Divine Timing, and usually within 24 hours.

As I receive your PayPal Giving, I calibrate You to Receive a Miracle directly from Your Spirit, each and every time you GIVE to me.

A Miracle is Grace in Action ... an unpredictable possibility ... an OPENING within Your Life Experience to Receive Possibilities and potentials that did not exist before.

Miracles expand you.

They inspire You.

They enrich Your Life in Exponential ways.

Once you receive one Miracle, You will be in line to receive more.

Especially when you continue to GIVE!

You Receive Miracles under these guidelines

  • Give from Your Heart with Love
  • Feel expanded, inspired, sparked, or uplifted in your Giving
  • Give what you are Heart Informed to Give (even if it is a stretch)
  • Realize that You are here to make a difference and Receive in Return exponentially
  • The more you Give, the more You Open and Receive, changing your Life forever
  • Give all that You can, knowing that as you give freely you are provided for exponentially!

These (and other unfathomable Miracles) may happen for You:

 Opening the Way, where there was no way foreseeable
 Providing Support that you never knew you had
 Healing a long-standing condition
 New Life and/or Love to reveal the way
 Making Connections that were needed
 Unknown and unexpected possibilities emerging
 Unfathomable potentials coming toward You
 Being shown and led into your Life's Purpose fulfillment
 By a windfall of Money, Support and/or Love
 By perfect opportunities reaching you
 By perfect manifestations in any area of your Life 
 By Magic unfolding in Your Life
 Through being given another chance at Life
 By receiving Love in the most unexpected places
 Mending broken relationships - instantly healing, opening Love
**Please let me know how your Miracles show up and I will add them to this list of  possibilities for others too! Even though Miracles are specific to each person, there are actually ZERO limits to what You are capable of receiving as You GIVE fully and Freely from Your Heart!


I am offering this Opportunity so that You can receive my Love and Miraculous Support, no matter your current situation, or seeming limitation.

This also Supports me in being able to provide for my family, reach more people, and share the Love and Miracles that is Each Person's Birthright.

I used to do ALL of my work for FREE entirely, and what I realized is that People gave to me freely and met my needs, even when I did not have a financial structure for a business. I simply loved them and gave them all that I could from my Heart. I Gave fully and Freely ...

It was only after I experienced a super challenging divorce that left me and my three children homeless and broke, without even a car to drive home to my family, that I surrendered to the next Level of my Life Purpose. I received the guidance to offer my Love and Life's Work on a website (this website) and that I must set up a business structure in order to provide for my children, and take care of the immediate and immense needs I was now solely in charge of. I became awake to the need to be harmonious in both the Masculine (structure and form) as well as the Creative Feminine (Who Holds LOVE as Primary). 

Now, I am receiving the Inspired Guidance to offer You this Opportunity to Receive and restore your Trust in Life ... I Know that as You Graciously Give and Receive, You are supported by Life in OUR next level creations as creative Loving beings ...which fuels and propels us ALL into the next Miracle we have not yet even imagined!

** This also works in addition to the Deeper work we may be doing together ... so feel FREE to Give and Share here Instantaneous Miracles are always available to You even faster when we are in Session together!

Once you submit your heart-inspired Gift to me ... Be Open ... there is nothing you need to "do" in order to Receive ... all manner of Miraculous Potentials are opened to You ... it is up to you to then notice, be awake to what occurs, and keep expanding in Miracles as often as you are inspired. I have you in my Heart and will continue to keep the Flow of Miraculous Potentials open to You as You Give, Share, and even give this gift to another!

IMPORTANT NOTE ***The Depth, Width, and Power of the Miracles You receive is in direct proportion to how much You VALUE this Opportunity. (If you give small ... just to "see" if it will work) - Your Miracle will pale in comparison to if You really Give what Your Heart Inspiration dictates, which may be a stretch. Growth requires stretching, and moving beyond your perceived limits. I encourage you to stretch and expand to really GIVE what You Are Worthy of Receiving! Give, let go, release all thought about it and witness as Miracles come into Your Life! You will Know what is correct for You to Receive by Giving Value to this Opportunity. And ... If you only have $11 and this is your stretch ... You shall receive in proportion to Your Capacity to Value - which will be immense. 

(The suggested honest value is $555. For those who are able to give more - give more! You shall receive MIRACLES in proportion to your ability to GIVE VALUE.)

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