Miracle Particle Activation 


Below is a Silent Miracle Particle Activation for You! Press Play and Enjoy!! Have Water with You and hydrate more than you think you need! After You receive Your Activation ... Write and allow things to move out of your pen. No thinking ... just letting things clear out! 

Silent miracle particle activation.mp3

Miracle Particles Awakening Here ... Now ...

Miracle Particles can be seen now ... they are like swirling spiraling dancing points of Light that are most visible in nature, and most potently in the sky ... See if you can notice them ... see ... how once you begin to notice them they become more obvious. 

They cannot be perceived thought the mind ... they speak and live in harmony with your Heart ... Your innate openness, curiosity, wonder, magic ... beauty ... the part of You that is Free ... Magical ... Wonderful ... the part of You that Knows ... without knowing "how" ... simple Knowing ... the part of You that daydreams ... imagines ... plays without reservation ... this is the Genius part of You that opens the magical doorway free that the mind cannot see.

Miracle Particles are the only particle in existence that are not "matter" yet they create matter. They are a Gift of Spirit ... our Divine inheritance to create the Lives we are destined to Live.

Through This Activation ... Miracle Particle Access is now accessible in your Life!

You will develop your own relationship and discovery process over the coming days, weeks, months and years. 

I invite you to write after experiencing this video ... whatever comes through the pen on paper ... write a minimum of 3 pages ... keep going as long as your pen keeps writing! This opens up a new relationship with the Miracle Particles ..

Also to daily deepen your connection and inner relationship with the Miracle Particles continue writing every morning when you wake up ... take time to write first before anything ... keep a journal or notebook or paper and pen beside your bed ... when you awaken ... grab your pen and paper and write without thinking ... just allowing the part of you that imagines, dreams, knows, plays, and daydreams ... When you being writing in each morning 

Here is a training Audio with the Miracle Particles! Enjoy!!

Miracle Particles Talk And Transmission.mp3

This is Your Miracle Particle Encoded Healing Video with LOVE!!


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